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LPS Integration Leads as one of the First Citrix Specialists

LPS Integration leads as one of the first Citrix Specialists

As soon as Citrix Specializations were launched at Summit, LPS Integration was off and running. ‘We’ve been waiting a long time for something like Citrix Specializations,” said Patrick Coble, Citrix director for LPS. “We hoped for a demanding path to demonstrate partners’ technical competencies, similar to Cisco’s well-respected CCIE Labs. Now that Citrix Specializations are available, we’re going all out, completing each requirement as quickly as ...

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Register Now for the Citrix Cloud Master Class: See the New Release of Citrix CloudPlatform in Action.


Are you interested in learning more about the inner workings of Citrix Cloud products including the provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure?  Here's good news. Master classes are free live webinars for  customers and partners who want to see product demos, learn about best practices and ask experts about the technical side of the products. There is even a live Q&A during the entire webinar so ...

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Learn how to Generate Additional Revenue with Referrals


If you are looking for ways to expand sales and increase revenue without investing additional resources towards products and people, joining a referral program is the ideal solution.  You can quickly expand your business with little effort.  You don’t need to be a product expert or handle the sales process. All you have to do is recommend your favorite business solutions to your customers.  It’s ...

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XenDesktop – Flipping Security Model Upside Down

Inverted security model for server based computing

XenApp and XenDesktop added new capabilities in version 7.6 for one-way clipboard functions including for the first time, one-way, either-way, clipboard data transfer as well as the ability to limit the clipboard formats that are permitted to flow across the connection.  These capabilities were added to address a growing demand for flipping the classic server based computing security model upside-down, a term described as "browsing ...

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Receiver X1 APIs


    This blog is a break from the format of the rest of the series to give a quick list of all the APIs available for customization. I’m choosing to give this out in blog format to emphasise that this is the tentative API set. Please give feedback, so we can adjust as needed by V1 – at which point it will get more formal documentation. The ...

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Seizing the Moment at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit 2015

MS Hosting and Cloud Summit 2015

  What I love about Microsoft is the beautiful marketing machine that knows how to create a spectacle, always on message, and always on point. So at first I found it a little odd that the theme for this year’s Microsoft Hosting Summit had the rather innocuous tagline of “Seize the Moment.” At the time I struggled to find the context.  Of course, I knew what it ...

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XenMobile Worx Apps and MDX Toolkit Updates (10.0.3) Deliver “Business in the Front”

Introducing the XenMobile Partner Guide, providing Citrix Partners with centralized access to all XenMobile resources - the latest in our rich enablement resources on our dynamic enablement platform, Citrix SalesIQ.

  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors deliver solutions within two distinct areas of product development.  Client side components comprise the front-end and while server side components comprise the back-end. The Citrix XenMobile solution strategy is largely focused on leading the industry in client side innovation while delivering a user experience that centers around business features and functionality.  Business in the front. Here Are a Few Examples: Citrix was ...

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Office 365 for XenApp


One of my favorite foods is Chicago deep-dish pizza. Every time I end up in Chicago, I try to hit up one of the great deep dish pizza places (Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, Giordano's, etc). Unfortunately, I can't get to Chicago as often as I want a thick slice of pizza.  So, I've tried to make my own. Most of my attempts were edible.  But, after ...

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$250,000 Every Month – For Extraordinary Startups


Almost every month we invest $250,000 in another awesome business-oriented startup. In the interests of transparency, here's a quick run through of the Citrix Startup Accelerator investment criteria, structure and why we do it.   2015 Citrix Startup Accelerator Seed Themes As part of the Citrix Innovation outreach, we invest in world class startups who are 're-inventing work' or 'transforming enterprise infrastructure'. Our companies leverage new technologies and trends ...

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Bye-Bye SmartAuditor, Hello Session Recording. Tell Me What I Need To Know.


  At Citrix Summit, the annual Citrix channel partner conference, Mark Templeton stood on stage and talked about some great new XenApp and XenDesktop features and tech previews. In case you missed the full press release, check it out here.  The announcement covers a bunch of announcements for new features that will be released in 1H 2015 like the Linux Virtual Desktop Agent (Linux VDA) tech ...

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