Product: XenApp

  1. Converged Systems and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop: Overview at SYN109

    Today there is a veritable zoo of solutions out there for hosting Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop workloads on converged systems. From big iron solutions like those of our biggest hardware partners to boutique solutions from smaller but still important players, it has become difficult to keep track of it all. The benefits of converged systems are well-established. Vendors deliver fully tested, pre-validated and configured systems that ...

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  2. A Radically Simplified Way to Deploy and Manage Citrix Workloads Across Clouds

    Newton's Cradle

    End-users are expecting applications to be delivered on an on-demand basis, which makes it very difficult for IT to keep up with the line of business demands and meet aggressive SLAs. Additionally, delivery of application workloads is only the first step. Once the workloads are delivered, IT administrators have to constantly monitor the health of application workloads to make sure that they are available and running ...

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  3. Citrix Support for Skype for Business

    This week at Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando we announced a new release of the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync® to be available at the end of June. Release 1.8 will support optimized delivery of Microsoft’s rebranded universal communications client, Skype for Business, from XenApp and XenDesktop, in Lync UI mode. In addition to supporting Windows and Linux devices, the new release introduces an ...

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  4. Setting a Default Landing Folder for Receiver for Web

    Recently I implemented a customization for a customer to set a default landing folder for Receiver for Web 2.6. As this may be useful for customers who used to follow CTX119550 to customize Web Interface to get this functionality, I am making it available here. First, follow the instruction here to configure the related Store to be a mandatory store. Then, configure the  Applications view as the default ...

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  5. Delivering Contextual Security with SmartControl

    Control is a core requirement for delivering on the promises of security – but how can enterprise control align with a threat landscape that is constantly changing due to seemingly unbounded user and usage situations? And, how can this access be unified across all internal and external applications to both enforce security and provide for a superior user experience? Today’s enterprise security control has to be ...

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  6. Citrix Delivers a Predictable Mobile Workspaces Experience

    Citrix has always been in the business of making IT simpler and people more productive. We are continuing our leadership in transforming the way IT services are delivered, managed and consumed with Citrix WorkspacePod.  For Citrix customers, WorkspacePod creates a predictable, high quality user experience while improving operational efficiency. With WorkspacePod we are bringing cloud data center economics to the enterprise by making data and workloads ...

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  7. SYN224: Meet the Winners of the Citrix App Challenge


    A global developer challenge, the Citrix App Challenge launched with the intent to knock down the walls of today’s defined workplaces and enable developers to identify new solutions, working with Citrix technologies and APIs, which eliminate barriers that prevent work from anywhere, anytime. We invited developers from across the world to innovate with Citrix services, and show us how they would leverage Citrix services to power new innovative ...

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  8. Go on a Journey Through The Citrix Booth Experience at Synergy

    A New Journey

    Every journey should yield great rewards, and this year in the Solutions Expo Citrix has completely reimagined the Citrix booth concept for Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015 that will take our attendees on a journey that will introduce an entirely new way to engage with us as a company. This new way to engage, called The Citrix Booth Experience, took its inspiration from a little bit of ...

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  9. SLG Case Study #2: Social Services (Healthcare Edition)

    Workstations on Wheels

    As a Sales Engineer covering State and Local Government agencies in the Central US (13 states in total) I’ve had the opportunity to see trends within government verticals that hold true across state, county and city lines. Using these trends, I’ve decided to create a series of SLG Case Studies that looks at what agencies are currently accomplishing with Citrix; with the ultimate goal of ...

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  10. Citrix Melio is Now Available!

    As of Monday, May 4, Melio is available!   Melio is the core product of Sanbolic, which was acquired by Citrix in January 2015, the leader in software-defined storage for the next generation datacenter. With the new release of Melio, we continue our focus on optimizing datacenter economics by providing workload and infrastructure elasticity. What is Melio? Citrix Melio is an enterprise storage and data virtualization platform that is workload, hypervisor, and storage agnostic. It can ...

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