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Simplifying XenDesktop deployments using Microsoft System Center

Simplifying XenDesktop Deployments Leveraging Microsoft System Center Templates cc by Paul Bettner

Citrix Labs recently rolled out a tech preview of XenDesktop Service Templates that dramatically simplify the steps and effort behind deploying a XenDesktop DaaS environment using Microsoft System Center. Recently Citrix announced Citrix Workspace Services, offering a cloud-based platform that allows you to rapidly build and deploy Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), virtual application delivery and mobility services from any cloud. That vision relates to several projects that the Citrix Labs ...

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Calling all developers for the Citrix Code Master Challenge


We all have heard about the 3 (sometimes 4!) P’s of marketing, product management, software development; essentially there exists a set of P’s that defines the core attributes of pretty much every function of an organization. I have my own set of 3P’s (what are the odds!) that I think make an organization a great place to work: People, Product and Partnerships.  Over the years, my ...

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[Webinar] Citrix to highlight NetScaler orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS

Demo Friday: Citrix demonstrates fully orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS in a multi-tenant environment using OpenStack, NetScaler Control Center and NetScaler SDX. Original Event Date: August 08, 2014 Event Time: 10:00 am, PDT Check the time in your location Duration: 1 hr/s 0 min/s Agenda/Description: Summary:In this demo, you'll learn how you NetScaler delivers ADCaaS in an OpenStack environment. The demo shows how a service provider can use NetScaler Control Center to fully automate the ...

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Data privacy is now a very personal concern


Companies tend to think of privacy as a business issue, but for the general public, it’s quickly becoming a highly personal concern. From fears of government snooping to high-profile data breaches, people care more than ever about where their data is and how to keep it private. Trends like BYOD, big data and the Internet of Things add urgency to the challenge of helping people ...

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Mobility Experts: XenMobile – How to configure WorkFlow on AppController

This post is from the Mobility Experts team, providing you with technical how to’s, tips, and guides around specific use-cases. Please be sure to share any feedback in the comments and share this post to anyone who might benefit! The workflow feature in AppController can be used to manage application access through an approval process. Using the ControlPoint portal of the AppController you can add/create workflow ...

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Are IT Standards Still Relevant in a Cloud Dominated World?

global business around the world (1)

I had a chance to sit down with Shishir Pardikar, a Senior Architect with Citrix Labs and talk to him about IT Standards. Shishir is responsible within Citrix Labs for keeping track of the different IT standards that exist, and identifying the standards to which Citrix should be contributing to. In a world where IT is increasingly moving their software and infrastructure to the cloud, ...

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Want a happier, more effective Citrix team?

If you’re a follower of Citrix Education (if you’re not, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter), you know we love input from our students. All of our students receive an end-of-class survey, where they can provide immediate feedback on key components of the class, such as the instructor, the labs, and the courseware. We’ve also asked your opinion on how to shape the future ...

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Automate your way to Ease with Command Center 5.2 RESTful APIs!

Command Center has been the solution to manage & monitor Citrix networking devices centrally since ages. From 4.1 release onwards, Command Center exposed its feature set over RESTful NITRO API. Since then it has gone through a great journey from only being a Management & Monitoring Solution to Central Management, Monitoring & Automation solution. Command Center is a solution which makes life easier by bringing your Citrix ...

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How The World Cup 2014 Affected Mobile Data Usage


The World Cup dominated our news feeds over the last few weeks – stealing traditional media headlines and dominating social media discussion. Statements were flying about Brazil’s upset and Germany’s triumph. Not only did the World Cup seemingly turn everyone in the world into a soccer fan (for at least a few weeks), it also proved itself to be a record breaking proposition. The World ...

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Diving deeper into the latest XenDesktop 7.5 IOPS results

As you saw in a previous blog, XenDesktop 7.5 is able to achieve an average IOPS value of less than 1/10th per user. Of course when you put out unbelievable results like this you hear a lot of comments trying to find holes in the results or test procedures. This is as it should be as it is part of any good scientific method. In order ...

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