Product: NetScaler

  1. Session Catalog Is Live: Design Your Citrix Synergy Experience!

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      It’s easier than ever to design your own conference experience at Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14. The session catalog just launched with an incredible mix of strategy sessions, new product deep dives and interactive panel discussions along with practical training on architecture, design, deployment and support of mobile workspaces. You’ll have plenty of options for customizing Synergy to suit your interests and your ...

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  2. Accessing ICA RTT Metrics for Citrix HDX and XenDesktop and XenApp


    One of the useful metrics available for ICA is a latency measurement known as the Round Trip Time (RTT).  This is basically the time interval measured at the client between the first step (user action) and the last step (graphical response displayed). This metric can be thought of as a measurement of the screen lag that a user experiences while interacting with an application hosted ...

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  3. AMR Asia Aims To Double Revenues With Cloud & Mobile Workspace Solutions

    AMR Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is taking full advantage of strong customer interest in both mobility and cloud hosting to power its growth goals. The company aims to double its revenues in two years by cross-selling and upselling the complete Citrix portfolio to its base of 300 enterprise customers in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. In addition, AMR Asia has taken the lead in virtual private cloud ...

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  4. New NetScaler MPX 25000T Series Released!


    As planned, Citrix introduces new NetScaler MPX 25000T series of hardware-based appliances targeted for those customers needing 100+ Gbps of throughput capacity, but with light SSL offload capabilities.  The new platform will consist of two models, namely the 25100T and 25160T with 100Gbps and 160 Gbps of throughput respectively.  These new offerings support “Pay As You Grow” and Burst Pack license upgrades. These new 25000T series ...

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  5. Customer Success In The SDN Journey, Delivered By Citrix And Cisco

    Imagine a datacenter where both the network and application delivery system are capable of end-to-end automation and health monitoring from a Central Controller.  Would that be the SDN architecture required to deliver “Fast IT?” The promise of delivering Fast IT with SDN architectures has been attempted by various vendors who have extended their products with third party, partner ecosystems as a solution. Such attemps have led ...

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  6. Results from the Citrix Education Networking Quiz!


        Congratulations to all who completed the Networking pop quiz from Citrix Education! In late January, we started a 3 quiz series - first starting with a quiz focused on Virtualization, and most recently about Networking. Our last pop quiz on Mobility starts soon, but more on that later. All participants received 15% off a Citrix Education eLearning course, and we selected two winners of each quiz ...

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  7. Announcing the Citrix Synergy 2015 Guest Speakers


      Back in October, we asked you to submit proposals to be a guest speaker at Citrix Synergy 2015, in Orlando May 12–14. Little did we know our Call for Topics would yield such an accomplished and talented group! Guest presenters are one of the highlights of Synergy every year. Our featured speakers represent a range of industries including healthcare and education, consulting and financial services, and ...

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  8. Citrix End-User Experience Survey


    Partners/Resellers/Distributors/CSPs/Consultants: Please share this blog or link with your customers or if you have non-technical colleagues, your organization could participate too!   Customers! We’d like to ask your help with a survey aimed at evaluating the Citrix-delivered app or desktop user experience for users within your organization who are on XenApp or XenDesktop versions 6.5 and above. This is a chance for Citrix users in your company to ...

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  9. Protect Your NetScaler From Disaster With Call Home!


        NetScaler is an incredibly versatile networking appliance. The amount of features it contains combined with the speed and reliability it provides while performing tasks is truly incredible. Thousands of companies around the world depend on NetScaler every day for delivery of business-critical workloads. However, as with any technology, problems can and do occur. Appliances can exhibit disruptions for a variety of reasons including both software and hardware ...

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  10. Cloud-Scale Economics for Mobile Operators


    Citrix has done it again: set a new standard in price/performance with the introduction of the next-generation NetScaler platform.   The Architecture The new NetScaler MPX 25000 is a quantum leap forward with its ultra-high capacity and industry-leading performance-to-price advantage over the competition. One of its breakthrough advances is the use of merchant silicon, which enables the 25000 series (yes, I said “series”) to ride the steep Intel ...

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