Product: XenMobile

  1. Lower EMM Deployment Cost and Complexity with XenMobile Cloud

    XenMobile Cloud Powers EMM

    While most organizations recognize the need to manage and control mobile apps and devices, many companies lack the resources and infrastructure needed to handle the growing number of devices and apps in their environment. Cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions address this challenge by providing more flexibility, ease of management and lower TCO.   Before you select an EMM Cloud provider it’s important that you are able ...

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  2. XenMobile and iOS 8


    Apple recently announced that their newest devices (iPhone 6 and 6+) will be available for purchase from Sep 19, 2014 and their newest operating system, iOS 8 will be generally available on existing, supported iOS devices, starting Sep 17, 2014.  iOS 8 builds upon and extends a number of great enterprise-centric features delivered with iOS 7 last year.  One example is Touch ID, which can now be incorporated into ...

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  3. Citrix Partner Hubbub: September Partner Spotlight featuring RKON Technologies

    Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.37.15 AM

    RKON Technologies identified a major business opportunity in EMM – in particular, assisting large enterprises that are hesitant to adopt new technologies because they lack internal skills and bandwidth. “We saw a severe shortage of IT consultants able to design, implement and manage a complete mobility solution.” With the goal of filling this market need, RKON evaluated different solutions and found XenMobile Enterprise was the ...

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  4. Mobility, Cloud and the End User Computing Message at VMworld

    The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth to San Francisco.  150 years later, a different type of prospecting is luring people to the Bay Area.  Last  week, I attended my first VMworld conference in San Francisco with other members of the Citrix team expecting to take in the latest VMware view of the familiar topics of mobility, cloud and end user computing. In three ...

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  5. Citrix Partners With Intel to Feature Array of Mobile Workspace Solutions at IDF14

    This week at Intel Developer Forum 14 #IDF14 in San Francisco, Citrix and Intel will highlight our expanded partnership with a number of new technology demonstrations. Citrix Mobile Workspaces leadership will be on full display with Citrix solutions featuring Intel technology across enterprise mobility, networking, cloud and data center, clients and Chrome. Citrix was invited by Intel to showcase a cross-section of additional technology solutions within four ...

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  6. Citrix zapewnia pełną mobilność

    Jak podaje firma analityczna Gartner do 2017 roku, 25 procent firm będzie korzystało z własnych witryn z aplikacjami (inaczej nazywanych sklepami z aplikacjami). Z kolei 43 procent decydentów, odpowiedzialnych za oprogramowanie zakupiło lub opracowało od 1 do 5 aplikacji mobilnych dla swoich pracowników w ciągu ostatniego roku (źródło: Forrester 2013).   Korzyści wynikające ze zwiększenia mobilności przedsiębiorstwa mogą być ogromne, a zaspokojenie rosnącego zapotrzebowania na dostęp do szerokiej ...

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  7. Demystifying the ShareFile user provisioning process through XenMobile App Controller

    User Provisioning Process

    ShareFile and XenMobile are undoubtedly the industry leaders in the EMM and the EFSS space and together they enable any enterprise to truly mobilize their workforce. At Citrix, we are working hard not only to make these products great individually, but also to ensure integrations that make these products a natural fit for each other and seamlessly harness each other capabilities. Read the blog here to ...

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  8. Quad-Bypass: The Enterprise Mobility Worst-Case Security Scenario [VIDEO]


    At Citrix, our definition of a quadruple bypass is a BYOD user on a consumer-grade device using sensitive enterprise data and going directly to the cloud. It truly represents the worst-case scenario for securing enterprise mobility. This approach completely bypasses the control and visibility of IT—and it’s alarmingly common in today’s organizations. There are good reasons for this, of course. Consumer devices are popular and ...

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  9. Mobility Master Class: Securing Data for EMM with XenMobile and ShareFile


    To successfully implement a secure enterprise mobility solution it is crucial to allow users to access, sync and securely share files from any device, both inside and outside the organization yet give IT full control of that data on any device whether it is online or offline. Most EMM solutions are not designed to address the requirements for the business, users and IT. Before you select ...

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  10. Mobile & Modern: How Deutsche Bank & RBS Transformed Their Workforce

    Deutsche Bank Workplace Tablet

    A number of years ago I encountered a reality that many recent graduates imminently face – my first day working in the “real world.” I had my own perception of what was in store for me on my first day; a life of working in dull, drab windowless cubicle under the constant hum of florescent lights. Fortunately, I was in for a bit of a ...

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