Product: Citrix Receiver

  1. Enhanced Logging coming to Receiver for Mac 11.9

    Enable Receiver for Mac Logging

    In an effort to improve troubleshooting and reduce resolution time Citrix has enhanced logging to the next release of the Receiver for Mac version 11.9. For starters, enabling Logging has been added to the Preferences tab, instead of using complex commands at the Terminal window.   For Session Logging, there is an option for Connection Diagnostic or Full. For Store Logging, there is a Normal or Verbose level. If ...

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  2. 5 Reasons Citrix XenMobile EMM Beats AirWatch, MobileIron & Good Technology


    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) that enables true productivity requires more than just mobile device and app management. There are many EMM choices in the marketplace but you need to make sure your solution has you covered now and in the future. Before you choose and deploy your EMM solution ask yourself the following questions: How comprehensive and complete should my EMM solution be? Does it have all the ...

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  3. Receiver for Web List View

    Continue the theme of leveraging the powerful UI customization mechanism supported by Receiver for Web, I have put together a customization to provide users with a list view instead of the out-of-the-box icon view. This works with mandatory stores and self-service stores for Receiver for Web 2.6. The customization package is available to download here. The code is not obfuscated so that you can make further ...

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  4. Receiver for Web UI Themes

    Citrix Receiver for Web provides a powerful mechanism for customizing the user interface through overriding JavaScript and CSS in the contrib folder. Please refer to my series of blog posts for details on how to do UI customization for different versions of StoreFront, including 2.5 and 2.6. Recently, we produced a ready-made customization package that provides a dark theme and a light theme. This can be used ...

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  5. Generic USB Redirection in XenApp 7.6

    Generic Redirection

    Our customers enjoy the Generic USB Redirection feature in Citrix XenDesktop This is best utilized for simplifying their USB peripheral related use cases. Generic USB redirection provides a valuable solution for specialty devices for which there is no optimized virtual channel. Following the 7.6 release, we are introducing Generic USB redirection on Citrix XenApp (RDSH platform). With existing Windows Receiver versions (those available as of the date of this article) ...

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  6. Empowering Clinicians with Easy Access to Clinical Workspaces Featuring Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health [Webinar]

    Register Now! Empowering Clinicians with Easy Access to Clinical Workspaces: A webinar featuring Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health Tuesday, November 18 at noon Central. Brought to you by American Hospital Association (AHA) Solutions and Imprivata Gain insight into the infrastructure that delivers tap-and-go authentication and sub-5-second logins to a mobile workspace, providing clinicians a single point of access to VDI desktops, 130 clinical applications including Cerner and ...

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  7. Citrix NetScaler – Voted 2014 Readers’ Choice Award Winner – Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing

    Citrix NetScaler, the industry’s most advanced cloud networking platform, achieved another award, and was selected the  2014 winner in the Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing Category of the Readers Choice Awards. NetScaler is the world’s most advanced application delivery controller for mobile and web infrastructure.  NetScaler optimizes, secures and controls the delivery of enterprise and cloud services while also maximizing the experience for all users. NetScaler is ...

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  8. Optimizing Citrix Receiver for Pre-launch and Single Sign-On

    Building this, I have to say I got a little frustrated with Receiver and the work  required to give that optimal user experience, enabling things such as Session Pre-Launch and Single Sign-on (pass through authentication) to give a very nice experience to all users. Helpful Information In the process of completing the pre-launch and single sign on, I found some information that I’d like to share.  Some ...

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  9. Service Providers Learn How to Grow Desktops-as-a-Service Revenue with Citrix Summit Business Insight

    Service Providers  predict an 87% growth in Desktops-as-a-Service revenue in the next 12-months.*  But, how can more service providers understand, plan and jump into the hot DaaS market?  Learn more about the Desktops-as-a-Service business -growing, creating and profiting  - at Citrix Summit. Citrix Summit is the premier annual kickoff event for Citrix and the entire global network of Citrix partners – service providers, systems integrators, solution advisors and ...

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  10. What Do Summit Las Vegas and Empathy Have to Do with Each Other?


      Learning about the industry sector your customers are part of and experiencing the "real world" they live in day-to-day. For partners attending the Citrix Summit 2015, one of the last things you likely expect is that colleagues or a spouse will empathize when you arrive home exhausted from the week. Let’s face it, no one receives empathy (or sympathy) when it comes to a Vegas trip. But, let’s ...

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