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  1. Mobility Master Class: Deploying Citrix XenMobile on Apple iOS

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    With this latest release of iOS, Apple has continued to put forward more enterprise friendly capabilities.  Apple iOS 7 introduced a compelling set of business ready features that Apple iOS 8 continues to build on. These features have CIOs rethinking the mobility challenge presented by consumer devices and how to address them. This opens up some very interesting possibilities and addresses some compelling use cases ...

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  2. Five Challenges for Enterprise Mobility in 2015

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    A defining trend of recent years ...has been the increasing business orientation of IT. No longer does IT work in a silo, thinking narrowly in terms of infrastructure and capabilities. The modern IT leader takes a business-first approach to technology decisions: what business strategies, initiatives and practices do we need to empower, and what’s the best way to do it? Ideally, IT would inform its strategy ...

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  3. Announcing 100% iOS 8 Compatibility for XenMobile

    iOS 8 iPad Screenshot with Citrix Worx Apps

    The Citrix XenMobile team is happy to announce full iOS 8 compatibility for all editions of XenMobile (cloud or on-premise) including: XenMobile MDM, App, and Enterprise Editions.   About iOS 8 iOS 8 is the latest software release, from Apple, meant for its mobile product line. iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4s onwards, iPod 5th generation, iPad 2 onwards, iPad Mini 1st generation onwards and Apple TV ...

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  4. XenMobile and iOS 8


    Apple recently announced that their newest devices (iPhone 6 and 6+) will be available for purchase from Sep 19, 2014 and their newest operating system, iOS 8 will be generally available on existing, supported iOS devices, starting Sep 17, 2014.  iOS 8 builds upon and extends a number of great enterprise-centric features delivered with iOS 7 last year.  One example is Touch ID, which can now be incorporated into ...

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  5. The Enterprise Mobile Application Dilemma, Part 3: The Mobile App Platform


    For most enterprises, mobility is still a dilemma which they are trying to figure out. In this series, I identified four main mobile dilemmas that enterprises are dealing with today: identifying requirements, the business case, the mobile app platform and internal resources. This entry will look at what many enterprises are struggling with today, what should be the future format of enterprise mobile apps. Today's rallying ...

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  6. iOS 8: Apple and The Enterprise


    When Apple announces new iOS features each year at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, it's the consumer ones that are highlighted in the keynote and that get the most press. The past few years saw Apple stepping up its focus on enterprise users and increasing innovation directed specifically for the enterprise. This years announcements on iOS 8 for the enterprise were no different. These often ...

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  7. Wirtualizacja: wygoda dla użytkowników, zarządzanie i kontrola

    Wzrost popularności mobilności w przedsiębiorstwach jest niepodważalny, wciąż jednak takie kwestie, jak zarządzanie oraz bezpieczeństwo użytkowników mobilnych i ich urządzeń pozostają niejasne dla niektórych specjalistów IT. Dziś większość firm działa w silosach. Wiele z nich ma odseparowane od siebie oddziały, w których wykorzystywany jest zarówno tradycyjny sprzęt (komputery stacjonarne czy laptopy), ale także urządzenia mobilne (tablety czy smartfony). W większości z nich proces zakupowy urządzeń przenośnych ...

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  8. End User Computing: Thinking and Managing To The Whole Enterprise


    The growth of mobile in the enterprise is clear, but the management and security of mobile users and devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops is still a bit hazy for some IT professionals. Today, the majority of enterprise IT work in silos. Many have separate divisions between traditional computing devices (desktops and laptops) and handheld devices (tablets and smartphones). In most companies, handheld devices are ...

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  9. Tablet Wars Heat Up, But Not What You Think

    The last few weeks have been big weeks for tablets. On October 25th, both Nokia and Apple announced new tablets to compete for the holiday sales. The news about the new iPAD Air is covered well here and the new Nokia 2520 tablet is here. These are two great additions to the ever increasing Samsung Note lineup, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ...

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  10. The Impact Of iOS 7 On Enterprises

    It’s become an annual ritual—Apple announces a new iPhone model and iOS update. One of the things that has made Apple so popular—is its regular cadence of new releases. Even a modest update to iOS brings useful new features and sometimes a whole new look and feel to the phone. It’s another example of software driving value in hardware (please see my last blog here). And ...

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