Product: XenDesktop

  1. StoreFront 3.0: Message Customization

    *Updated to work with Firefox, Chrome, etc. It can be very helpful when you can make your employees aware of any maintenance that might affect the systems and applications they access. Below I will detail a few simple customizations in StoreFront 3.0 you can use to do just that.   As you can see in the above image I have added a green bar with the scrolling text ...

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  2. Windows 10 仮想デスクトップを試してみよう!

    月末にはWindows 10の製品版リリースが迫るなか、仮想デスクトップとしてWindows 10を考える方々も多いと思います。XenDesktopは当然サポートするよね?いつなの?そんな声にお応えすべく、Windows 10用のVirtual Desktop Agent (VDA) Tech Previewが開始されました。XenDesktop 7.6のテスト環境と、Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Previewがあれば、すぐにお試し可能です。               以下はこのTech Previewの特筆すべきポイント、前提としてご理解いただきたいこと、そして少しだけご注意です。 - VDAは専用インストーラで提供します - Tech Previewに関するすべて(バイナリダウンロード、ドキュメンテーション、ライセンス、フォーラム入口、法的注意など)は一箇所にまとめています。こちらです - 有効なSAまたはソフトウェアメンテナンスが必要です - 製品インターフェイス、ドキュメンテーション等は基本的に英語です - 通常のテクニカルサポートは提供されません。Tech Preview専用のフォーラムを使って、質問やフィードバックをお寄せください - Tech Preview環境は、本番稼動環境とは別にご用意ください 今回Tech Preview のおまけとして、新/強化機能もお試しいただけるようにしました。Universal Print Server (UPS) on Windows Server 2012 R2, スマートカード仮想チャネルの強化、ビデオフォールバックポリシー、描画/署名タブレットデバイスサポートなどです。 尚、このTech Preview VDAは、VMだけではなく、物理PCデスクトップにも適用可能です。リモートPCアクセスも同時にお試しできます。 Windows 10は今後の方向性を示す、重要なマイルストーンです。モバイル利用も視野に入れ、生産性向上の可能性、デバイス管理効率を視野に入れた仮想デスクトップでの利用を、このTech Previewでお試しください。使用について所感、今後のWindows 10導入プランなど、シトリックスと共有してください。サーベイ にてお願いします。        

  3. Three Steps to Windows 10

    Watch the making of Windows 10 Hero wallpaper.

    Who really controls an upgrade to Windows 10? I think we all know that on July 29, Microsoft will be releasing its latest upgrade--Windows 10--as a free download. That’s FREE to all consumer copies of Windows 7 and 8.1, licensed or not! And there was much rejoicing. And that’s just the start of it. In case you missed it, the cadence of future upgrades to Windows 10 ...

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  4. Introducing App Orchestration 2.6 for XenApp, XenDesktop & StoreFront 3.0

    App Orchestration

    What’s new in App Orchestration 2.6 Today, Citrix released a new version of App Orchestration to help service providers efficiently manage and scale their hosted app and desktop business. • App Orchestration support for XenDesktop 7.6 and StoreFront 3.0 • New validated guidance for high availability and disaster planning • New features to simplify and speed up deployment Citrix Service Providers love XenApp and XenDesktop because they provide ...

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  5. Available Today: New DaaS Capabilities & Opportunities for Citrix Service Providers!


    With the introduction of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp 7.6 Feature Pack 2, not to mention Feature Pack 3 for Citrix XenApp 6.5, new, industry-defining hosted application and desktop capabilities are now available to Citrix Service Providers and their subscribers.   Coupled with today’s release of critical multi-tenant enabling technologies like App Orchestration 2.6, CloudPortal Services Manager Hosted Apps and Desktops Service 11.5.3, state of the art ...

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  6. An Unprecedented Moment in IT History

    It’s true, we are standing at the precipice of an unprecedented moment in IT history. For the first time, an Operating System upgrade is not in the hands of Corporate IT. It’s in the hands of the employees. Are you ready? On July 29th, Microsoft is releasing the FREE download for Windows 10 upgrades, and it's targeted towards consumer devices. More incredibly, these are licensed and unlicensed version ...

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  7. XenApp – XenDesktop: What Crypto is My Session Using?

    lock and key

    ICA encryption with XenApp and XenDesktop comes in 3 flavors: Basic, SecureICA and TLS.   As a user, the remoted graphics look the same no matter how the data is encrypted, so how do you know what crypto is being used?  If you are an administrator, the PowerShell CmdLet “GetBrokerSession” shows you information for every session that the broker is managing. When checking systems, I am usually ...

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  8. Join Us at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

    microsoft logo

    How's YOUR Sunday going? I'm sitting here on this lovely Sunday getting ready to head to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference: Citrix Service Provider Infographic - Check Partner Value Proposition for Remote Desktop Service SPLA partners - Check Mini-Theater session presentation - Check Citrix jackets for attending our mini-theater sessions - Check. Postcards - Check Brochures - Check   Citrix has invested over 25 years in partnering with Microsoft, and our Citrix Service Provider ...

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  9. @XDtipster – Linux VDA setup on CentOS 6.6, Pt.3

    Linux Windows

    Welcome to the third and final part of my Linux VDA on CentOS 6.6 Blog series... (Nearly there!!!) If you have just stumbled across this post and would like to go back and review what has come before just click on the links below: Part 1 - Installing and preparing the Linux OS Part 2 - Installing and configuring the Linux VDA Once again, I hope you enjoy the ...

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  10. Rock Your Workloads on Baremetal with Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5.1


    The drumbeat of innovation continues with the latest release of Citrix CloudPlatform version 4.5.1.  This mid-year update comes on the heels of the February delivery of version 4.5 and delivers, among other capabilities, full support for baremetal servers. With this release, customers can now incorporate their existing baremetal infrastructure under Citrix CloudPlatform control and manage both physical and virtual machines using the same management platform. Enabling ...

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