Product: Mobility

  1. Getting Smart on Mobile Security in 3 Steps

    Mobile In Airport

    Mobile devices and apps are how work gets done these days. Employees aren’t tied to their desks, work doesn’t always mean sitting down from 9-5 and meetings can take place anywhere from a coffee shop to the sidelines of a soccer game. According to Forrester, mobile device (smartphone or tablet) adoption in the U.S. has grown24% year over year in 2015. Another report found that only ...

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  2. Mobility Experts: Calendar (CalDAV) Policy for iOS

    Calendar (CalDAV) Policy for iOS   Citrix XenMobile NetScaler Connector unifies the best of XenMobile MDM and NetScaler when it comes to delivering emails through a native mail client. For a standard deployment scenario that uses native mail client, EAS server is exposed to the outside world jeopardising the security of sensitive data. XNC allows the admin to control access to corporate email, calendar and contacts from ...

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  3. Service Providers Share 6 Secrets to Growing a Hosted Services Business with CloudPortal Services Manager


    Want to hear 6 secrets to hosted services profitability and scalability? How are service providers automating tasks and speeding delivery of hosted services with one specific technology? Why are subscribers of some hosted service providers finding a fast self-service method to add new users or services to a hosted desktop environment? Here’s the secret: Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager. Service providers can find a profitable and successful secret ...

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  4. Mobility Experts: Steps to Create and Import APNS Certificate into XMS Server.

    In this Blog, We will go through the steps required to create and Import the APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) Certificate into XMS Server. Pre-Requisites • Login credentials to Apple Push Certificates Portal • Netscaler and XMS Login Details Creating Certificate Request on Netscaler. Overview The purpose of this document is to provide detailed information on creating and downloading a Certificate Request on Netscaler. 1. Login to the Netscaler and Select ...

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  5. EmployUs: Citrix-Incubated StartUp Lets You Start Referring & Start Earning

    EmployUs App

    “Money, it's a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.” — Pink Floyd, Money (1973) Money. We love it. No, really. We do. All of us. Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but there aren’t a lot of people out there saying a little extra, you know, hurts. Look. We know that money isn’t—nor should it be—our world’s primary motivator, but we also know that there ...

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  6. XenMobile Server 10.1 – Available for Download


    The new XenMobile Server update (10.1), available for download today, delivers on Citrix’s three pillars of product commitment including experience, security and flexibility. Our goal is to give both IT and end-users a great experience without sacrificing security or limiting technology choices. XenMobile Server 10.1 "What's New" highlights include: XenMobile 10.1 Cloud unifies device and app management in a single server resulting in 50% fewer steps to ...

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  7. Intercede MyID Identity Agent (iOS) is Citrix Ready Verified

    myid logo

    Intercede’s Citrix Ready MyID technology is now available to XenMobile customers who want to adopt better practice and achieve the strongest levels of secure authentication, or comply with government security standards such as FIPS 201. Citrix Ready has verified MyID Identity Agent (iOS) as compatible with XenMobile 10.0.5. Users can request a demo via Citrix Ready Marketplace MyID ensures that the right people within an organization ...

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  8. Get Over 300 Hours of Citrix Education eLearning for Less Than $2 a Day

    eLearning subscription

    Citrix Education students regularly say that investing a week of their time on an instructor-led, classroom course is a valuable experience that delivers a high ROI. You get out of the office and into a classroom, learn something new from a Citrix Certified Instructor, get hands-on experience with labs, and network with other Citrix professionals. However, with more time demands on IT professionals than ever, balancing ...

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  9. FAQ – What’s New in Feature Pack 1 and 2 for XenApp 7.6

    xenapp logo

    If you were one of the thousands that did join, thank you for attending! Although we tried to answer many of the questions during the live event, due to the high turn-out and large number of questions we received, we weren’t able to answer everything during the live Q&A portion. This post provides answers to the questions we received during and after the webinar. Before we dig ...

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  10. Silent Circle’s Blackphone is Now Citrix Ready


    Designed by Silent Circle, Blackphone puts privacy first. PrivatOS, Blackphone’s custom Android operating system, comes without bloatware or hooks to carriers, and puts control over your data back in your hands. The Blackphone Security Center gives you fine-grain control over app-level permissions, so you decide what kind of access individual apps get to your data. And with Spaces, you get multiple “virtual” phones while carrying only ...

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