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  1. Webinar Series: How to Achieve Implementation Success with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5


    XA/XD 7.5 is the latest version of the industry-leading solution for virtual application and desktop delivery. This 3-part webinar series brought to you by Citrix Services will show you how to achieve implementation success with XA/XD 7.5, whether you are new to Citrix or a long-time Citrix admin.   Step 1: Design Designing your XenApp or XenDesktop 7.5 Environment These webinars will touch on the architectural changes in XenApp & ...

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  2. XenMobile and the Citrix Mobile Workspaces Architecture


    You’ve heard us talk about Mobile Workspaces and if you’re a techie you’re probably wondering if Citrix really has the architectural components (a complete, comprehensive and fully integrated architecture) that can deliver any app and data to any user on any device over any network? Well let’s first identify a few of the market leading technologies that make up the Citrix Mobile Workspaces solution: XenApp mobilizes and secures ...

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  3. Need to get started on a Low Cost Design for XenDesktop?

    Customized Hardware Recommendations for XenDesktop

    Need to get those last two departments off Windows XP at a low cost? Not sure how to get started securing “mobile” data within budget? Staying away from VDI because of the numerous unknowns and horror stories about hardware cost? Maybe you should take a look at Project Accelerator. This Citrix web application takes direction from you on your “Business Priorities”. If you select “Reducing Cost”, ...

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  4. Me, My Mobile Workspace and I

    As a test, I tried to count how many times I look at my phone in one day. It’s not even noon and I’m already over 50, so suffice it to say, it’s a lot. As part of the infamous millennial generation, many would say I’m addicted to my mobile devices and I’m sure they are not wrong, but it’s a reality of what we ...

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  5. Privacy is in the eye of the beholder

    Why does privacy mean something different to everyone? To lawyers and IT, privacy involves policies and posters.  When working with banks and hospitals, privacy is seemingly all about the release forms.  At the grocery store, signing away privacy rights on your purchase history gets you discounts.  Likewise, auto insurance companies offer substantial incentives if they can closely monitor your driving behavior via a tracking device attached ...

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  6. New – XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 Visio Stencils!

    One of the most common things every design document has is a conceptual diagram showing how the entire solution fits together. XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 is no different. If you looked at the XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 blueprint blog, you would have seen a new conceptual diagram based on the Citrix 5-layer model (Users, Access, Resources, Control and Hardware). The good news is that ...

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  7. Last Chance to Register! In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools

    This is your LAST CHANCE to register for this months webinar in the popular Citrix Support Secrets series. The March edition of the webinar series covers In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools. This webinar will be delivered by one of our top escalation engineers in Citrix Support. Citrix NetScaler has a rich Web-based management suite of tools available. To dig deep troubleshooting NetScaler, sometimes it’s best to ...

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  8. March Edition of XenDesktop Technical Newsletter Now Available

    Using XenDesktop?  Then you need to get the XenDesktop Technical Newsletter!  The newsletter is comprised of the best technical resources from across Citrix Services: Consulting, Technical Support, Education, and Technical Readiness. In its third year the newsletter is designed to help customers run their XenDesktop optimally and get more out of their investment in Citrix desktop virtualization. And its FREE! I am pleased to announce that ...

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  9. Feedback sought on Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook

    The Citrix Consulting Team is seeking participants for a short survey to ensure customers and partners are getting what they need from the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook. The survey will take about five to 10 minutes to complete, and feedback is being accepted for either version of the handbook (5.x or 7.x). Participants’ answers and information is confidential and only will be used internally at Citrix for ...

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  10. XenDesktop 7.1 on FlexPod


    The recently released Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for XenDesktop 7.1 is creating quite a buzz. If you are looking to implement desktop virtualization, the turnkey nature of FlexPod infrastructure creates a compact, powerful, and reliable solution for XenDesktop 7.1. Find the full report published by Cisco here. Since the launch of XenDesktop 7 last year in May, 7.1 release follows a new unified FlexCast Management Architecture ...

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