Product: ShareFile

  1. FotoIN Mobile is Citrix Ready with Citrix ShareFile


    FotoIN is an automated solution for photo capturing, documenting and filing to customers' own storage repositories, cloud or in house. Field workers use the FotoIN mobile app to snap, tag and annotate photos, automatically capture GPS, date, time, device, address, project info, and app embeds it all into the photos as metadata for easy filing, searching and photo documentation management. FotoIN Mobile has automated capture, annotating, ...

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  2. Why Service Providers Choose Citrix For Desktops-as-a-Service

    Service Providers Choose Citrix for end user experience, trusted brand

    Technology that works – from a trusted vendor.  As part of the Global DaaS Market Trends survey, Citrix asked the 2,600 partners in the Citrix Service Provider program why they choose to work with Citrix. The answers were consistent with the user-focused experience and brand integrity that Citrix strives to achieve every day. The second most popular answer was that Citrix is a well-trusted brand. Citrix ...

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  3. How do service providers price Desktops-as-a-Service offerings?

    Citrix Service Provider

    The Desktops-as-a-Service market is growing – and more managed service providers, web hosters and traditional telcos are showing interest in aligning with Citrix to drive DaaS adoption in a variety of businesses.  One of the top questions new partners ask when entering the DaaS business is “what price should I charge for Desktops-as-a-Service?” Expanding a Managed Services Practice with Hosted Desktops-as-a-Service Microsoft SPLA partners who once just ...

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  4. Get ready for 2015. Time to refresh your BYO program. [Webinar Series]


    We perform back-ups daily. We perform maintenance weekly. We conduct security audits quarterly. We test our business continuity plans annually. How often do we revisit bring your own (BYO) programs? For many, it’s not often enough.  In response to BYO, organizations need to ensure that they have combined policies, procedures and technologies to protect their information assets in an evolving threat landscape regardless of where ...

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  5. I’m living in a software-defined world and I am a software-defined girl

    Devices, devices, devices!

    I am of a generation that was “born digital”. We grew up with the internet, cell phones, and self-checkout machines all around us.  Software has transformed many of our day to day tasks, helping us to do them faster and easier. When others might pick up the phone to make a dinner reservation, we turn to Open Table. Rather than asking someone for directions, we ...

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  6. Transform your organization for BYOD Success with Citrix Mobility Solutions

    Citrix BYOD Solutions

    It’s no longer a secret that the consumerization of IT is here to stay, so you may as well embrace it. You may not want to admit it, but you already have a few “outlaws” in your organization who are using their own devices, regardless of whether you allow them to or not. In fact, you probably have entire departments accessing email, apps and data ...

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  7. Report Card: XenMobile Cited as a Leader by Forrester Research, IDC, Aragon Research and Ovum!

    Since the Zenprise acquisition in early 2013, Citrix marched aggressively down the mobility path to build a comprehensive solution – Citrix XenMobile.  XenMobile has an extremely important role in the Citrix portfolio from its integration with other products (Receiver, ShareFile, GoToMeeting etc.) to its inclusion in the Citrix Workspace Suite, truly enabling people to choose when, where, and how work gets done. XenMobile has evolved rapidly ...

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  8. Sibos 2014 tackles pivotal technology trends, encourages Financial IT to “buckle in”

    Future of Finance

    When asked to describe his firm’s approach to IT strategy in an interview last year, Joel Schwalbe, CIO of CNL Financial, paraphrased a famous quote by Wayne Gretzky, stating that they “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s at or where it’s been.” With this statement, Joel alludes to the challenges financial IT face when trying to keep pace with ...

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  9. Top 5 Questions from Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours – September 2014

    Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours

    Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours enable Citrix Service Providers to share tough – or basic – technical questions with Citrix experts. Via GoToWebinar, service providers around the globe have direct access to Citrix experts from engineering, architecture, product management, technical sales, product marketing, the Citrix Service Provider Program team and the Citrix Solutions Lab. Current Citrix Service Provider partners can view the full webinars under ...

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  10. How ShareFile Enterprise Services Can Help Deliver a World Class Business Solution

    ShareFile Logo

    Deploying ShareFile Enterprise to a national or global workforce can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Citrix provides select XenMobile Enterprise, Citrix Workspace Suite, and ShareFile Enterprise customers access to the Success Management program. This group is tasked with leading these companies through their ShareFile life-cycle from the point of purchase and early build stages, to their pilot and ramp phases, and lastly, provides ongoing guidance ...

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