Product: XenMobile

  1. Session Catalog Is Live: Design Your Citrix Synergy Experience!

    session catalog blog

      It’s easier than ever to design your own conference experience at Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14. The session catalog just launched with an incredible mix of strategy sessions, new product deep dives and interactive panel discussions along with practical training on architecture, design, deployment and support of mobile workspaces. You’ll have plenty of options for customizing Synergy to suit your interests and your ...

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  2. Seizing the Moment at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2015

    MS Hosting and Cloud Summit 2015

      What I love about Microsoft is the beautiful marketing machine that knows how to create a spectacle, always on message, and always on point. So at first I found it a little odd that the theme for this year’s Microsoft Hosting Summit had the rather innocuous tagline of “Seize the Moment.” At the time I struggled to find the context.  Of course, I knew what it ...

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  3. XenMobile Worx Apps and MDX Toolkit Updates (10.0.3) Deliver “Business in the Front”

    Introducing the XenMobile Partner Guide, providing Citrix Partners with centralized access to all XenMobile resources - the latest in our rich enablement resources on our dynamic enablement platform, Citrix SalesIQ.

      Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors deliver solutions within two distinct areas of product development.  Client side components comprise the front-end and while server side components comprise the back-end. The Citrix XenMobile solution strategy is largely focused on leading the industry in client side innovation while delivering a user experience that centers around business features and functionality.  Business in the front. Here Are a Few Examples: Citrix was ...

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  4. Worx-Verify Your Mobile App to Penetrate The Enterprise App Market

    Worx Verified Program

      As more and more businesses embrace mobile devices, mobile apps that power these business tasks need to be secure, quick and robust. Find out how Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program can help. Mobile devices are gradually seeping into every sphere of business, small or large. Whether it’s an SMB, or a huge conglomerate, mobile devices have not only become necessary, but inevitable. And increasingly, mobile apps ...

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  5. Mobility Experts: XenMobile WorxWeb Traffic Through Proxy Server in SecureBrowse Mode

    New Picture

    This blog will help you to configure Netscaler Traffic Policies to route WorxWeb Traffic through Proxy Server in SecureBrowse Mode. We will also help you to configure Traffic Policy such that Activesync Traffic is not routed through the Proxy Server.   Pre-Requisites Netscaler Version 10.5 Build 55.8 You need to have NS with a Valid license You need to have Netscaler Gateway configured in NS. You need to have the proxy ...

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  6. Mobility Experts: WorxMail Troubleshooting – Lessons Learned from the Field


    In this blog, we are going to cover three WorxMail issues caused by the configuration issues related to Lotus Traveler, Exchange Server and Mailbox related configurations on AD User accounts which causes WorxMail sync to fail. While there could be many possible causes for these issues but in this blog, we are covering only few possible cases which can result into WorxMail sync issues. Problem 1: WorxMail ...

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  7. Mobility Experts: Step By Step Guide to Clustering – XenMobile 10


      This blog helps in configuring XenMobile server in cluster mode and load balancing it with NetScaler (NS).  XMS is a unified server which is an integration between XDM and AppC, hence there would be two Load Balance VIPs (LB VIP) that need to be configured at NetScaler level. In the earlier versions of XME, we had XDM configured as cluster and AppC as HA pair ...

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  8. Announcing the Citrix Synergy 2015 Guest Speakers


      Back in October, we asked you to submit proposals to be a guest speaker at Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14. Little did we know our Call for Topics would yield such an accomplished and talented group! Guest presenters are one of the highlights of Synergy every year. Our featured speakers represent a range of industries including healthcare and education, consulting and financial services, and ...

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  9. Organize Your Data with ‘Unifyle’ – A Citrix Ready Worx Verified App!

    Varied data sources lead to varied access issues and add to the existing security threats. Read how you can securely as well as conveniently organize your data. There are a lot of new technologies coming up to help users have easy access to their desktop and their applications, making it easier for IT admins to roll out applications to the users.  In the last decade, user ...

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  10. Mobility Experts: WorxStore Branding in XenMobile Server v10


    XenMobile Server allows the enterprises/organizations to have their own company logos in the WorxStore. This blog outlines the steps needed to configure WorxStore branding in XMS v10, including step by step instructions with screenshots. Pre-Requisites: You would need the following pre-requisites in place: One Instance of XMS – fully configured The company logo file must be in .png format (Pure white logo/text with transparent background at 72 dpi is ...

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