Product: NetScaler

  1. Cisco and Citrix: Hanging 10 on the New Wave of Cisco Technology Innovation

    As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous blogs, we have a very strong strategic alliance with Cisco.  And now looking at the past three weeks – Wow! –it has been a whirlwind of Cisco-related activity for the Strategic Alliances team here at Citrix.  Aligned visions are the foundation for any successful relationship. Our collaboration with Cisco has grown tremendously over the past year and ...

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  2. Step outside the classroom at Synergy


    Citrix Synergy has always been built around sessions, and this year is no exception. You can choose from a record 125+ breakouts offering business and technical content that covers a wide range of topics, from best practices to technical deep dives to customer case examples. But Synergy training goes far beyond classic classroom instruction – for two reasons. One is to accommodate different preferences for learning ...

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  3. Executive Briefing Center helps partners showcase Citrix solutions

    Citrix Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs) are a valuable resource for partners wishing to show customers and prospects the full range of Citrix technologies in action, especially new solutions that the partner may not have implemented yet in its own facility. Customized presentations, live demos and in-depth discussions can be arranged. Regal IT, a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor based in Sydney, Australia, took full advantage of the ...

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  4. Mobile, Secure and Compliant!


    Many would argue that being mobile, secure and compliant is simply an oxymoron. Let’s take a moment to analyze.  Consumer devices, regardless of technology, must ensure unhindered access to 911 emergency services.  Let’s also consider the business model of mobile operators, 24 x 7 reliable services.  At a time when the traditional business model is under increasing revenue pressure, with voice revenue rapidly declining, new opportunities ...

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  5. Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Get started with NetScaler 10!”

    Get started with NetScaler 10

    Two new courses are now available to help you get started with NetScaler 10. Learn about NetScaler 10 from the convenience of your home or office with a new self-paced course The self-paced course, Getting Started with Citrix NetScaler 10, is now available online. Key benefits, deployment guidelines and scenarios and installation steps are introduced. Also covered are initial setup and configuration, as well as configuration of the high-availability and ...

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  6. Citrix Service Providers Delivering the Mobile Workspaces SMB Buyers Actually Want Today

    A mobile workspace isn’t just for an enterprise. Today Citrix Service Providers are delivering hosted versions of a mobile workspace to small and medium businesses around the world. Citrix defines a mobile workspace as a portable, always on, always connected working environment that follows an employee regardless of location, device or connectivity (See Catching the transition to Mobile Workspace solutions). What’s different is Citrix empowers service providers ...

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  7. Work your magic with the ‘NetScaler toolkit’ used by the PRO’s!

    Life’s been great! The network, we’ll it’s been rockin’ too. Go on, kick your feet up…you deserve a break!     “Uh oh, I wonder who that could be”, you think to yourself? Turns out it’s the boss and he wants you to investigate and figure out why your CIO’s XenDesktop session load balanced by the NetScaler is really slow, and he wants answers quickly! The question is, do you have ...

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  8. Active/Active GSLB for XenDesktop – A Practical Approach (Part 1)

    We often encounter customers with business continuity goals which require XenDesktop user VMs to be available to users in the event of a full site failure.  A passive DR failover configuration is often not desirable because customers want to be able to leverage their hardware investment in a secondary data center.  This leads to requests to architect a XenDesktop environment with active/active data center capability ...

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  9. Citrix NetScaler 1000V Hands-on Training at Synergy 2014

    Optimize Performance of Virtual Applications Citrix NetScaler 1000V is an application delivery controller solution, and part of the Cisco Cloud Network Services architecture. It gives applications critical performance enhancements, including offloading application servers, helping guarantee quality of service (QoS), and improving end-user experiences. Building upon the Cisco Nexus 1000v vPath ecosystem, Cisco has introduced the NetScaler 1000v virtual application delivery controller by Citrix. This solution is tightly ...

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  10. Services Activities at Citrix synergy

    With just under 4 weeks to Citrix Synergy the Services team are putting final preparations to all an abundance of activities planned for our annual event. See below the list of various activities we have in store for you. -> Certification Center The onsite Certification Center at Synergy makes professional development easy, convenient – and free! -> Self-paced Learning Labs Self-paced Learning Labs offer the ultimate in learning convenience: no reservation ...

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