Product: NetScaler

  1. Hot Opportunities to Drive Your Networking Business

    3 steps to build your networking pipeline

    Innovations with networking technologies present hot opportunities to drive business further. Network virtualization, services delivery fabric, load balancing, software-defined networking, disaster recovery, site recovery, app security and multi-tenancy in private and public clouds -- all key topics that support a lucrative business in networking. We understand that marketing to prospects through diverse media channels can be complicated and eat away precious time, often requiring special skills, dedicated ...

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  2. Citrix and Nutanix: Managing the Cost and Complexity of App & Desktop Deployments


    Managing infrastructure costs and complexity are keys to successful app and desktop virtualization delivery deployments. This is why we are teaming up with Nutanix to offer a combined solution that includes the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure built on the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor and XenApp and XenDesktop. Together, we are giving customers a simple, scalable and cost-effective solution for app and desktop virtualization. Citrix is also supporting the ...

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  3. “Protect What Matters”: Make Mobility Security a Reality


    Here at Citrix, we often use independent surveys to help validate our strategic thinking. Recently, we engaged with Wakefield Research to help us take a look at a trend that we feel is as much about an organization’s people–and how educated they are about their role in how to protect both their company and personal information–as the application of any security technology itself. To set the ...

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  4. Got Microsoft Apps? We’ve Got The Goods on Configuring NetScaler Right

            Already deployed in thousands of networks around the globe, Citrix NetScaler ensures the reliable and secure delivery of your high traffic Microsoft applications (such as Exchange, Lync--now Skype for Business--and SharePoint) and introduces centralized management and application level visibility and control. NetScaler and Microsoft work together to ensure top performance of Microsoft technologies and reduce infrastructure complexity. This lowers management and administrative costs. Enterprises rely on ...

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  5. Build your Networking Sales Opportunity as a Citrix Certified Sales Professional

    Citrix Certified Sales Professional

    Citrix offers tremendous opportunity to grow business with NetScaler. More than just a security solution, NetScaler maximizes the benefits promised by virtual desktops by truly exceling as a front-end solution for an organization’s desktop virtualization infrastructure. Partners often experience accelerated sales cycles with double digit product margins attributed to NetScaler. Often times, sales can be signed within the same business quarter. Opportunities to advance sales with NetScaler can be ...

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  6. Freshen Up! Re-Branding NetScaler 11 with the StoreFront 3.0 Portal Theme


    How would you like to give your NetScaler Gateway a bit of a refresh with a new look? Well, you're in luck! Because that's just what we're going to learn how to do in this post: do a slight rebrand of the NetScaler Gateway login screen with StoreFront 3.0 Theme. "How can we do that?" We're so glad you asked! Just follow the procedure below and you'll be ...

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  7. 3 Simple Steps to Bring HTTP/2 Performance to Legacy Web Applications


    Introducing HTTP/2 In May 2015, the IETF ratified HTTP/2 as the latest version of the HTTP protocol. This marks the first enhancement to HTTP since HTTP 1.1 was published in 1997. If you can remember using NetScape or Internet Explorer 3, you saw first-hand how websites and web applications evolved over this period from simple text-based pages with a handful of small images to the media-rich, highly interactive ...

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  8. Unlock the Cloud with Citrix & Mirantis at OpenStack Silicon Valley!

    Mirantis logo

    Citrix is a major sponsor of OpenStack Silicon Valley on August 26-27, 2015 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Citrix extends a warm welcome to our current and prospective customers and invites you to join us in learning how we are partnering to bring products--including NetScaler and XenServer--that power the largest cloud infrastructures, to Mirantis OpenStack customers. Check out our booth, watch a demo, attend ...

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  9. Marketing for Service Providers: It’s Easier Than You Think

    Marketing Image

    Whenever I speak to a Service Provider, I'm always astonished by how quickly they identify the tools that will help them get what they need and what elements of the program or solution will help them move their business along. This reminds me of something one of my colleagues always says: “It’s the little things that you build upon to make things happen.” In a word: ...

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  10. Schedule a XenApp & XenDesktop Health Check-up: Start During PoC


    IT managers often say “let us not fix tickets as they come in, let us resolve the issue before the users are aware of it.” Without the right tools, what ends up happening is that IT staff is always in “firefighting” mode, overwhelmed by user complaints and trying to decode the log files from a complex environment which appears as a “black box”. When large VDI deployments are being ...

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