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Citrix NetScaler Received the NSS Labs Recommended Status Award at RSA Conference

NSS Recommended Hi-R#B1934

At this week’s RSA Conference, NSS Labs—the world’s leading information security research and advisory company—announced that  Citrix’s NetScaler AppFirewall™ web application security solution delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) per Protected Mbps. In today’s market of increased abundance of web and mobile applications, application firewalls are essential for protection from attacks and against the loss of valuable data. NetScaler AppFirewall is a core part ...

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Citrix and Thales Deliver High Performance and Robust FIPS Security


As we become increasingly dependent on mobile applications and the cloud services market continues growing, security challenges become more prevalent. Business-critical applications that handle sensitive information need strong security systems in order to protect against external attacks. It is imperative that enterprises have adaptable Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) solutions at the ready. FIPS are a set of standards that describe document processing, encryption algorithms and other ...

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Healthcare Industry Program at Citrix Synergy

Healthcare IT

Synergy 2015 is coming! We've got sessions, events, and networking designed specifically for Healthcare IT. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly with new technology, challenges, innovations and regulations. As you travel to different company trade shows it can be difficult to get the information you need in order to bring any benefits back to your organization. Lucky for you, you are attending Citrix Synergy 2015, and ...

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    Citrix, OpenStack and CloudStack


    Citrix recently announced that it's now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.  Given the central role that Citrix has played in the Apache CloudStack project, some who are involved with CloudStack may find this odd, or even worrisome.  I thought it was worth addressing this directly. Citrix has been a leader in Cloud Computing technology for many years, and the pioneering role Citrix has played in ...

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    Citrix Synergy with Customers Builds on a Great Foundation from Summit

    Citrix Synergy with customers builds on a great foundation from Summit

    It's been said that effective education comprises both theory and practical application. At Citrix, we aim to provide our partners with both:  strategic guidance, goals and roadmaps at Summit in January, and customer-centric information, best practices and hands-on experience at Synergy. The Citrix Summit conference gave partners and Citrix sales teams a great foundation and a running start for the 2015 sales year. Now, you have ...

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    LightEdge Solutions Set the Standard On How To Launch a New Hosted Citrix Service


    Real-world lessons learned for Citrix Service Provider partners Congratulations LightEdge Solutions! Last week, LightEdge Solutions entered the hosted Citrix services market and, boy, did they do it right. I had the pleasure of not only attending, but helping support one the best-executed Citrix Service Provider partner launch events I’ve seen in my five years working in the Citrix Service Provider community. When my team sits down with our ...

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    Education Industry Program at Citrix Synergy

    Education IT

    Synergy 2015 is coming! We've got sessions, events, and networking designed just for education IT. The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way we learn, work and study. As you travel to different company trade shows, it can be difficult to get the information you need in order to bring any benefits back to your school. Lucky for you, you are attending Citrix Synergy 2015, and ...

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      Citrix XenApp vs VMware Horizon – User Experience

      XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 is now available

      Have you ever been running late for a meeting, but you first needed to modify a PowerPoint, print a document or transfer a file to a USB device? Every second that passes feels like an eternity. But even without the pressure of being late, a system that lets you complete your work faster is perceived as better and has a higher user acceptance. Side-by-Side Comparison: Which is ...

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      Citrix Director Tool: Automated Daily and Weekly Custom Report Emails

      This blog is an extension of the Automated Daily and weekly Report Email for Director blog, which illustrates how to get Director reports via email. In this post, we will discuss how you can send custom reports as email in addition to built-in reports available in the Director Trends page.  For more information, read this blog, which shows you how to generate custom reports using Linqpad. What ...

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      Advanced PowerShell Requests using OData Parameters

      One of the great features of ShareFile’s v3 API are the OData Query Parameters; these are handy tools that can really improve the speed and quality of your code. Even better, they are available when using the PowerShell SDK. In this post I will show examples of how you can easily add these parameters to your current PowerShell requests to optimize your scripts, improving execution time and preventing ...

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