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  1. It should NOT be this easy!

    Not This Easy

    We love things to be simple. Wouldn't it be great if tailoring XenDesktop for your needs was as simple as customizing a smartphone? But sometimes simple means lack of ability. That’s not XenDesktop. So assuming your last architecture will work for your next project or downloading a few white papers does not ensure success. It's not that simple. You should leverage the knowledge of others in ...

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  2. Ready, Set, Design!

    change flexcast models

    “Customize My Design”,  the Design release of Project Accelerator is here! We listened to your feedback and have delivered the ability to change FlexCast, application delivery, profiles and over 30 other decisions for your XenDesktop architecture. Across these decisions you will now be able to: Tailor your design to fit organizational and end user needs Visualize how your design "tweaks" affect hardware sizing and architecture On-the-fly comparison of Citrix Recommendations ...

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  3. NetScaler Cluster – The Way Ahead

    Let us start with the question "How are you deploying your NetScaler?".   NetScaler has come through a long way of being a Kernel based Packet Engine to user mode Multi Core (nCore) platform and today you can Cluster these nCore devices together. All flavors of NetScaler (VPX, MPX and VPX over SDX) support Cluster mode of deployment. With release 10.1 we support most of the important features ...

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  4. The Blueprint for XenDesktop 7

    Here is a little secret... Most XenDesktop environments are extremely similar. In fact, if you ignore the numerous hardware combinations out there, the similarities increase significantly. You have user groups (some internal and some external) that need access to some type of resource, whether it be a desktop or an application, which is managed by a set of controllers all running on hardware. So why is desktop ...

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  5. CIO Lessons on the Journey to a Mobile Enterprise


    BYOD, Flex-Working, Business Continuity, M&A Activity , Disaster Recovery, Windows Migration, Sales Team Mobility, Working Better by Design, Real Estate and building a next generation datacenter and IT infrastructure were just a few of the challenges Paul Martine faced when he became CIO at Citrix. With over 8500 employees in 90 offices spread across 35 countries and a constant influx of new employees the “Citrix ...

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  6. Experience Enterprise Mobility at the Mobile Workstyles Theater at Citrix Synergy

    MobileWorkstylesDemoTheater v2

    Ever wondered if you could access your corporate desktop on any mobile device? Run a Windows app from a smartphone? Deliver a PowerPoint presentation from a tablet? Have corporate data follow you on any mobile device but be completely controlled by IT? Have a face-to-face conference call from your tablet? Steve Jobs once said that “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like…design ...

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  7. Convert your Cowboy Consumers to BYOD Champions at Citrix Synergy

    Cowboy Consumer

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know by now about the Consumerization of IT. Let’s face facts…you probably have a couple of cowboy consumers in your organization…literal outlaws…running around using personal devices and consumer apps with wanton disregard for security and compliance. What’s worse is that some of these lawbreakers may even be executives! Don’t blame them…it’s not their fault that IT ...

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  8. Enable Enterprise Mobility and Secure Android, iOS and Windows Devices


    Lots of devices with many different operating systems. Lots of users bringing Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices into the workplace. Securing all these devices and the apps and data they’re accessing can make enabling Enterprise Mobility an intimidating task. Is it going to be BYOD, COPE, MDM, MAM, MIM or a combination? One size doesn’t fit all and addressing these challenges can be painful ...

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  9. Shorten your mobility sales cycle at Citrix Summit


    A lot of vendors claim to have a comprehensive solution for BYOD, MDM, MIM, MAM, COPE, EMM and every other acronym you can think of when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. But, do they? Is it a fully integrated solution? Are the solutions components aware of each other? Any good mobility solution addresses the following factors: Any Device Device Management Secure Mail & Web Network & Security SSO & ID Management Mobile ...

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  10. What a disaster… or how XenServer can help with Disaster Recovery

    In the IT world we should all be aware of what happens if you lose a datacenter, from both business and technical perspectives this possibility can leave us vulnerable to costly outage or even failure of the business itself! There can be many reasons for this to happen. Mother nature and human error show us time and again that a number of different unplanned events ...

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