Product: NetScaler

  1. NetScaler Best Practice With VMAC In A High Availability Configuration

    NetScaler outperforms.

    The NetScaler appliance is an extremely flexible application delivery controller (ADC). With the default configuration in place, the NetScaler IP addresses are ‘floating’, which means that they are not restricted to any particular interface. Additionally with a High Availability (HA) configuration in place, all of the NetScaler-owned IP addresses (apart from the NSIP – the NetScaler IP Address) will be shared across the HA pair. ...

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  2. NetScaler SNIPs Bound To An Interface Without A VLAN


    NetScaler SNIPs Bound To An Interface Without A VLAN That’s right! Did you know that the NetScaler has another method to bind a SNIP IP address to an interface without having to create an L3 (layer three) VLAN? Well it does, so keep reading below to find out how. Interestingly enough the feature that I’m going to discuss in this blog post was introduced in NetScaler firmware ...

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  3. NetScaler VLAN’s Demystified

    Port Based VLANs

    The Citrix NetScaler appliance is an amazingly flexible application delivery controller (ADC). It’s capable of performing both simple and very complex tasks, positioning it solidly for the eighth consecutive year in the Gartner Leaders Quadrant for ADC’s: Unlike many networking devices the NetScaler uses ‘floating’ IP addresses, which means that any NetScaler-owned IP address can egress any NetScaler interface with the generic default ‘vanilla’ configuration ...

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  4. NetScaler in 2014. Top-10 News Releases to Delight In


    In all the clutter that has become news these days, you may have missed blog posts or news about some of the wonderful NetScaler things to remember in 2014: 1.  More multi-tenancy flexibility with admin partitions Whether I am with Dubai, Spain or US customers, folks are excited to see this feature.  Customers continue to want SDX , the hot multi-tenant appliance that now features Admin Partitions.  ...

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  5. Receiver for Chrome 1.5 supports Web Interface, ICA File Launch, HDX Insight and CloudBridge


    Just in time for Christmas, we have a great present for our customers with a new version of Receiver for Chrome. We have taken your feedback and added new capabilities in Receiver for Chrome to enable more use cases in your Citrix-Google deployment at work. The major improvement in this release is the support for Citrix Web Interface 5.4 for customers not deploying StoreFront yet. ...

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  6. Receiver for HTML5 1.5 Supports HDX Insight and Citrix CloudBridge


    Last quarter we released Receiver for HTML5 1.4 with capabilities like local printing, direct SSL with XenApp, XenDesktop 7.6, app switcher to switch between applications. This release enabled new use cases in clientless access mode for our customers and helped increase the user adoption. Now with Receiver for HTML5 1.5 enterprise administrators will gain application and network visibility for the XenApp and XenDesktop sessions using HDX ...

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  7. Ensuring Customer Success with a Technical Relationship Manager

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    The #1 Reason to Add a TRM to Your Citrix Environment In the world of virtualization, and frequent operating system updates, there will always be applications that present compatibility issues.  When an organization is running critical applications and is experiencing an outage, the cost of the problem can far outweigh the cost of having a proactive support contract in place.  Adding a Technical Relationship Manager to ...

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  8. Citrix NetScaler ITBrand PluseのADC6部門で第1位を獲得!

    2014年10月にITBrand Pluseで実施したオンライン調査で、Citrix NetScalerは6部門で第1位の評価を獲得。 尚、この調査は100以上の組織、100万人以上を対象とし実施された。対象企業は、レポートの4ページ目になり、 いずれもFortune 500(全米総収入上位500社)にランクされる企業が回答している。 ・ADC マーケットリーダー 第1位 ・ADC 価格リーダー 第1位 ・ADC パフォーマンスリーダー 第1位 ・ADC 信頼性リーダー 第1位 ・ADC サービスとサポートリーダー 第1位 ・ADC 革新的なリーダー 第1位   また、昨年からの比較においても他社を凌いで伸び率でもNo.1である。   調査結果はこちら  

  9. Leveraging an Enterprise Cloud for Citrix Deployment

    Download:  White Paper

    Building upon our past successes with XenDesktop and XenMobile the Citrix Solutions Lab extended those initial deployments. In the white paper that we recently published, we began by upgrading from XenDesktop 7.1 to 7.5 and XenMobile from 8.6 to 9.0. However, we weren’t done there. We built out an Enterprise Cloud environment, leveraging Citrix CloudPlatform and XenServer, and added those systems into the existing XenDesktop and Active ...

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  10. Leaders in the DaaS Market: Announcing the Citrix Service Provider Award Finalists

    Citrix Service Providers Recognized with Pins at Citrix Summit 2013

    Finalists for the 2014 Citrix Service Provider Awards have achieved great success in designing, marketing and selling Citrix-based hosted services.  Leaders in the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) market with excited customers, unique technical implementations and marketing success, these finalists demonstrate a prominent role among Citrix Service Providers. It’s exciting that two of this year’s finalists were also finalists for the 2013 Citrix Service Provider Awards. This year a ...

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