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  1. “Learniment” – Isn’t that a made-up word ?!?…. Putting it into practice at Citrix XenServer Engineering in Cambridge, UK

    Over the past couple of months Citrix held its annual Global internal engineering conferences for its engineering staff (I'm a software engineer working with ISV partners). These huge events were held on 3 continents and allow staff actually involved in making the products to meet up with people working on different products, similar products, working in different geographies. There was a lot of technology sharing ...

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  2. The Synergy Session Catalog is now available. Find out my top session picks!


    It’s bigger and better than ever before! This year’s Synergy Session Catalog, with a record 125+ business and technical breakouts, is now posted – so start compiling your must-attend list. But the catalog offers much more than impressive numbers. Here are some content highlights: “Better together”: Supporting the Synergy theme of complete enterprise mobility solutions, several sessions (such as SYN209: HDX Insight for total application visibility ...

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  3. Announcing Trends and Innovation at

    I am pleased to announce our new Trends and Innovation site on This new site features research, blogs, and experiments from our innovation teams at Citrix.  Over the coming months we will share learnings on a diverse range of topics, including the Internet of Things, the Future of Work, evolution of Desktop and App Virtualization, and Cloud Networking.  So why are we launching this site?  I ...

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  4. Hack to the Future at SXSWi 2014


    In less than a week Citrix will be making the familiar pilgrimage to Austin, Texas, for one of the biggest events on the calendar, South by Southwest (SXSW). Over the years, the technology portion of the festival, SXSW Interactive, has seen the launch of some of the most innovative and game-changing companies and concepts, including FourSquare, Twitter, Storify and even Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week. In ...

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  5. Join Citrix and CSC on March 4th to learn about the 5 workstyles that define the new workplace

    Have you ever stopped to think about your "style of work"? How do the users of technology and applications within your organization differ not just in what they do, but also in how they get work done? Technology is best when it is personalized – and when it meets the specific needs of its users in an intuitive way. It's time to rethink how you ...

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  6. Register Today: Citrix and Microsoft VDI Workshop Roadshow


    Join Citrix and Microsoft® for a half-day workshop aimed at helping you succeed with VDI. We’ll cover the answers to three essential questions you must consider during your VDI evaluation: • Who can and who can’t? Find out if VMware View is really good enough. We’ll compare and contrast Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. • Will I have what I need—now and in the future? We’ll take you through ...

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  7. Register Now! In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools

    I am pleased to announce details of the March 2014 Support Secrets Webinar. The March 2014 webinar will cover: In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools. Citrix NetScaler has a rich Web-based management suite of tools available. To dig deep troubleshooting NetScaler, sometimes it’s best to roll up your sleeves and dig out the command line! The goal of this session is to demystify some useful command line tools ...

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  8. Announcing the Synergy 2014 guest speakers

    A major benefit of Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles, May 6-8, is the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and experience of many different people. To complement Citrix experts, we have put together a list of outstanding guest presenters for Synergy breakout sessions through the Call for Topics process. The value and relevance of each topic and the expertise of the speaker were considered by ...

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  9. February Edition of XenDesktop Technical Newsletter Now Available

    Using XenDesktop?  Then you need to get the XenDesktop Technical Newsletter!  The newsletter is comprised of the best technical resources from across Citrix Services: Consulting, Technical Support, Education, and Technical Readiness. In its third year the newsletter is designed to help customers run their XenDesktop optimally and get more out of their investment in Citrix desktop virtualization. And its FREE! I am pleased to announce that ...

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  10. Last Chance to Register! 10 Tips Every XenDesktop Admin Should Know

    This is your LAST CHANCE to register for this months webinar in the popular Citrix Support Secrets series. This is a repeat of the January webinar, which covers 10 Tips Every XenDesktop Admin Should Know. This webinar will be delivered by one of our top escalation engineers in Citrix Support. As a XenDesktop administrator, it’s your responsibility to make sure your XenDesktop infrastructure is running smoothly and your users are working ...

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