Product: Mobility

  1. The XenMobile Guide to Mobility Mastery at Citrix Synergy 2014


    This blog will be continuously updated as we get closer to Citrix Synergy 2014. Be sure to check back frequently for even more updates on XenMobile, Mobile Workspaces and Mobility at Citrix Synergy 2014. It goes without saying but everyone has mobility on the mind today. In fact recent changes in the industry has validated the vision Citrix envisioned years ago. If mobility was an equation ...

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  2. Highlights of Support Articles March 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for March 2014 .     Highlighted Desktop Virtualization Articles CTX128013   FAQ: XenDesktop Licensing CTX140452 Microsoft Security Patch Validation Report March 2014 CTX140427 How to Deploy XenApp and XenDesktop with Amazon Web Services CTX139382 Best Practices for Citrix ...

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  3. Citrix XenMobile Security Advisory for “Heartbleed”

    Recently, a vulnerability (known as “Heartbleed”) was identified in OpenSSL. This is a significant vulnerability as it could allow a remote attacker to extract sensitive data directly from the process address space of a vulnerable client or server. There is more information on this issue, and the way in which Citrix has responded to it, in the Citrix security advisory: Impact to XenMobile Deployments A high level ...

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  4. Step outside the classroom at Synergy


    Citrix Synergy has always been built around sessions, and this year is no exception. You can choose from a record 125+ breakouts offering business and technical content that covers a wide range of topics, from best practices to technical deep dives to customer case examples. But Synergy training goes far beyond classic classroom instruction – for two reasons. One is to accommodate different preferences for learning ...

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  5. ShareFile для начинающих

    Это точно такой же кусочек поджаренного хлеба, но гренка не может стоить 8 долларов, а croûton — может. (фильм «О чем говорят мужчины»)   Зачем нужен ShareFile. Mobile WorkStyle, BYOD  – что стоит за этими терминами? Надо сделать так, чтобы работа на мобильном устройстве была такой же удобной и понятной, как работа на стационарном компьютере в офисе. Такая работа должна быть на столько же безопасной для компании, на сколько безопасны стационарные компьютеры в ...

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  6. Services Activities at Citrix synergy

    With just under 4 weeks to Citrix Synergy the Services team are putting final preparations to all an abundance of activities planned for our annual event. See below the list of various activities we have in store for you. -> Certification Center The onsite Certification Center at Synergy makes professional development easy, convenient – and free! -> Self-paced Learning Labs Self-paced Learning Labs offer the ultimate in learning convenience: no reservation ...

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  7. Register Now! Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment

    I am pleased to announce details of the April 2014 Support Secrets Webinar. The April 2014 webinar will cover: Managing a XenMobile Enterprise Environment. As a XenMobile administrator, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your XenMobile environment is up and running smoothly. In this webinar, the presenter will guide you through successfully enrolling mobile devices and helping the administrator have full control over a BYOD environment. A successful device ...

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  8. Mobile Workspaces

    Some of the best conversations come from when someone you trust and respect challenges you to explain your beliefs.  Recently, a customer who is ‘all in’ on XenApp challenged us to explain the next step in our journey together.  They are moving into new environments where the basics of network connectivity can be challenging, and like all of us, want to offer users the very ...

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  9. Citrix and CSC – Its that simple!

    Get ready to get more done—however, wherever and on whatever device. Using products you already trust and some new ones you’re going to love, Citrix and CSC have created a simple, secure and scalable work environment to fit every work style. Citrix and CSC - Its that simple

  10. “Embrace the BYOD Challenge” by HP and Citrix

    Last week at Interop, HP announced new cloud-managed, software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled unified wired and wireless network solutions that help customers to increase the agility of their network while simplifying its management.  Included in this announcement was the Secure BYOD solution that integrates BYOD into customers’ current business infrastructure. HP and Citrix offer customers a complete mobility management solution from network to device, application and data.  HP’s ...

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