Product: Citrix Receiver

  1. Spring Forward to Receiver for Windows 4.2.100

    Citrix billed Receiver for Windows 4.2 as the best ever Receiver for Windows due all the great new features we were able to add.  Since the release of Receiver for Windows 4.2, we on the Citrix Receiver team have listened to your feedback and have worked on making further improvements, so that more of you can take advantage of its advanced features. We are pleased to ...

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  2. Citrix Ready Joint Webinar with UniPrint Infinity

    Secure Mobile & Cloud Printing with UniPrint Infinity As IT decision makers in today's "Mobile First, Cloud First" environment, how do you ensure your highly mobile workers can print securely from anywhere? Find solutions and answers in this joint webinar from Citrix and UniPrint, and share the experience of Sunrise Health Region, Canada with the UniPrint Infinity Mobile Print software. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how ...

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  3. 如何在StoreFront 2.5/StoreFront 2.6中启用Receiver for HTML5

    摘要 Receiver for HTML5托管在StoreFront服务器上,允许用户通过Web浏览器访问虚拟桌面和托管的应用。XenDesktop和XenApp提供的资源聚合 在StoreFront Store上,用户通过Receiver for Web site获取。在Web站点上启用Receiver for HTML5之后,用户无需在他们的设备本地安装Citrix Receiver即可通过他们的Web浏览器直接访问发布的桌面和应用。本文将讲述如何在XenDesktop7.x中启用Receiver for HTML5,允许支持HMTL5的浏览器访问虚拟桌面。 要求 StoreFront 2.5 或者 2.6版本   背景 在 部署Citrix XenDesktop、XenApp的时候,用户接入需要安装Receiver客户端。但是在不少场景情况下,用户无法安装ICA Client而又希望通过B/S的架构能直接访问发布的虚拟桌面及应用。Citrix从FrontStore1.2版本开始提供全新的Receiver for HTML5,允许通过支持HMTL5的浏览器直接访问发布的资源。   步骤 步骤一:在Citrix StoreFront里启用 Receiver for HTML5 请跟随如下步骤在XenDesktop7.6环境中启用Receiver for HTML5。 登录StoreFront Server; 打开Citrix StoreFront Management Console; 点击Receiver for Web; 选择您想要部署HTML5 Receiver 的Store; 然后右边栏Actions > Store Web Receiver > 点击Deploy Citrix Receiver;   开启Receiver for HTML5有三个选项: Install locally Use Receiver for HTML5 if local install fails Always use Receiver for HTML这时候根据需求选择,本次实验中我们测试第三项,总是使用HTML 5 Receiver,勾选Always use Receiver for HTML5。 步骤二:在Citrix Studio里策略中启用ICA WebSockets ...

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  4. Receiver for BlackBerry 10.3: Now on BlackBerry World


    Love your new BlackBerry 10.3 device with its new Assistant, beautiful new icons  and a new home screen, revamped Hub, and new Calendar? Here is one more thing to love: our update to Receiver for BlackBerry 10 version,  just released to BlackBerry World. You can find it here:  Receiver for BlackBerry 10. Due to the changes BlackBerry made with OS version 10.3, Receiver needed a complete ...

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  5. The Top 4 Things You’ll See From Citrix At HIMSS15


    HIMSS15 is almost here! As a spokesperson for how Citrix solutions plays a huge role in Health IT, this is undoubtedly my most favorite time of the year. It’s my chance to interact with many of the big players in Health IT and see the latest tech trends in healthcare as well meet many (and I do mean many!) of our loyal customers. If you’ve been ...

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  6. Receiver for Android 3.7: Now on Google Play

    Receiver Symbol

    We are very pleased to announce the release of Receiver for Android 3.7!  We have been working on this update for the past several months and it's finally here. Click to download the update from Google Play. This release provides some great new capabilities you have been requesting. Here are the highlights: We’ve improved how fit-to-display functions. Applications are now displayed in a central area and scaled depending on ...

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  7. Performance Tip: Disabling Mouse Shadow for XenDesktop and XenApp


    Gosh, cursors are pesky little things! Until I joined HDX and started researching them, I had no idea how complicated and troublesome a little arrow could be! Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp both involve constructing a desktop on a server and then remoting the pixels of the desktop to an end-client device; that end-client device could be a Windows workstation, a Linux thin client, an iPad or ...

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  8. X1 DIY Approvals


    In my blog series so far, I’ve focused on the nuts and bolts of X1 Customization. This post is an exception. I’m going to walk through a complex "problem" and explain how X1 customization can be used to address it. The problem I’ve chosen is not a simple one by any means, but it is something I’ve been asked about on a regular basis since the ...

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  9. UDP Audio Through A NetScaler Gateway

    Citrix Receiver can now use User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to support audio remoting of a XenDesktop session through a Netscaler Gateway. This document is a distilled version of the discussion that can be found here. Environment Client/Citrix Receiver You must be using Citrix Receiver 4.2 or later. (In my environment, I have a Windows 8.1 client running Windows Receiver Use Edit Group Policy (locally or at domain level) to make ...

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  10. Receiver For HTML5 1.6 Enhances Graphics And Audio-Video Performance

    Last Christmas, we released Citrix Receiver for HTML5 1.5, focusing on interoperability, with capabilities like HDX insight and CloudBridge support. This release helped our customers increase the adoption of clientless access mode for Citrix Workspace Suite. Receiver for HTML5 1.6 is built with additional performance and usability enhancements. Here are some of the key improvements in this release: Bandwidth efficiency – Significant improvement for bandwidth efficiency when connected ...

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