Product: NetScaler

  1. Become a NetScaler Master: Join the July Master Class Webinar

      Date: Jul 1, 2015 Hosted by: Citrix Europe (EMEA) Wednesday, July 1, 2015 2:00 PM GMT (9:00 AM ET/ 6:00 AM PT) Register now Americas Wednesday, July 1, 2015 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT) Register now What you will learn Welcome to the Citrix NetScaler Master Class. At these live webinars you will learn about the most critical elements of cloud infrastructures and enterprise datacenter architectures. Get details on latest features of NetScaler, ...

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  2. Citrix Synergy Networking Sessions are Available On-Demand!

    Citrix Synergy TV Networking

    We have gathered for you--all in one place--all the networking sessions from Synergy. You heard us right: ALL. Queued up and ready for viewing are everything you wanted to know about NetScaler, CloudBridge, and how they work not just with Citrix suite of products, but how they make the apps you already love better. Some great product updates and technical presentations are available on demand, anytime you ...

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  3. Out With the Old: Driving Relevant Services as a Hosting Service Provider

    Tower of London

    I’ve been in Europe visiting some of the largest Telephone Companies in the world. I've found a common thread that's drawn between these huge Service Providers and it's the paradox they are facing regarding their livelihoods. In most cases, they have tremendous brand recognition. Their reach is phenomenal (servicing millions of subscribers) and they have more network capacity than any business could imagine. So, what is the dichotomy? Believe ...

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  4. How to Jumpstart Your Product Promotion with Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2015


    Video has gradually become one of the principal mediums, customers like to interact with, before making a purchasing decision. Find out how you can leverage the Spotlight Video Contest 2015 to reach out to your prospective customers via videos. At Citrix Ready, we’ve experienced how content marketing can empower your product reach. If you are a Citrix Ready partner, you’d be excited to hear this—we’ve just ...

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  5. XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 Reference Architecture on AWS

    Just as we have done in the past for XenApp 6.5, we are now able to announce the availability of the Reference Architecture (RA) for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6. It took lots of late nights (or early mornings, depending on your perspective) with our friends over at AWS in Seattle and intercontinental teamwork, what with me being in Italy. Yes, we have already already had--for over ...

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  6. Federal Customers: Put the “S” in HTTPS with NetScaler

    On June 8th, 2015 OMB released guidance to the Federal Government mandating that all public facing websites use secure, encrypted connections. Moving from HTTP to HTTPS is more complicated than simply adding an "S" to your agencies' URL. There are many technical and architectural considerations in securing a Federal Government agency's public facing website. The OMB memo outlines some of the challenges and cost centers in ...

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  7. Nutanix & Citrix: Delivering End-to-End Validated Solutions For a Hyper-Converged World


    Enterprises and service providers today demand scalable, flexible datacenter technologies that can ensure optimal performance and security for networked-delivered applications. Nutanix and Citrix have deployed tens of thousands of new virtual desktops to medium and large enterprises around the world. The two companies recognize the transformation taking place as enterprises start to support anywhere access to enterprise applications. As a result, the companies have aligned to ...

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  8. NetScaler Web-Based Authentication

    Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 8.31.18 AM

    In high security applications, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) is often a hard requirement to provide enhanced security and meet more stringent compliance requirements. With 2FA, users are required to provide two means of identification credentials for authentication. The most common example of 2FA is the use of traditional user name and password credentials in combination with a personal identification number (PIN) or token. 2FA can be ...

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  9. Troubleshooting GSLB Persistence with Fiddler

    The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how to use Fiddler to troubleshoot HTTP persistence issues with GSLB. Fiddler is an amazing tool for troubleshooting. I am only going to scratch the surface for how the tool may be used. To download fiddler, use the following link: As a note, there are many other tools that can be used to accomplish the same goal. Other tools ...

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  10. Top 10 (+1) Citrix Synergy Sessions … Watch Them Today!


    I don’t know what it is about top ten lists: I can never stick to just ten.  This time, my reasoning is solid: the content at Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando was too valuable to limit to ten. When you see the level of training offered in these technical breakout sessions, I think you’ll agree that 11 was a much better choice. Based on attendee survey comments—along ...

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