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How to: Securing the NetScaler Gateway using OPSWAT

Introduction It’s very common for a NetScaler to be used for providing access to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop software environments, the one module on the appliance that provides this capability is the NetScaler Gateway, it’s one of many modules on the NetScaler. One of the many strengths of Citrix software environments is the option to access them from anywhere or anything and then run pretty much ...

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Power-packed Citrix CloudBridge 7.3 is now available

Read on to learn about the new benefits for your customers provided by the latest release of Citrix CloudBridge, including easier diagnosis of app delivery issues and reduction of WAN bandwidth demands with video content staging at branches.

With the new Citrix CloudBridge 7.3 release, Citrix partners can now offer new benefits to their customers, including easier diagnosis of application delivery issues and reduction of WAN bandwidth demands with video-content staging at branches. CloudBridge is the solution to WAN optimization, cloud service delivery, and application visibility. Available for download now, the CloudBridge 7.3 software release provides a number of new enhancements that will deliver better ...

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Citrix User Profile Manager Cookies and History Support for Internet Explorer 10 & 11

Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) ensures that the user’s personal settings are applied to the user’s virtual desktop and applications, regardless of the location and end point device. Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the widely used browsers in the Corporate and Enterprise level. User can personalize various settings and configurations which persist in successive sessions. User can store or customize various settings and configurations in Internet ...

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Hyperstore and Citrix CloudPlatform Powered by Apache CloudStack: Delivering Enterprise Ready Hybrid Cloud Storage

citrix ready

IT departments live with a seemingly insatiable need for more compute and storage capabilities. While Amazon and many other public cloud providers stepped up to meet the capacity demand, the enterprise still requires greater control, security, and flexibility, especially when it comes to data. Enter Cloudian Hyperstore + CloudPlatform. These private/public hybrids combine the near limitless data scalability and cost efficiencies made possible by the public cloud ...

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How to: Citrix NetScaler Integration with Squid/ClamAV

The following depicts the configuration required to seamlessly integrate the Citrix NetScaler with Squid/ClamAV.  Squid is a Linux based proxy server and ClamAV is an open source antivirus solution.  Squid and ClamAV both reside on the same server and communicate with each other through the ICAP protocol. The use case that this solution was developed for is to be able to scan files by an antivirus ...

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Desired State Configuration: how does it work? (Part 2)

Windows Management Framework v4 included a new feature; Desired State Configuration.  This is the second in a series of articles describing Desired State Configuration with the intent on giving a sip instead of a fire hose to get you into it. In the previous post I made an attempt to introduce all of the moving parts of Desired State Configuration.  This is an introduction to the ...

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Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest – Vote for your favorite video today!

Vote for your favorite video and make it WIN! We are delighted to announce the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2014 FINALISTS. It’s now up to you to decide the WINNERS! About the contest: Citrix Ready announced the Spotlight video contest in early July where in partners were invited to submit a short video showcasing a product or solution which has completed the Citrix Ready verification testing process ...

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The best things in life are free: Command Center now available with NetScaler Standard & AppFirewall Standalone

“The moon belongs to everyone, The best things in life are free, The stars belongs to everyone, They gleam there for you and me." This proverb originated in 1927 as the title of a song. It means, the most rewarding or satisfying experiences in life are often those that cost nothing. This blog entails how Command Center has brought the best to the table with the new changes ...

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Top 3 reasons to visit Citrix at EDUCAUSE 2014

2014 marks the 16th year that Citrix has attended the EDUCAUSE Annual Event and we’re doing it bigger than ever this year. Last year we were hard to find. You may have stumbled across our little booth as you were navigating through the crowd on a trek to the bathroom. This year, however, our booth size has doubled, our technology tripled, and our focus on ...

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A Few Interesting Things About the Human Brain


The human brain is the most powerful and yet least understood part of the human anatomy. Whilst there is much we don’t know, researchers have been able to determine some astounding facts about our grey matter. For example if your brain were a computer, it would be equivalent to half a million Sony PlayStation 4 (TM) game consoles. In networking terms, it would consist of ...

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