Product: Citrix Receiver

  1. Citrix Recipe Box: StoreFront Approvals

    recipe box

    Now that StoreFront 3.0 is out, I wanted to return to the topic of Approvals Workflows and give some more guidance as to what can be built using the new Receiver APIs. My previous post showed what was possible with the tech preview, but it also shone the light on a few teething problems. I think I can safely say these have all been resolved. For this post, I ...

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  2. New Use Cases for Framehawk


    With this month’s release of NetScaler Gateway, a vast set of additional use cases open up for our new Framehawk display remoting technology. NetScaler Gateway 11 Maintenance Release 1 (11.0-62.10) not only offers valuable quality improvements, it adds support for the new UDP-based Framehawk virtual channel. When Framehawk first came to market in June, the target use cases were primarily corporate Wi-Fi and broadband satellite or ...

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  3. Got Framehawk? We’ve Got Remote Access Tips and Tricks!

    fh network diagram

    Our first release of Framehawk has been getting a lot of positive feedback in the forums. This month, support was extended to remote mobile users with the release of NetScaler Gateway 11.0.62, and the new 6.0 release of Citrix Receiver for iOS added Framehawk support. Check out the latest Framehawk administrator guide for updated instructions. Framehawk uses UDP for executing much of its magic, which works a ...

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  4. Enable CEIP and Let Your Voices Be Heard!

    businesswoman in office  using tablet computer with coworker usi

    When delivering virtual desktop and application workloads, there are various key decisions that every environment will require. Things like which hypervisor to use, what OS platform(s) to run and which HDX features to take advantage of. Once these decisions (and many others) are made--and later implemented in production--imagine if you could let Citrix know about your preferences in an automatic, anonymous fashion. After all, if we don’t ...

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  5. Llego Windows 10: ¿Están Preparadas Las Empresas?

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    El pasado 29 de Julio Microsoft realizao el lanzamiento de su sistema operativo más reciente, Windows 10. De un modo u otro todos ya estamos al tanto de esto, pero esta novedad es sólo el comienzo. La actualización es gratuita para todos aquellos consumidores que utilicen Windows 7 u 8.1 con o sin licencia, y aunque esto parezca sólo importante para el “mundo del usuario final” ...

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  6. StoreFront 3.0 and Windows 10 Edge Browser


    The default browser for Windows 10 is the new Edge browser. As it stands, Edge does not support ActiveX Control or any other form of browser extensions. This makes it impossible for Citrix Receiver for Web to detect whether the native Receiver is installed and smoothly invoke the native Receiver to launch applications. If you have read my previous blog about how StoreFront 3.0 supports Google ...

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  7. Freshen Up! Re-Branding NetScaler 11 with the StoreFront 3.0 Portal Theme


    How would you like to give your NetScaler Gateway a bit of a refresh with a new look? Well, you're in luck! Because that's just what we're going to learn how to do in this post: do a slight rebrand of the NetScaler Gateway login screen with StoreFront 3.0 Theme. "How can we do that?" We're so glad you asked! Just follow the procedure below and you'll be ...

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  8. Receiver for iOS 6.0 Now Available with Framehawk Support!

    receiver icon

    Our Citrix Receiver for iOS 6.0 is now available on the iOS App Store. This new release includes some great new capabilities: Framehawk support to improve the user experience on broadband wireless connections for users on the corporate network; Derek Thorslund provides a great, comprehensive overview of Framehawk here. 64 bit support for enhanced performance on supported devices Fixes to reported issues including improvements to address X1 Mouse ...

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  9. XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6: Transforming the HealthCare Experience & Strengthening ISV Partnerships

    XD 7.6 blog image

    If you’ve followed the Citrix story and our presence in healthcare, you’re probably fully aware on how our solutions provide seamless secure access to critical applications and patient data access. Citrix healthcare mobility solutions empower physicians and nurses to instantly access clinical systems, data and care coordination tools – from any workstation or their device of choice. By enabling quick and seamless access to PHI from ...

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  10. StoreFront 3.0: Message Customization

    *Updated to work with Firefox, Chrome, etc. It can be very helpful when you can make your employees aware of any maintenance that might affect the systems and applications they access. Below I will detail a few simple customizations in StoreFront 3.0 you can use to do just that.   As you can see in the above image I have added a green bar with the scrolling text ...

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