Product: Mobility

  1. Why I believe Citrix is a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing


    As many industry thought leaders have discussed, the age of mobility applies to user experience, flexibility, context, and portability.  However, not many people focus on the criticality of data as a component of mobility.  In reality, you can’t deliver a complete mobile workspace if your data is still trapped in individual applications. To enable people to be productive wherever work takes them, you’ve got to ...

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  2. How to enhance security with the XenMobile 9 application inactivity timer

    XenMobile 9 introduces a new concept of inactivity time out configuration that provides users the security and  not having to worry about putting the phone down and anyone just picking up the phone and have access to the work data. XenMobile 9 introduces a new concept of inactivity time out configuration that provides users the security and not having to worry about setting their phone down ...

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  3. What beta users have to say about Citrix NetScaler 10.5

    Here at Citrix, we just wrapped up the beta program for NetScaler 10.5 and got some great feedback from our beta users, whose contributions help improve our products for everyone. The NetScaler beta program is an opportunity for our customers and partners to experience the software and features of the NetScaler software before General Availability (GA). Beta participants are able to give direct feedback to engineering ...

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  4. Sprechen Sie Citrix? New Citrix User Group for German Speakers Launches!


    The DCUG (Deutschsprachige Citrix User Group / Germanspeaking Citrix User Group) is now online! The website can be reached at / and   Independent community Citrix enthusiast Roy Textor has launched a new user group covering Switzerland, Germany and Austria and anyone in the world who’d like to join in with German language information. We hope this group for customers, partners and anyone interested in ...

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  5. Citrix Drives Success For Microsoft SPLA Partners Adding Hosted Mobile Workspaces

    Meeting Microsoft SPLA partners who are ready to go beyond RDS and deliver a true hosted mobile workspace is a highlight of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Adding Citrix desktop and app virtualization, mobile device management, file share and synch plus tenant self-provisioning is an exciting prospect for service providers who recognize the Desktops-as-a-Service market is hot—and getting hotter. Delivering a true business-ready desktop is a ...

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  6. Mobility Experts: Restrict XenMobile Device Manager Admin Web Console Access From Internet When Deployed in SSL Offload Mode

    This post is from the Mobility Experts team, providing you with technical how to's, tips, and guides around specific use-cases. Please be sure to share any feedback in the comments and share this post to anyone who might benefit! When XenMobile Device Manager is deployed in SSL Offload Mode, with NetScaler Offloading SSL traffic to the XenMobile Device Manager Server(s). With the below steps you will ...

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  7. Deploying Worx Home and Worx Apps to Windows Phone 8.1 with XenMobile

    With the release of XenMobile 9, Worx Mail and Worx Web are available for Windows 8.1 Phone The below steps will enable you to deploy the Worx apps to your Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device: Please reference the Windows MDX wrapping process and FAQ before enabling the Worx Apps. 1- Before enrolling the windows 8.1 phone, you will need to create an Enterprise Application HUB with in ...

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  8. Is B2T ( Business 2 Things ) the Next Big Thing for IT ?


    I often hear concerns about IT’s role being diminished in a world of SaaS and clouds. My point of view is there is an unending amount of responsibility and significance for the agile IT organization or individual. The traditional IT organization’s job one is B2E (Business 2 Employee), providing secure apps and data for employees. This role is evolving as more services move to the cloud ...

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  9. Upcoming Masterclass Webinar: Get awesome 3D Graphics on XenApp & XenDesktop!

    Click on the image and then choose the "What is a Master Class" link, if you want to see the level of past masterclasses

    Those of you who have used Citrix products in the past are likely to have attended one of Lee Bushen’s interactive Masterclasses. In the past Lee has run these for products such as Citrix XenServer and Cloudplatform. With the increasing interest in GPU technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU and XenApp GPU sharing, as well as HDX 3D Pro for 3D Graphics and CAD/AEC/CAE/PLM applications, ...

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  10. WorxMail Fast Sort changed my life…..

    When you work for a global company hitting your inbox in the morning can be a daunting task. Whilst you are tucked up in bed getting some sleep the rest of the world is working and sending emails, lots of emails! Needless to say sorting through my inbox in the morning used to take a long time. With the new XenMobile 9.0 WorxMail 'Fast Sort' feature I no ...

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