Product: XenDesktop

  1. Updating Database Connection Strings in XenDesktop 7.x

    A while ago I did a post about updating connection strings for mirroring. Since then, I've had other requests for connection string manipulations. So I'm going to pull them into one post with an update for 7.6, Availability Groups and script updates. XenDesktop 7.6 XenDesktop 7.6 introduced the Analytics Service which also needs its db connection string updating. The service is responsible for sending information back to ...

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  2. Citrix Service’s Americas Sales Team Update

    Introducing the Newest Members of our Services Sales Team Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Due to increase demand for direct services from Citrix and our desire to inform both customers and partners of all service options, we have expanded the services sales to support that demand. As we enter the 4th Quarter and Holiday season for 2014, the team has grown to 40 enthusiast specialists that are passionate about our customers ...

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  3. Lower Hosted Services Overhead, Speed Desktops-as-a-Service Implementation Time With Insight from Citrix Summit Service Provider Sessions

    Does your managed services provider business aim for faster hosted services go to market with less implementation and support time? Would you like to increase the margin around Desktops-as-a-Service by streamlining backend processes and designing a more scalable service?  Both of these goals may be achievable with the technical staff you have in place today! Teams can learn how at Citrix Summit. Learn the details about ...

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  4. Sandbox. Sessions. Labs. Dive in. The Summit Session Catalog is live!


    The Summit Session Catalog is live! Start building your schedule now: this year’s catalog has a record number of breakout and technical sessions, and the hands-on labs including the Solutions Demo Sandbox offer more intensive training than ever. Everything has been tailored to your role and organized by content type, to give you the strongest start possible in the new sales cycle. Let’s dive in ...

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  5. Manage the unmanageable! Our chief security strategist tells you how [Webinar]

    Lady at Coffee Shop

    Register Now! Managing the Unmanageable: A webinar overview of security with virtualization, containerization and secure networking. *If you are unavailable on October 30, please register. We’ll send an on-demand link after the event. If you’re concerned about control over the sensitive data Especially data that is subject to governance and regulations on unmanaged devices, please plan to join Kurt Roemer, Citrix chief security strategist, on October 30. Kurt will present a webinar ...

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  6. Compare Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon – Infrastructure Upgrades

    After we released XenApp / XenDesktop 7.6 a few weeks ago, many customers and partners are now working on upgrading their existing Citrix infrastructures. While upgrading my lab environment I realized that this common infrastructure management task is a vital aspect that gets overlooked quite often when evaluating desktop and application virtualization solutions.   Typically every 6 – 12 months, Citrix and VMware release a new version of the ...

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  7. XenDesktop Experts Needed!

    Are you a XenDesktop expert, and have wanted to contribute to the development of a Citrix Certification exam, but never had the opportunity? Well, here’s your chance! We are looking for experts with hands-on experience implementing XenDesktop solutions. If this sounds like you, we would like to invite you to participate in the development of the professional level virtualization solution certification exam around XenDesktop 7.6. If you're ...

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  8. The Secret Behind Kindred Healthcare’s M&A Integration (that Every Healthcare CIO Should Know)


    The recent news that Kindred Healthcare and Gentiva Health Services will merge into the largest post-acute provider in the U.S. got me thinking about one of the most valuable (but least discussed) outcomes of a centralized, virtualized approach to IT services – faster M&A integration. Why? Because Kindred shared this exact story with Citrix in 2011. Every business executive and CIO knows that mergers and acquisitions are cumbersome ...

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  9. Partner marketing kits help drive new WAN optimization opportunities

    Improve the virtual desktop experience

    Here's a bit of a (rhetorical) quiz. If you're deploying desktop virtualization across multiple locations - branch, mobile, office - what would you deem one of the basic requirements to make it a measurable success? The list could get pretty exhaustive here but surely the ultimate end game - above and beyond all others - would have to be performance? The whole goal has to ...

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  10. Print Driver Isolation: Identifying Problematic printer drivers in Citrix UPS Installation

    When testing Citrix Universal Print Server, we in the test team look deeply at how well the product is working when we perform printing load testing on the overall environment when real third-party printer drivers are installed and stressed at scale. One of the things that we’ve found on the print server running Citrix UPS are crashed PrintIsolationHost and spoolsv processes. So why does this happen? Where are these crashes ...

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