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  1. Register Now! Designing your XenApp 7.5 Environment

    Following the announcement of the technical webinar series around the release XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5, I am pleased to announce details of the first webinar in the series. This 3-part webinar series brought to you by Citrix Services will show you how to achieve implementation success with XA/XD 7.5, whether you are new to Citrix or a long-time Citrix admin. The first webinar in the series covers Designing your XenApp ...

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  2. Services Activities at Citrix synergy

    With just under 4 weeks to Citrix Synergy the Services team are putting final preparations to all an abundance of activities planned for our annual event. See below the list of various activities we have in store for you. -> Certification Center The onsite Certification Center at Synergy makes professional development easy, convenient – and free! -> Self-paced Learning Labs Self-paced Learning Labs offer the ultimate in learning convenience: no reservation ...

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  3. Register Now! Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment

    I am pleased to announce details of the April 2014 Support Secrets Webinar. The April 2014 webinar will cover: Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment. As a XenMobile administrator, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your XenMobile environment is up and running smoothly. In this webinar, the presenter will guide you through successfully enrolling mobile devices and helping the administrator have full control over a BYOD environment. A successful device ...

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  4. Citrix and CSC – Its that simple!

    Get ready to get more done—however, wherever and on whatever device. Using products you already trust and some new ones you’re going to love, Citrix and CSC have created a simple, secure and scalable work environment to fit every work style. Citrix and CSC - Its that simple

  5. Webinar Series: How to Achieve Implementation Success with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5


    XA/XD 7.5 is the latest version of the industry-leading solution for virtual application and desktop delivery. This 3-part webinar series brought to you by Citrix Services will show you how to achieve implementation success with XA/XD 7.5, whether you are new to Citrix or a long-time Citrix admin.   Step 1: Design Designing your XenApp or XenDesktop 7.5 Environment These webinars will touch on the architectural changes in XenApp & ...

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  6. Last Chance to Register! In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools

    This is your LAST CHANCE to register for this months webinar in the popular Citrix Support Secrets series. The March edition of the webinar series covers In-depth Troubleshooting on NetScaler using Command Line Tools. This webinar will be delivered by one of our top escalation engineers in Citrix Support. Citrix NetScaler has a rich Web-based management suite of tools available. To dig deep troubleshooting NetScaler, sometimes it’s best to ...

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  7. March Edition of XenDesktop Technical Newsletter Now Available

    Using XenDesktop?  Then you need to get the XenDesktop Technical Newsletter!  The newsletter is comprised of the best technical resources from across Citrix Services: Consulting, Technical Support, Education, and Technical Readiness. In its third year the newsletter is designed to help customers run their XenDesktop optimally and get more out of their investment in Citrix desktop virtualization. And its FREE! I am pleased to announce that ...

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  8. Citrix Information Experience applies design thinking to content delivery

    The Citrix Information Experience (Ix) team is pioneering the transformation of technical documentation into a function of product design. Formerly called Tech Pubs, Ix is using a human-focused approach to discover how customers interact with our content and deliver the content our customers want, when they want it, and how they want it. Gaining customer empathy, ideation, and quick prototyping and testing are the drivers behind ...

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  9. Citrix XenServer: third-party development around APIs accelerates on Open Source virtualisation platform including XenCenter alternatives

    Last year Citrix XenServer went fully open source, at the time I blogged about how the changes were in fact fairly minimal as XenServer was effectively mostly open source but by committing to doing this formally we were hoping to speed up and ease the progress of development by third parties. In fact, I specifically discussed at the time how I hoped this would accelerate ...

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  10. XenDesktop 7.1 on FlexPod


    The recently released Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for XenDesktop 7.1 is creating quite a buzz. If you are looking to implement desktop virtualization, the turnkey nature of FlexPod infrastructure creates a compact, powerful, and reliable solution for XenDesktop 7.1. Find the full report published by Cisco here. Since the launch of XenDesktop 7 last year in May, 7.1 release follows a new unified FlexCast Management Architecture ...

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