Product: XenServer

  1. Hey Partners – Let’s talk about vGPU

    In Germany we see ourselves as a country full of poets and thinkers. Where some of you may disagree with the poets, you can’t disagree with us being thinkers. I honestly don’t see us as poets nowadays too. I see Germany as a country full of engineers and thinkers. That was the reason we wanted to do a little Roadshow for our partners working with ...

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  2. Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro: Intergraph SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D Virtualised with NVIDIA GRID


    Intergraph is a leading global provider of engineering and geospatial software that enables customers to visualize complex data. Businesses and governments in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph’s industry-specific software. Recently it was announced, here on the NVIDIA website, that Intergraph have virtualised SmartPlant Review and Smart 3D using Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and HDX 3D Pro, accelerated by NVIDIA GRID GPU acceleration.   SmartPlant® Review is ...

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  3. Advanced 3D graphics goes mobile: free webinar 13th August with Citrix, Dell, & Forrester

    Just a quick blog to highlight a free Citrix/Dell/Forrester webinar “Advanced 3D graphics goes mobile” coming up this week on Wednesday August 13th 2014. I think this one should be interesting as it will cover the mobility and business benefits of virtualising 3D graphics. The involvement of Dell should be valuable too as Dell are an OEM who have invested in working with graphical software ...

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  4. XenDesktop/XenApp auf CloudPlatform mit CloudBridge Connector

    Immer mehr unserer XenDesktop und XenApp Kunden denken darüber nach, ihre Rechenleistung auch außerhalb des eigenen Rechenzentrums zu erweitern, jedoch ist die Verlagerung von Workloads in eine Cloud oft einfacher gesagt als getan. Während eine einfache Installation eines Servers in einer Cloud oft recht zügig vonstatten geht, ist der Aufbau der Netzwerkverbindung vom Kunden-Rechenzentrum zum Cloud-Rechenzentrum um einiges komplizierter. Mit der Freigabe von XenDesktop und ...

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  5. How would you spend $100 to improve Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and HDX?


    Tim Mackey has an interesting blog about XenServer out, soliciting reader opinions on how they would invest in that product. It’s a fascinating read and I recommend being nosy and reading it here. Last week I had a long debate with some of the CTPs (Citrix Technology Professionals) on where we should prioritise investment in XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro. One CTP feels really strongly that ...

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  6. Xen Project Developer Summit in 2 weeks: What to expect, why to attend?

    Last April, Citrix and The Linux Foundation created the Xen Project - a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project - together with 12 other industry leaders to oversee and support the open source community that develops the Xen® virtualization platform and related virtualazition technologies. Since then, the number of industry leaders supporting the project has grown to 15, code contributions have increased by >30%, innovation is increasing ...

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  7. Webinar: MCS vs PVS – Deep Dive

    I am pleased to announce details of a very exciting webinar coming up next week. The webinar is titled MCS vs PVS - Deep Dive and will be delivered by our own expert Nick Rintalan. This webinar will cover the current state of MCS vs PVS. We'll look at how MCS and PVS work differently on hypervisors like ESXi and Hyper-V. We will look at new target platforms ...

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  8. Citrix Master Class Agent reveals more … HDX 3D Pro XenDesktop and GPU secrets!

    Now you may remember my blog post from February, when I uncovered my identity as a XenAgent in the XenServer Master Class. But I also work as an HDX Agent. Am I a double agent? Not really, Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer & HDX 3D Pro have a long history of working together, since we introduced GPU Passthrough with XenServer 5.6 FP1. If you never attended a Master Class ...

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  9. Introduction to Video Capture hardware for HDX Product Demonstrations


    We’ve seen a phenomenal interest in HDX 3D Pro for delivering rich graphics and CAD applications on XenApp and XenDesktop and uptake of technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU. I’m increasingly being asked how to record great demos, one of our senior graphical experts in the UK HDX team, Andrew Woodard, kindly agreed to write this blog about his experiences doing this for performance analysis ...

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  10. Highlighted Support Articles – June 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for June 2014 .     Highlighted Desktop Virtualization Articles CTX132102   Troubleshooting Process for Printing Issues with Auto-creation CTX131481 Recommended Install Order for Preparing Target Device CTX127239 How to Enable Special Pool Tagging for a Driver CTX117805 How ...

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