Product: XenMobile

  1. Android 5.0 (aka Lollipop) – A Sweet Treat for the Enterprise


    Google is about ready to roll-out Android 5.0 on Nexus devices, and other Android device manufacturers will follow suit shortly thereafter. While this new OS delivers a number of new consumer features, it also provides enterprise capabilities that help IT support the adoption of Android devices - whether those devices are personally owned (BYOD) or company issued.  Here are a few highlights: Material Design: At Citrix, we’ve ...

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  2. Citrix Director 7.6 Deep-Dive Part 2: Support for XenApp 6.5

    Citrix has brought back IMA Support  to allow users to troubleshoot XenApp 6.5 (IMA) sessions with enhanced features in Director 7.6. In addition to providing a short list of the available features of Director 7.6 with IMA architecture, I've created this post to detail and outline each feature. Features: Activity Manager for XenApp 6.5 Delegated Admin support Shadow Session Machine Details Panel Session Details Panel Personalization Panel HDX panel Global User Session Search across ...

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  3. Why Service Providers Choose Citrix For Desktops-as-a-Service

    Service Providers Choose Citrix for end user experience, trusted brand

    Technology that works – from a trusted vendor.  As part of the Global DaaS Market Trends survey, Citrix asked the 2,600 partners in the Citrix Service Provider program why they choose to work with Citrix. The answers were consistent with the user-focused experience and brand integrity that Citrix strives to achieve every day. The second most popular answer was that Citrix is a well-trusted brand. Citrix ...

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  4. Citrix Ready Technical Webinar: Learn how to Secure Mobile Printing with UniPrint

    Join us to learn how to ensure all highly mobile knowledge-workers print securely. During this 30 minute webinar, you will learn how UniPrint Infinity can: Enable secure printing within Citrix in minutes Allow mobile Guest Users to gain access to your network printers securely on demand Keep track of all users printing statistics and monitor for irregularities Help configure a highly available printing infrastructure without spending a fortune Date:Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Time: 11.00 ...

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  5. Introducing the StoreFront 2.6 Authentication SDK

    Citrix is pleased to announce the initial version of the StoreFront Authentication SDK, following on from the StoreFront Web API and the StoreFront Store Customization SDK, opening up StoreFront as a platform for partners and customers to create the optimum solutions for their users. This initial version focuses on customization of the Citrix Receiver Common Forms protocol, where credentials are explicitly provided by the end-user. Whilst there has always been ...

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  6. 25 reasons for a service provider to join the Citrix Service Provider program

    25 reasons to join Citrix Service Provider Program for hosting desktops, apps, mobile device management and file share and synch

    Why would a managed services provider, hosting provider or telco choose the Citrix Service Provider Program to expand business? There are a host of sales, marketing, and technical benefits associated with the Citrix Service Provider program that service providers will find immediately valuable.  It’s the 25th birthday of Citrix Systems, so in honor of 25 years of Citrix, here are 25 of our favorite Citrix Service ...

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  7. Citrix User Group Norway – October 29-31st 2014 – Carry on Cruising!


    The Citrix User Group in Norway is running their next meeting on a two day sea cruise! Norway is a notoriously expensive country but it seems ferry cruises aren’t , so if you’ve been deterred by the high cost of Oslo hotels in the past check it out! Even if you can’t make it with the Norwegian events regularly attractive 140+ attendees it’ll be worth ...

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  8. Citrix channel partner Asiasoft successfully adds XenMobile to end-to-end portfolio

    Asiasoft Solutions

    Citrix channel partner, Asiasoft Solutions, has a rock solid foundation in Citrix app, desktop and server virtualization technologies since 2004. Virtualization is a key offering on which Asiasoft has seamlessly added other Citrix solutions including networking, cloud and mobility. Virtualization at core of mobility Mobility is an important capability in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, where most people use multiple mobile devices and organizations often combine BYOD programs ...

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  9. How do service providers price Desktops-as-a-Service offerings?

    Citrix Service Provider

    The Desktops-as-a-Service market is growing – and more managed service providers, web hosters and traditional telcos are showing interest in aligning with Citrix to drive DaaS adoption in a variety of businesses.  One of the top questions new partners ask when entering the DaaS business is “what price should I charge for Desktops-as-a-Service?” Expanding a Managed Services Practice with Hosted Desktops-as-a-Service Microsoft SPLA partners who once just ...

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  10. XenMobile APNs CSR Signing Portal is Now Live!

    XenMobile: Automated APNS Certificate Signing Service XenMobile now offers customers an automated service to submit a CSR for signing.  Previously customers would submit CSRs manually via a Citrix SE or Support Organization.  The improved process allows customers to submit requests to Citrix at the XenMobile APNs CSR Signing website (MyCitrix ID required). Upon submission Citrix will sign the CSR with its mobile device management signing certificate ...

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