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My Top Picks for Citrix Synergy Sessions and Labs


  One of the most important qualities of Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando, May 12–14, is the balance it strikes between strategy and tactics, providing both “big picture” business and technical vision along with practical training. Synergy achieves this balance with breakout sessions and labs that welcome a wide variety of presenters—including customers, analysts, and IT vendors—alongside Citrix experts. It’s a great mix that sparks thought-provoking discussion ...

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Discover Top Use Cases for App Virtualization with XenApp


Citrix has been helping customers solve their app delivery challenges for years (More than 25 years to be precise).  That’s why XenApp app virtualization technology is found in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, and retail businesses throughout the world. If you are new to Citrix XenApp, trying to come up to speed on what XenApp app virtualization actually does or an existing Citrix XenApp admin ...

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Here are the Results from the Citrix Education Virtualization Pop Quiz


  Beginning in late January, Citrix Education ran a four-week Virtualization Pop Quiz; ten questions designed to see just how much you know about XenDesktop and XenApp. Over the course of four weeks, over 500 people headed over to the Citrix Education Facebook page to test their knowledge. Here’s what we found out: Turns out this quiz was tough! Out of all the entries, there were only ...

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No Private Key, No Problem. How to Decrypt SSL Traffic with Session Keys.


  The purpose of the blog is to provide a guide on how to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic without a private key.  There are many times when IT admins need to utilize a packet inspection such as Wireshark. When the application data is encrypted however, troubleshooting application data becomes more of a challenge. This is especially true with FIPs NetScaler applianes. Normally, the easiest way to decrypt data ...

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New XenMobile Partner Guide: Centralized Access To All The XenMobile Resources You Need

PartnerGuide Thumb

I’m very pleased to announce to you the launch of the XenMobile Partner Guide, designed to effectively guide Citrix partners to the resources  needed for Citrix XenMobile. The XenMobile Partner Guide provides centralized access to the XenMobile resources you need and is the latest in channel resources available on our dynamic enablement platform, Citrix SalesIQ. Our commitment is to provide a continued investment in our relationship ...

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StoreFront Synchronization VIP

In my colleague Sarah Steinhoff’s blog article entitled What Subscriptions and Server Groups Mean for StoreFront Designs, she mentions that load balanced VIPs should be utilized between StoreFront Server Groups in order to replicate the subscription data.  As part of the Citrix Consulting team that has been working with customers to deploy StoreFront, I have been asked on a number of occasions what the recommended ...

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Application Firewall Signatures Download Script


The following blog article is a result of experience gained in the field.  The CTX138858 article which features the signature auto update feature of application firewall.  This process is pretty seamless and straight forward if the NetScalers have access to the internet, but can become problematic if they do not have internet access.  The article outlines the process of how to manually download the required ...

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Software Defined Workplace

CC Photo Credit: Saad Faruque

Late last year I shared how the Internet of Things (IoT) will be different in many ways for the Enterprise market than it will be for the consumer market.  This is an important distinction to understand given the current level of hype and attention focused on IoT for consumer use cases, and consequently many of the business requirements and use cases can be lost in ...

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The Top Five Sessions at Citrix Summit 2015


  It’s taken some time to read through all of your excellent comments and do a final report of post-event surveys about the breakout sessions at Citrix Summit 2015. Success! I’ve come up with a tally of the top five sessions from Las Vegas. Just a note that there are many methods for compiling ratings like these—I’ve chosen to use the amount of buzz these sessions ...

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