Product: XenServer

  1. I’m living in a software-defined world and I am a software-defined girl

    Devices, devices, devices!

    I am of a generation that was “born digital”. We grew up with the internet, cell phones, and self-checkout machines all around us.  Software has transformed many of our day to day tasks, helping us to do them faster and easier. When others might pick up the phone to make a dinner reservation, we turn to Open Table. Rather than asking someone for directions, we ...

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  2. Dell R7910 is Citrix Ready for XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro with XenServer

    Early this month, Dell released its new rack workstation, the Precision Dell R7910. It comes with Intel’s latest Haswell EP Processor which supports up to 1TB of DDR4 memory. I am therefore very happy to announce this server is already Citrix Ready making it yet another excellent choice for 3D graphic users wanting high density desktop VDI environments with unparalleled graphics performance, provided only by ...

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  3. Highlights of Support Articles – August 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for August 2014 .     Highlighted Apps, Desktops, and Client Virtualization Articles CTX200179   How to Install XenDesktop on CloudPlatform - Lab Guide CTX200169 How To Create EdgeSight Report Subscription CTX137401 Configuring a VDI-in-a-Box Grid Running ...

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  4. The Report of CloudStack’s Death was a Great Exaggeration

    The title of this post is a riff on the now famous quote by Mark Twain a.k.a. Samuel Clemens about the New York Journal’s confusion between him and at time his ailing cousin James Ross Clemens who was a continent away. The same thing happened recently with regards to two unrelated events. An organizational change here at Citrix and the perceived vitality of one of ...

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  5. Health IT: Quietly advancing medicine and the U.S. care delivery system – Part 1


    National Health IT week kicks off on September 15th. The goal of the week is to recognize how health IT is advancing medicine and to promote “One Voice. One Vision.” for our industry. With a chance to acknowledge a market that profoundly impacts each of us personally, I recalled a recent experience. This encounter reminded me that the industry is moving towards a shared vision, ...

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  6. Giving your customer more by using Citrix Insight Services (TaaS)

    Giving your customer more by using Citrix Insight Services (TaaS)

    What was once a tool for only Citrix Technical Support is now available to partners, customers and anyone using Citrix products. All you need to use Citrix Insight Services (TaaS) is a My Citrix login and data to analyze. Getting the data to upload is really simple: XenApp 7.5, XenDektop 7.5, NetScaler, and XenServer have the components to create the data bundle and upload it, and ...

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  7. Scripting: Automating VM operations on XenServer using PowerShell


    With the release of the XenServer 6.2 SDK, there is a better alignment between the PowerShell snap-in and the PowerShell standards of Cmdlet design and usage. Here are some great reference documents: XenServer 6.2.0 SDK Release Notes XenServer 6.2.0 PowerShell SDK Overview In the Citrix Solutions Lab, we've been using this SDK for all of our XenServer environment deployment needs and we’d like to share with you.   Downloading and ...

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  8. Citrix Partners With Intel to Feature Array of Mobile Workspace Solutions at IDF14

    This week at Intel Developer Forum 14 #IDF14 in San Francisco, Citrix and Intel will highlight our expanded partnership with a number of new technology demonstrations. Citrix Mobile Workspaces leadership will be on full display with Citrix solutions featuring Intel technology across enterprise mobility, networking, cloud and data center, clients and Chrome. Citrix was invited by Intel to showcase a cross-section of additional technology solutions within four ...

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  9. Free UK Customer and Partner Event – Citrix User Group, 24th September 2014 – London


    Just a quick blog to let you know that together with other Citrites and some Citrix Technology Professionals, I will be available in person at the Citrix UK User Group Meetup at the Cisco offices in London, UK. There will be some speakers and attendees flying in from EMEA too. It’s free and a great chance for Citrites, partners and end-users to get together face-to-face. ...

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  10. Citrix XenServer Powered Trusted VMs in OpenStack Clouds

    It’s almost time for IDF 2014 in San Francisco and this year Bob Ball from XenServer Engineering and I will be demoing secure workloads within OpenStack clouds based on Citrix XenServer. Citrix XenServer has been working with Intel for several years on different projects related to the support of Intel TXT. There is a separately downloadable supplemental pack for XenServer that adds this functionality to the ...

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