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  1. Features that matter: A round up of why XenApp has lasting differentiation

    Today, Rakesh Narasimhan blogged about the heritage of XenApp, and our decades of industry leadership – a great perspective from a new Citrix GM and no doubt just a part of why he decided to join our team. To put a finer point on it, I thought I would follow up with some more specifics about some of the key technological capabilities that got us ...

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  2. Citrix and CSC – Its that simple!

    Get ready to get more done—however, wherever and on whatever device. Using products you already trust and some new ones you’re going to love, Citrix and CSC have created a simple, secure and scalable work environment to fit every work style. Citrix and CSC - Its that simple

  3. F5’s performance report exposed – New NetScaler platforms outperform F5 by up to 4.8 times

    Ever seen one of those shows where they expose how magic tricks work? First they show you the trick where you are astounded until it is explained to you how you are being deceived? Well that is a pretty good analogy for the F5 performance report. The report appears to show F5 are the fastest Application Delivery Controller (ADC), but hiding in plain sight is ...

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  4. SiteMinder moves in with NetScaler

    The need for strong identity and access management (IAM) is essential to the secured operation of complex web properties and services. Integration of multi-factor authentication, single sign on (SSO) and strong access governance are an absolute requirement for operating in today's compliance and threat environment.. All too often - in the haste to get an application online or updated - security is lost to convenience. Reality ...

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  5. Real Desktop as a Service for Real Implementations

    Citrix spent a great deal of time and effort to think through the solution for mass delivery of DaaS with our Service Provider partners.  It was this partnership that birthed our cloud desktop technology and produced success for both of us over the past four years in the Citrix Service Provider program. As a result we built our multi-tenant reference architecture from the ground up, ...

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  6. Where’s a next-gen firewall when you need one? Anywhere you want!

    Protecting today's dynamic applications and data demands agile security measures that span from networks to web properties and into the cloud.  Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) technologies are required protect the integrity of network and web protocols and services, as well as thwarting constantly-evolving advanced threats and malware.  Application Delivery Controllers (ADC's) are required to assure availability by preventing Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of ...

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  7. Citrix XenApp and ThinPrint have long been the backbone of the Desktop virtualization movement

    With the new version of XenApp 7.5, Citrix has simplified Windows App Delivery for the Mobile Enterprise. ThinPrint has its proven print technology lined up to help Citrix customers innovate for one of the oldest and most important business processes, printing. Citrix XenApp users will be able to print to any printer of their choice, or the printer that is closest to the users’ mobile ...

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  8. It should NOT be this easy!

    Not This Easy

    We love things to be simple. Wouldn't it be great if tailoring XenDesktop for your needs was as simple as customizing a smartphone? But sometimes simple means lack of ability. That’s not XenDesktop. So assuming your last architecture will work for your next project or downloading a few white papers does not ensure success. It's not that simple. You should leverage the knowledge of others in ...

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  9. Jingle Bits, Jingle Bytes – erfolgreiche Weihnachten im Online-Handel

     Lebkuchen und Spekulatius haben die Regale in den Supermärkten erobert, in den Städten macht sich der Duft von Glühwein und Maroni breit: Weihnachten rückt unaufhaltsam näher. Dass damit eine stille Zeit anbricht, ist in der heutigen Zeit für die meisten eher ein frommer Wunsch als Lebenswirklichkeit. Besonders gilt das für Einzelhändler: das Weihnachtsgeschäft ist einer der wichtigsten Umsatzbringer des Jahres und ist entsprechend turbulent. Ein ...

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  10. How to “CustomizeMyDesign”

    play How-to video

    Now that CustomizeMyDesign is available in the Design Release of Project Accelerator, I created a quick video that shows Project Accelerator's new features and how you can customize your design. This video demonstrates FlexCast Model design customization and tailoring other design Decisions such as application delivery, RAM, endpoints and their effect on the Sizing and Deployment Plan and Architecture. It also shows how the Architect Comments can guide you ...

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