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Citrix XenMobile 9 New Visio Stencil Set!

If you're looking to build a conceptual or planning diagram, this new Visio stencil set for XenMobile 9 will come in very handy! Included on this group are the new icons for Worx Home, Worx Applications, Netscaler, Device Manager and App Controller. Enjoy the Latest Visio Stencil Set! Download XenMobile 9 Visio Stencil Set   Albert-  

Never Fear! Find XenDesktop Support Structures Here!

You assessed your use cases, identified your requirements, designed a solution, and finished your build. Congratulations! You are closer than ever to rolling out a new system that will help your company work better and live better. But you may be wondering, “What is the best way to support our new Citrix environment?” The Citrix Worldwide Consulting team has recently released a new chapter of the ...

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Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp: What is HDX? It’s not just ICA!

HDX 3D Pro works with CAD and 3D vendors to ensure mutually engineered optimised architecture and interoperability

“What’s the difference between HDX and ICA?”, “Is HDX 3D Pro different to HDX?”….. As a Product Manager these are questions I get asked a lot! We actually have a fantastic whitepaper, available here, covering what the HDX portfolio is. It has got a bit of marketing in there but fundamentally the technical descriptions of the technologies are very useful! I’ve re-published the text of the ...

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Webinar: NetScaler Advanced Troubleshooting

The August edition of the Services webinar series covers NetScaler Advanced Troubleshooting. This session will cover advanced techniques in troubleshooting the Citrix NetScaler Appliance using tools such as Citrix TaaS, IPMI, nsconmsg, wireshark and log analysis. We will review usages of these tools along with case studies showing how to best troubleshoot common issues seen in operating Citrix NetScaler Appliances. What you will learn - Various tools available ...

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Printing is NOT important in the VDI environment – a comparison between Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View printing

If you were to look at VMware’s printing strategy, you might be led to believe that printing is not important in a VDI environment. Ubiquitous as it may seem, printing is one of the most challenging and critical part of the virtual desktop strategy. VMware does not support virtual printing for all Horizon use-cases. Citrix, on the other hand, has been working on solving printing for ...

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CloudBridge 7.3: where visibility, automation and hybrid cloud meet WAN optimization

CloudBridge 7.3 bundles together unprecedented HDX visibility for branch users with new WAN optimization capabilities for IPv6 and Exchange 2013 traffic.  Moreover, there are some major strides with this release in centralized management which enable administrators to remotely configure new branch appliances  from scratch and perform firmware upgrades on all CloudBridge appliances, thus saving on time, effort and cost. As enterprises migrate their XenApp/XenDesktop workloads ...

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How to reduce SmartCard PIN prompts while using Netscaler Gateway with StoreFront 2.5

I recently worked with a Public Sector customer on setting up SmartCard authentication with Netscaler Gateway and StoreFront 2.5. As anyone that has done a SmartCard (PIV\CAC\SIPR Token) implementation knows, it can be challenging. After getting past the initial setup and configuration, we had SmartCard working through the Netscaler Gateway and StoreFront. However, we were getting 3 PIN prompts while authenticating and trying to connect. The ...

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Citrix Cloud Works… with a single management plane

Citrix Cloud Works… is the latest in a series of webinars brought to you by the Citrix cloud team to show you how simple Citrix CloudPlatform is to deploy, its range of supported workloads, its open and flexible architecture and its ease of use by both IT and end-users. In our last Citrix Cloud Works… webinar, Citrix Cloud Works…with the new IT reality (now on-demand), we ...

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Using gPXE for a more robust provisioning services setup

The most common way of bootstapping PVS target devices is by relying on DHCP + TFTP, and since the 10.1 release of the  NetScaler we actually have simplified TFTP loadbalancing. TFTP loadbalancing used to be a bit tricky as you can tell from reading this post, and I thought I'd share a diffferent way of bootstrapping the provisioned VMs that I actually believe can be even more ...

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