Product: NetScaler

  1. Nutanix and Citrix End-to-End Solutions


    By Guest Blogger – Andre Leibovici Nutanix and Citrix have deployed tens of thousands of new virtual desktops to medium and large enterprises around the world. The two companies recognize the transformation taking place as enterprises start to support anywhere access to enterprise applications. As a result, the companies have aligned to deliver unique, validated solutions that reduce the risk of deployment delays and deliver better ...

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  2. Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform for NetScaler VPX is now Citrix Ready

    Citrix NetScaler VPX converges virtualization and networking. NetScaler VPX makes functionality typically only offered on specialized, high-end network devices available as a virtual appliance that can be easily and dynamically deployed on a single server or across entire cloud datacenters. Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a web-scale converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. Nutanix ...

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  3. Become a NetScaler Master: Join the June Master Class Webinar

                  Date: Jun 3, 2015 Hosted by: Citrix Europe (EMEA) Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:00 PM GMT (9:00 AM ET/ 6:00 AM PT) Register now Americas Wednesday, June 3, 2015 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM GMT) Register now What you will learn Welcome to the Citrix NetScaler Master Class. At these live webinars you will learn about the most critical elements of cloud infrastructures and enterprise datacenter architectures. Get details on latest features of NetScaler, ...

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  4. Managed Service Provider or Citrix Service Provider, What’s the Difference?

    CITRIX_05312014_Indoor_Outdoor_03426_Textured_RGB_720x493_72_RGB. jpg

    In a word, scale. That's the name of the game, isn't it? Managed Service Providers (or MSPs) provide IT services to both small and large companies. They usually focus on high-quality custom services based on a high degree of IT and Network Engineering. Their contracts to end customers (or subscribers) focus on business solutions customized for bespoke implementations. Low-scale, high-margin term contracts. MSPs have been around ...

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  5. Scoring an A+ at with Citrix NetScaler (the sequel)

    My last blog on scoring at A+ with Qualys’s excellent SSL Labs website was extremely popular, but as with all security topics, we were shooting at a moving target and it wasn’t long before NetScaler began to score an “A” (secure) rather than an “A+” (exceptional). With this blog I’m going to detail again how an A+ can be achieved, and thanks to the 10.5.57 firmware update ...

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  6. Synergy, Indeed! SDN Delivered by Cisco and Citrix at Citrix Synergy 2015

    SDN Delivered by Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Citrix NetScaler, Breakout Session at Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015 As Citrix CEO Mark Templeton offered his unique perspective on how Citrix is leading the transition to the software-defined workplace, our joint solution with Cisco ACI complemented the delivery of software-defined networking (SDN). The journey on delivering software-defined networks was championed by Cisco with the launch of ACI where ...

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  7. Leveraging Multi-tenancy in the ADC as a Way to the Cloud

    Over the last few years, organizations have increasingly been shifting their data centers to a cloud-based model. This transition has been built upon virtualization, automation and orchestration of IT resources—mainly server, storage and switching infrastructure. The goal is to increase agility and reduce the costs of deploying and managing resources to support business applications. As the transition to cloud-based data centers marches on, it is becoming ...

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  8. Citrix Teams with Mirantis and OpenStack, Serves Up Big Wins for Customers

    Mirantis logo

    Hot on the heels of our announcement that we were joining the OpenStack Foundation, we’re excited to announce some specific vendors that we’re starting to integrate with – in particular, our good friends over at Mirantis. For those of you who follow the market closely, Mirantis is now one of the largest and most successful OpenStack distributions out in the market and bring both great software ...

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  9. Using ADC Services to Build Scalable, Redundant OpenStack Clouds

    As your organization seeks to increase IT agility and reduce operating costs building an orchestration platform like OpenStack to automate the deployment of resources makes a lot of sense. As you plan the implementation of your OpenStack platform ensuring application availability and performance is a necessary design goal. There are a number of things to consider to this end, for example how do you minimize ...

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  10. Mobility Experts: Configuring LDAPS+Radius Based Authentication

    In this post, we will go through the steps required to configure LDAPS+Radius Authentication for XenMobile. Terminology: Term                                            Definition AD                                                Active Directory NSG VIP   ...

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