Product: NetScaler

  1. Mobility Experts: Configuring LDAPS+Radius Based Authentication

    In this post, we will go through the steps required to configure LDAPS+Radius Authentication for XenMobile. Terminology: Term                                            Definition AD                                                Active Directory NSG VIP   ...

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  2. Beat the FUD! TLS 1.2 is here on the NetScaler MPX-FIPS platform.

    Security has been top of mind for everyone in the last year. The most secure communication layer (SSL/TLS) on WWW was torn apart by the security researchers and we figured out that most of what we were using was not as secure as it sounded. TLS 1.1 and 1.2 became the need of the hour and NetScaler quickly responded back by implementing the support in ...

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  3. Learn Everything You Need to Know About IBM at Citrix Synergy

    IBM and Citrix have a longstanding relationship that spans the last 20 years. Over that time, the relationship has deepened highly successful worldwide sales engagement and solution partnership. IBM and Citrix have engaged together in all areas of Citrix products. This week at Citrix Synergy 2015, IBM and SoftLayer, an IBM company, will showcase the breadth of our partnership, major areas of product engagement and ...

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  4. Multiple Remote Access Solutions in an Enterprise

    I'm not sure if the invention of the Smartphone has been a boon for humanity, but it definitely has made us look like robots who are always glued to it. Given the device's prevalence today, the age-old practice of "leaving your work at the office" no longer holds water. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, when I was a kid, my parents never logged ...

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  5. A Radically Simplified Way to Deploy and Manage Citrix Workloads Across Clouds

    Newton's Cradle

    End-users are expecting applications to be delivered on an on-demand basis, which makes it very difficult for IT to keep up with the line of business demands and meet aggressive SLAs. Additionally, delivery of application workloads is only the first step. Once the workloads are delivered, IT administrators have to constantly monitor the health of application workloads to make sure that they are available and running ...

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  6. One URL Consolidates Remote Access Infrastructure

    I recently described SSL VPN technology and how it has been the “tool of choice” for providing employees and other users with secure remote access to centrally hosted applications, data and systems.   Over the past few years, however, many IT departments have supplemented their core remote access infrastructure with a series of point solutions to better address the unique characteristics, conditions and security requirements of ...

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  7. Delivering Contextual Security with SmartControl

    Control is a core requirement for delivering on the promises of security – but how can enterprise control align with a threat landscape that is constantly changing due to seemingly unbounded user and usage situations? And, how can this access be unified across all internal and external applications to both enforce security and provide for a superior user experience? Today’s enterprise security control has to be ...

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  8. Citrix Expands the Citrix WorkspacePod Ecosystem

        As we kick off the week here at Synergy 2015 in Orlando, I’m honored to be hosting our strategic partners as sponsors and key participants at our annual customer event. While we have many new and exciting things with our partners to share this week, one major activity to highlight is the expansion of our partner ecosystem for Citrix WorkspacePod. In January, we announced Citrix WorkspacePod, a ...

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  9. Get Ready to Rock Next Week with NetScaler Sessions at Synergy 2015!


      Want to get the dish, first-hand, on the latest and greatest and all that's rockin' with NetScaler? Join us at Synergy 2015 in Orlando next week and Here is the list of NetScaler sessions where you can get the latest in all that's rockin' with NetScaler: SYN212   Software Defined Networking (SDN), delivered by Citrix and Cisco SYN211 Securing the next-gen dynamic datacenter SYN216   Why NetScaler is the best ...

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  10. SYN224: Meet the Winners of the Citrix App Challenge


    A global developer challenge, the Citrix App Challenge launched with the intent to knock down the walls of today’s defined workplaces and enable developers to identify new solutions, working with Citrix technologies and APIs, which eliminate barriers that prevent work from anywhere, anytime. We invited developers from across the world to innovate with Citrix services, and show us how they would leverage Citrix services to power new innovative ...

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