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  1. Wirtualizacja: wygoda dla użytkowników, zarządzanie i kontrola

    Wzrost popularności mobilności w przedsiębiorstwach jest niepodważalny, wciąż jednak takie kwestie, jak zarządzanie oraz bezpieczeństwo użytkowników mobilnych i ich urządzeń pozostają niejasne dla niektórych specjalistów IT. Dziś większość firm działa w silosach. Wiele z nich ma odseparowane od siebie oddziały, w których wykorzystywany jest zarówno tradycyjny sprzęt (komputery stacjonarne czy laptopy), ale także urządzenia mobilne (tablety czy smartfony). W większości z nich proces zakupowy urządzeń przenośnych ...

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  2. End User Computing: Thinking and Managing To The Whole Enterprise


    The growth of mobile in the enterprise is clear, but the management and security of mobile users and devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops is still a bit hazy for some IT professionals. Today, the majority of enterprise IT work in silos. Many have separate divisions between traditional computing devices (desktops and laptops) and handheld devices (tablets and smartphones). In most companies, handheld devices are ...

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  3. Tablet Wars Heat Up, But Not What You Think

    The last few weeks have been big weeks for tablets. On October 25th, both Nokia and Apple announced new tablets to compete for the holiday sales. The news about the new iPAD Air is covered well here and the new Nokia 2520 tablet is here. These are two great additions to the ever increasing Samsung Note lineup, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ...

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  4. The Impact Of iOS 7 On Enterprises

    It’s become an annual ritual—Apple announces a new iPhone model and iOS update. One of the things that has made Apple so popular—is its regular cadence of new releases. Even a modest update to iOS brings useful new features and sometimes a whole new look and feel to the phone. It’s another example of software driving value in hardware (please see my last blog here). And ...

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  5. Apple Announces New Hardware But Is Software Becoming The New Driver?

    Apple announced two new phones yesterday, the iPhone 5C and 5S and it was pretty much what was expected and talked about over the past few months. Plenty of reporters have done a great job covering the details, including ZDNet linked here, if you haven't seen them already. The general consensus between media and analysts is that even with the addition of the fingerprint reader (called ...

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  6. Internet mobile : les applis les plus gourmandes

    Un rapport Citrix ByteMobile dévoile les habitudes et comportements des utilisateurs mobiles à travers le monde. Certaines applications génèrent un nombre de données considérables ! Citrix vient de publier les résultats de son rapport mondial Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics pour le second trimestre 2013. Les données, récoltées grâce à la solution de reporting du trafic de données mobiles Smart Capacity™ Mobile Analytics de Citrix, fournissent nombreux renseignements ...

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  7. Transform your desktop & apps for BYOD at Synergy 2012 Barcelona

    assess design deploy

    IT wants to serve employees, do what’s right for the business, and be more efficient and strategic themselves…having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution can help them do this. A well thought out BYOD solution can allow you to:  Empower employees to choose their own devices, which in turn means improved productivity and mobility and competitive advantage for your organization BYOD done right also means you develop a strategy to ...

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  8. Empower your workforce with Citrix mobile workstyles at Synergy 2012 Barcelona


    Let’s face it…embracing the consumerization of IT is downright scary. Executives and employees are bringing new devices into the workplace at an unbelievable pace. Everyone wants to be mobile but fail to understand the security implications that come with it. No worries - the workplace of the future is here today! Still you ask: Which types of technologies are needed for mobile device support? Which applications can I ...

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  9. To BYOD or not to BYOD…That is the question!


    Dwight D. Eisenhower once famously said that “plans are nothing; planning is everything”.  Planning for BYOD is key to ensuring your organization is prepared for the influx of consumer devices executives, employees and contractors are bringing into the workplace. In fact, 94% of organizations plan to put some form of BYOD policy in place by mid-2013. They know they must adapt and come up with ...

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  10. Better Secure Email for iOS .. from Citrix


     Mobile Email is the killer app that must be addressed first as part of any corporate IT mobile strategy. At Citrix we decided to get serious about mobility and target a solution at the core of a typical IT challenge today. A native iOS email app that satisfies IT security requirements and users won't hate. Beyond that we also have the opportunity to provide a superior user ...

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