Product: XenDesktop

  1. [Webinar] @Citrix @NetScaler 1000V Presented by @Cisco – LIVE DEMO

    Citrix NetScaler is the industry's leading web application delivery solution. It increases the performance and availability of all applications and data. The Citrix NetScaler 1000V brings together Citrix NetScaler with the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch vPath technology for policy-based service insertion and chaining.   Agenda Product overview (20 min) Live demo (40 min) Citrix NetScaler 1000V can be deployed on vSphere or on the Cisco Nexus 1110/1010 Cloud Services Platform ...

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  2. Turbo Charging your IOPS with the new PVS Cache in RAM with Disk Overflow Feature! – Part One

    With PVS 7.1 and later you may have noticed a new caching option called “Cache in Device RAM with Hard Disk Overflow”.  We actually implemented this new feature to address some application compatibility issues with Microsoft ASLR and PVS.  You can check out CTX139627 for more details. One of the most amazing side effects of this new feature is that it can give a significant performance ...

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  3. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “New webinar series: How to achieve implementation success with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5″

    New webinar series: How to achieve implementation success with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5

    Following the launch of XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5, Citrix Services is delighted to present a three-part webinar series on implementation of this new solution. The goal of these webinars is to make our customers and partners successful in the deployment of XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5. Partners, these webinars are designed to assist you as you guide your customers through the design, deployment and maintenance of ...

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  4. What XenApp and XenDesktop admins need to know about XenMobile


    Do you need to manage corporate or BYO android and iOS devices?  Do you need to contain corporate data?  What about data sharing with employees and clients?  How about delivering Web, SaaS, and Windows applications to Windows, OSX, iOS and Android?  It's all possible with XenMobile today, especially if you already have XenApp or XenDesktop. Did you know that if you own XenApp or XenDesktop platinum, ...

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  5. Hot Off the Presses – Doug Brown Releases BYO How to Guide for DesktopPlayer for Mac

    If you've ever met industry authority Doug Brown, you instantly get a sense of his passion for virtualization and computing. That passion translates into in-depth technology analysis. Over his career, he's covered a host of products providing detailed step-by-step guides to help IT shops achieve successful trials and deployments. Well, Doug's at it again -- this time for DesktopPlayer for Mac. Earlier this week, Doug released ...

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  6. A tale of two friends – one uses “Citrix”, one doesn’t

    Working on the water front

    Yesterday, I had dinner with a friend of mine who was visiting from Boston. Let’s call her Cassandra, in order to protect the innocent. Anyway, it was the typical conversation you have with someone you haven’t seen in a while. What have you been up to? How is the family? She was here in San Francisco visiting family and had decided to spend a few extra ...

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  7. The Dell-Citrix-NVIDIA Partnership – Delivering vGPU Accelerated Graphics TODAY

    At the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC)  a couple weeks ago, VMware made a strategic announcement that they will support NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU technology for desktop virtualization, which will become generally available in 2015.   This announcement is a great endorsement for the high performance GRID vGPU technology already available with XenServer, one of the three hypervisors supported by XenDesktop.  vGPU will offer vSphere customers options beyond VMware’s ...

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  8. From The Field! – XenDesktop/XenApp Bandwidth Update


    Last year I published a series of blogs around the bandwidth requirements of XenDesktop and some of the optimizations that can be done to minimize those requirements and improve the overall user experience. The final blog explored XenDesktop 7.x and the new encoding methods which are now a key design decision in dictating the bandwidth requirements and user experience. I recently had the opportunity to perform ...

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  9. Part 4: Working to make migration simpler for XenApp customers!

    In the last week, our engineers have published two blogs covering technologies we’re working on to simplify high availablility of XenApp and XenDesktop and improving session pre-launch/linger – both on the new Flexcast Management Architecture.  As promised, there is more information coming… Today, I want to cover migration and upgrade of XenApp, specifically what Citrix is doing to help customers start planning their migration from XenApp ...

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  10. Register Now! Designing your XenApp 7.5 Environment

    Following the announcement of the technical webinar series around the release XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5, I am pleased to announce details of the first webinar in the series. This 3-part webinar series brought to you by Citrix Services will show you how to achieve implementation success with XA/XD 7.5, whether you are new to Citrix or a long-time Citrix admin. The first webinar in the series covers Designing your XenApp ...

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