Product: Citrix Receiver

  1. Delivering Lync from XenApp and XenDesktop

    LOP LYNC 2010 Session Window

    For many Citrix customers, Microsoft® Lync® has become a widely used "strategic application" thanks to excellent audio-video conferencing capabilities and tight integration with the Microsoft® Office suite. Happily, no other desktop virtualization vendor offers as comprehensive a set of technologies for delivering Lync as Citrix. If you’d like to learn how the HDX features of XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver support Lync for users on various ...

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  2. Germany – A Big Citrix Family – New Cologne Regional User Group!


    Timm Brochhaus and Helge Klein (Citrix Technology Professional) have just founded the Virtualization Community North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). You can find them on Facebook. Timm and Helge are looking to attract people from the greater Cologne area (NRW stands for North Rhine-Westphalia, the state Cologne belongs to), to take attend and speak at regular local events on Citrix, VMware and other virtualisation technologies. The first meeting of VCNRW ...

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  3. Citrix Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview

    Upgrading to Mac OSX 10.10? Citrix is pleased to announce the tech preview release of Receiver for Mac 11.9 for evaluation and feedback. This version is designed for use with the just released Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). Click here to try Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview today. Use the Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview Forum  to provide feedback or ask questions. Along with OSX 10.10 support, the Tech Preview also ...

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  4. Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS) – What’s changed in 2014 and what to expect going forward

    UPS Session at #CitrixTex2014 - so much interest we got the main stage!

    Sometimes as a product manager you see a technology that is either so cutting edge or fundamental that you have to add it to your portfolio.  I joined the Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, HDX Product Management team as product manager for “HDX Graphics” to expand my remit beyond the GPU accelerated projects I’d been working on such as integrating NVIDIA vGPU and enabling GPU adoption ...

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  5. What’s new for XenApp and XenDesktop with UPS 7.6!

    Check out the new printing chapter in the Virtual Desktop Handbook for lots of information and design advice!

    Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 included the release of a new version of the Citrix Universal Print Server, UPS 7.6; with this release our test results showed very significant improvements in the software, including: Stability at a sustained load of about 50 print jobs per minute Excellent recovery from periods of stress/overload Protocol efficiency optimizations (reduced chattiness) resulting in a better user experience (opening the Print dialog is about 6 ...

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  6. Gateway Integration with StoreFront Lessons Learned

    The purpose of this post is to dive a little deeper into the NetScaler Gateway settings with StoreFront, since this is another component that changed a lot from the Web Interface world.  As a quick reminder, with Web Interface, you could only define a single NetScaler Gateway (URL + callback pair) per site in the “Secure Access” settings and you had the option to either ...

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  7. Customizing Receiver for Web 2.6

    For those of you who have customized Receiver for Web 2.5, you will be delighted to know that the majority of your customization should still work after upgrading to StoreFront 2.6. In fact all of the examples presented in my previous blog article, Customizing Receiver for Web 2.5, work well with only one exception, which is "Example 6: Pre-Login and Post-Login Messages in Message Box." In this article, I'll ...

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  8. How to: Customize and Deploy Citrix Receiver

    Ever have trouble deploying Citrix Receiver to users? Unlike most of Citrix technologies, Citrix Receiver resides on client devices rather than centralized servers that are only accessible to administrators.  I've posted this blog article as a step-by-step guide for administrators who want to customize and deploy Citrix Receiver to client devices with little user interaction. Below is a high-level overview of the steps used in this ...

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  9. StoreFront Multi-Site Settings: Some Examples

    The purpose of this article is to dive a little into the StoreFront multi-site settings as another item that has changed a lot coming from Web Interface.  Within the Citrix Consulting organization, many of our customers are starting to make the transition to StoreFront from Web Interface, especially as our XenApp 6.5 customers are looking at migrations to 7.5 and 7.6.  We are seeing a ...

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  10. 25 reasons for a service provider to join the Citrix Service Provider program

    25 reasons to join Citrix Service Provider Program for hosting desktops, apps, mobile device management and file share and synch

    Why would a managed services provider, hosting provider or telco choose the Citrix Service Provider Program to expand business? There are a host of sales, marketing, and technical benefits associated with the Citrix Service Provider program that service providers will find immediately valuable.  It’s the 25th birthday of Citrix Systems, so in honor of 25 years of Citrix, here are 25 of our favorite Citrix Service ...

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