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Hot Off the Presses – Doug Brown Releases BYO How to Guide for DesktopPlayer for Mac

If you've ever met industry authority Doug Brown, you instantly get a sense of his passion for virtualization and computing. That passion translates into in-depth technology analysis. Over his career, he's covered a host of products providing detailed step-by-step guides to help IT shops achieve successful trials and deployments. Well, Doug's at it again -- this time for DesktopPlayer for Mac. Earlier this week, Doug released ...

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Network Automation Comes Alive in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live!

Today’s networking model is complex and can be difficult to provision and troubleshoot for security, path optimization, QoS, and policy compliance.  A distinct problem is implementing and maintaining network settings across multiple devices in a campus or WAN network.  At best, the settings are static and time consuming to implement; at worst, manually implemented, error-prone and poorly managed, or just not feasible.  Is there a ...

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A tale of two friends – one uses “Citrix”, one doesn’t

Working on the water front

Yesterday, I had dinner with a friend of mine who was visiting from Boston. Let’s call her Cassandra, in order to protect the innocent. Anyway, it was the typical conversation you have with someone you haven’t seen in a while. What have you been up to? How is the family? She was here in San Francisco visiting family and had decided to spend a few extra ...

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Citrix Partner Hubbub: “Announcing XenMobile KNOX Edition for MDM”

XenMobile KNOX Edition for MDM

Citrix has partnered with Samsung to deliver a fully managed XenMobile Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that provides the highest levels of security and control on KNOX-enabled Android devices. Citrix XenMobile KNOX Edition for MDM combines a XenMobile user license with a Samsung KNOX device license and delivers it to the customer as a single product. XenMobile KNOX Edition is available as an annual license for on-premise ...

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Citrix Solutions Lab Executes Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Program

@The Citrix Solutions Lab, our primary focus is the validation of end to end customer relevant solutions and to document our results to ensure partner and customer success. Storage represents one element of our overall design but an area where technologies are rapidly changing and customers are looking for more support and guidance. The drive for more cost optimized approaches also calls out some of ...

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Citrix Synergy offers outstanding training and did you say social media advice too?!

Citrix Synergy offers an exceptional three-day agenda that provides strategic insights into trends and innovations, intensive business and technical training and professional networking. Considering the many new programs and activities as well as four core tracks on Virtualization, Mobility, Networking and Cloud, you may wonder if social media plays a part amidst all of the business strategy, product updates and technology deep dives. I am pleased ...

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Vegas comes to Synergy

Citrix just announced the Grammy-winning rock band, Imagine Dragons for the Synergy Closing party. After three full days of training, insight and networking, this event will conclude on a high note at the Synergy Party. Conference attendees will gather for an evening of great food, fun activities, and entertainment featuring a live concert by Imagine Dragons, the award-winning alternative rock band from Las Vegas.The band has ...

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82% of Mobile Subscribers Fear Data Usage Impact of Mobile Apps

Citrix Mobile Consumer Survey: Subscribers would do more if sponsored data plan was available

We surveyed mobile subscribers to find out what they really thought about mobile data usage and the user experience. It turns out that 82% of subscribers fear how much data usage a mobile app could consume and consequently curb usage.  Consumers also said they would use more data services if they were offered through a sponsored data plan. Specifically, 39% of subscribers would access bank account ...

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Synergy will get you moving – day and night

Synergy 2013 Opening Keynote

Citrix Synergy Los Angeles is all about enterprise mobility. You’ll learn about solutions that help people work better, work smarter, and work from anywhere. Synergy by day You’ll learn about mobile workspaces – what it means, how it’s used, and what it can do for your business. You’ll see state-of-the-art solutions from Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, Microsoft, NetApp, SoftLayer, Nexenta, CSC, Citrix of course, and over 50 other ...

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    The Dell-Citrix-NVIDIA Partnership – Delivering vGPU Accelerated Graphics TODAY

    At the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC)  a couple weeks ago, VMware made a strategic announcement that they will support NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU technology for desktop virtualization, which will become generally available in 2015.   This announcement is a great endorsement for the high performance GRID vGPU technology already available with XenServer, one of the three hypervisors supported by XenDesktop.  vGPU will offer vSphere customers options beyond VMware’s ...

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