Product: CloudGateway

  1. Using Cloud PKI Providers for XenMobile WorxHome Cert Authentication.

    With a fast growing and enterprise adoption of cloud services including PKI for user authentication, XenMobile leader in Mobility Enterprise management, Integrates with the leaders PKI Providers.. Symantec, Microsoft, Entrust .. learn how to extend security and make users experience better with XenMobile and cert auth  .... In this Part -1 we will look at the configuration and Certificate distribution using Symantec PKI XenMobile Symantec PKI Integration Part1     enjoy.  

  2. Protected: XenMobile MDX (MAM) Policies Under the Hood!

  3. Provide Additional Security to Mobile Apps Using XenMobile Step Up Authentication

    With XenMobile 8.6 we added the option to enable multiple Netscaler Gateways. When companies want to provide additional security  to a specific set of application, we can now configure those application to connect to a higher secured Netscaler Gateway... see how to configure this...   AppController 2.9 provides the option to add additional Netscaler Gateways, allowing additional security to be enforced when using specific applications. Second you can ...

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    Note: This is rough draft of the blog .please excuse for the typo's and English" 1   INTRODUCTION This document helps in configuring the Multi-Domain on the NS, AppC and MDM. Multi-Domain support works when the Netscalar and Appcontroller component are integrated together. If we want to have the feature work in the MDM then Appcontroller and MDM must be integrated with "Nested option"  disabled at the MDM. These configuration are ...

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  5. XenMobile: WorxWeb Single Sign On with NetScaler

    WorxWeb is the mobile web browser, deployed as part of your XenMobile deployment. In a manner similar to WorxMail (the secure mobile mail client), WorxWeb provides seamless and secure access to your entire set of corporate HTTP / HTTPS resources. WorxWeb is a great example of our MDX technology. With MDX, we take a native mobile application, wrap it with our MDX technology, and provide a ...

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  6. Comprehensive multi-tenancy for DaaS from Citrix enables you to choose the “best way” instead of being constrained to a “one true way”

    You can geek out about exactly what “true” multi-tenancy might mean in a Windows world, or you can recognize the value of Citrix’s comprehensive multi-tenancy options.  The real winners are already using Citrix. Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) have been offering an array of multi-tenant services for several years.  Many with multiple pricing tiers based not only on the applications available as part of their managed service, ...

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  7. Hybrid Clouds for Desktop and Apps with Citrix and Cisco

    The cloud, as we all know, continues to be a hot topic, as businesses of all sizes are figuring out how best to leverage cloud architectures to improve agility, efficiency, and end-user access.  Increasingly, the answer is a hybrid cloud model - giving businesses the ability to pick and choose both on-premise and off-premise/service-provider based resources to run their workloads based on what best fits their needs. Almost ...

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  8. Develop a Winning Mobility Sales Strategy with XenMobile at Citrix Summit 2014


    Mobile devices have completely changed the way we work. In 2012, organizations spent over $800M managing 150 million devices in the enterprise.  According to IDC, worldwide mobile enterprise management revenue totaled $798.7 million in 2012. This number is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.9% to $2.2 billion by 2017. 1 The Consumerization of IT and BYOD has become a reality and organizations are looking ...

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  9. XenMobile – Configure Certificate Based Authentication


    What is the need for Client Certificate Based Authentication in XenMobile With Client Certificate based Authentication, end user experience is simplified to a PIN(worx PIN) which will allow access to the enterprise worx store. At a part of Enrollment, device manager will request the CA server for a user cert, once device manager receives the user cert the same is pushed to the user's device via Worx Home ...

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  10. You still have time to shine in the Citrix Synergy spotlight. Deadline for speaker proposals extended to Dec. 8!

    Sometimes we all need a bit of pressure to get down to business, especially with the holiday season in full swing. If you’ve been putting off writing that speaker proposal for Citrix Synergy 2014, now is the time. We’ve extended the Call for Topics deadline by a week – because if you’re an innovator, have conviction, credibility and a great tech story to tell – ...

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