Product: XenServer

  1. Sprechen Sie Citrix? New Citrix User Group for German Speakers Launches!


    The DCUG (Deutschsprachige Citrix User Group / Germanspeaking Citrix User Group) is now online! The website can be reached at / and   Independent community Citrix enthusiast Roy Textor has launched a new user group covering Switzerland, Germany and Austria and anyone in the world who’d like to join in with German language information. We hope this group for customers, partners and anyone interested in ...

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  2. Ramping Up XenServer!


    I'm so pleased about the new XenServer "Tech Preview" that was posted this week.  You can learn more details about it from Tim's excellent post here.  Please go download it and check it out! I previously posted about my history with the Xen project (going back almost 10 years now) and how excited I am to be part of the team now.  My enthusiasm was only ...

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  3. Upcoming Masterclass Webinar: Get awesome 3D Graphics on XenApp & XenDesktop!

    Click on the image and then choose the "What is a Master Class" link, if you want to see the level of past masterclasses

    Those of you who have used Citrix products in the past are likely to have attended one of Lee Bushen’s interactive Masterclasses. In the past Lee has run these for products such as Citrix XenServer and Cloudplatform. With the increasing interest in GPU technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU and XenApp GPU sharing, as well as HDX 3D Pro for 3D Graphics and CAD/AEC/CAE/PLM applications, ...

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  4. From My Virtual Desktop: Scientific Linux 5.x and 6.x

    Seeing as it is now July 8th, I hope all in the USA enjoyed the 4th and that everyone - around the world - is having a great start to the weekend! The inspiration and encouragement of this blog stems from several discussions, but one specifically with an individual - you know who you are! - regarding Scientific Linux and XenServer 6.2.  It was a rather ...

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  5. Citrix CloudPlatform for Service Providers: It Just Works!

    Citrix Ready Technical Webinar with Appcore   During this session we will discuss the benefits for service providers using Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack over other products such as VMWare vCloud Director or OpenStack as well as covering the most common pitfalls to avoid when deploying a service provider cloud. Use cases to be covered include how an enterprise is gaining financial and operational efficiency from ...

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  6. From My Virtual Desktop: Detecting a Full File System

    To all, I hope the weekend was kind to each of you!   What I would like to discuss today is an infrequent annoyance, but one that does arise and is troublesome:  a full XenServer file system.  The reason to discuss this in a public manner is to share my experiences of such a situation as well experiences I have troubleshot for clients, partners, and beyond.   The Situation.  ...

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  7. New virtualization 3D graphics resources: free webinar, demo from TeamRGE, more

    Click on the image to see the latest demo on YouTube from @TeamRGE

    Thanks for tuning in to our newest installment of info for those of you seeking to know more about 3D graphics in virtual desktops. We've got a webinar coming up with our friends at NVIDIA and a cool new demo video. Don't miss the registration info at the bottom of this post! Well-known independent virtualization consultants @TeamRGE have been busy with some new videos showing what ...

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  8. Highlighted Support Articles – May 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for May 2014 .     Highlighted Desktop and Apps Articles CTX200041   FAQ: AppDNA 7.5 CTX133877 Timeout Error 4002 in PVS Console after Clicking "Show Connected Devices" CTX131448 XenDesktop 5 VDAs Shut Down Very Quickly CTX140436 Citrix Director ...

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  9. From My Virtual Desktop: Basic Network Testing with IPERF

    Good day, everyone!   From my last blog entry, I discussed virtual network interface speeds versus reality.  This blog can be read here. A great question was posed: "How do you test networking speeds?" This is a great question as - by itself - it is simple enough to answer.  However, depending on what one desires out of "network testing" the answer can be as complex as anyone would ...

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  10. From My Virtual Desktop: PV NIC Speed Advertisement vs Reality

    Hello, Xen Fans, Clients, Partners, and Fellow Citrites! This blog is intended to address (and answer) a common question that is asked of support: "Is there anyway to make a VMs network interface run higher than 1GiB?" The question is completely understandable - especially on a Windows VM - where the VMs are leveraging bare-metal network cards with 10GiB capabilities.  The VM is stood up, PV tools ...

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