Product: AppDNA

  1. A Tale Of Two Consultants

    Xena Warrior Princess

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Actually, it’s just the best of times for @CitrixPartners. This is the story of two consulting companies. One is a Citrix Solutions Advisor (Xena Systems) and the other (Legacy Consultants), well, isn’t. You see, back at Microsoft's World Partner Conference, Citrix announced that we would provide AppDNA for FREE to our CSA partners for use in Windows ...

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  2. Live From Orlando, It’s #WPC15!!

    Whiskey and Cigar power alliances

    And what a week it’s been for @CitrixPartners! Another evening has come to a close on the expo floor. The lights have been turned low, the booth staffers are off to one party or another, and I sit here at my podium, nursing my hoarse voice with a tumbler of Macallan 12 year old scotch. My head is still spinning from the amazing announcements we made ...

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  3. Three Steps to Windows 10

    Watch the making of Windows 10 Hero wallpaper.

    Who really controls an upgrade to Windows 10? I think we all know that on July 29, Microsoft will be releasing its latest upgrade--Windows 10--as a free download. That’s FREE to all consumer copies of Windows 7 and 8.1, licensed or not! And there was much rejoicing. And that’s just the start of it. In case you missed it, the cadence of future upgrades to Windows 10 ...

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  4. Moving Apps to Windows 10? AppDNA Can Help!

    Citrix AppDNA

    There are a lot of changes swirling around Windows operating systems this month, as we are on the cusp of the new Windows 10 release! Just little more than a year ago, in April 2014, we were battling the end of Windows XP support, and that was just the desktop operating system. In the parallel universe of server operating systems, Windows 2003 is going end of life in July ...

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  5. An Unprecedented Moment in IT History

    It’s true, we are standing at the precipice of an unprecedented moment in IT history. For the first time, an Operating System upgrade is not in the hands of Corporate IT. It’s in the hands of the employees. Are you ready? On July 29th, Microsoft is releasing the FREE download for Windows 10 upgrades, and it's targeted towards consumer devices. More incredibly, these are licensed and unlicensed version ...

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  6. Get Over 300 Hours of Citrix Education eLearning for Less Than $2 a Day

    eLearning subscription

    Citrix Education students regularly say that investing a week of their time on an instructor-led, classroom course is a valuable experience that delivers a high ROI. You get out of the office and into a classroom, learn something new from a Citrix Certified Instructor, get hands-on experience with labs, and network with other Citrix professionals. However, with more time demands on IT professionals than ever, balancing ...

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  7. Citrix Synergy Refresh: The AppDisk and AppDNA Unbeatable Combination


    You may have seen Citrix announce AppDisk at Synergy 2015 in Orlando – and wondered what is AppDisk?  AppDisk is a technology that enables administrators to package and manage their apps independently of their golden images.  This in turn reduces the number of golden images required.  Typically different applications are required for different departments resulting in variations on the golden images for each department.  Since the ...

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  8. 3 Steps to Server 2003 Migrations


    Windows Server 2003 migrations are like oil changes for your car. You know you need to do them, and the longer you wait, the more at risk you are. I know what you’re saying. You’re saying “I know I need to do it. Honestly I do. But I just don’t know where to start and it is such a daunting task.” Have no fear my friend, ...

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  9. SYN224: Meet the Winners of the Citrix App Challenge


    A global developer challenge, the Citrix App Challenge launched with the intent to knock down the walls of today’s defined workplaces and enable developers to identify new solutions, working with Citrix technologies and APIs, which eliminate barriers that prevent work from anywhere, anytime. We invited developers from across the world to innovate with Citrix services, and show us how they would leverage Citrix services to power new innovative ...

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  10. Go on a Journey Through The Citrix Booth Experience at Synergy

    A New Journey

    Every journey should yield great rewards, and this year in the Solutions Expo Citrix has completely reimagined the Citrix booth concept for Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015 that will take our attendees on a journey that will introduce an entirely new way to engage with us as a company. This new way to engage, called The Citrix Booth Experience, took its inspiration from a little bit of ...

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