Vipin Borkar

  1. Receiver for Chrome 1.5 supports Web Interface, ICA File Launch, HDX Insight and CloudBridge


    Just in time for Christmas, we have a great present for our customers with a new version of Receiver for Chrome. We have taken your feedback and added new capabilities in Receiver for Chrome to enable more use cases in your Citrix-Google deployment at work. The major improvement in this release is the support for Citrix Web Interface 5.4 for customers not deploying StoreFront yet. ...

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  2. Receiver for HTML5 1.5 Supports HDX Insight and Citrix CloudBridge


    Last quarter we released Receiver for HTML5 1.4 with capabilities like local printing, direct SSL with XenApp, XenDesktop 7.6, app switcher to switch between applications. This release enabled new use cases in clientless access mode for our customers and helped increase the user adoption. Now with Receiver for HTML5 1.5 enterprise administrators will gain application and network visibility for the XenApp and XenDesktop sessions using HDX ...

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  3. Receiver for Chrome: native app with better performance & features


    There is a lot of momentum for Chromebooks. A growing number of individuals want to adopt them and enjoy the Google Apps and services both for personal use and for business. While the cost-effectiveness of Chromebooks is undisputed, the first question an IT admin asks is “What about our Windows apps?” and in many cases this is hundreds or thousands of Windows apps that power ...

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  4. New Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.1: Smartcard support, SHA-2 encryption, Session Reliability, & more

    The new Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.1 is ideal for thin clients and PCs using popular Linux distributions. Over the last few years Citrix has been focused on bringing the best performance for remote Windows apps and desktops even when accessed on low-power devices. Receiver for Linux 13.0 was a major milestone in the HDX SoC (System on a Chip) initiative. Citrix now has the Platform ...

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  5. Citrix Receiver for HTML5 1.4 takes browser-based Windows app access to the next level


    Citrix Receiver for HTML5 1.4 is the zero install, browser-based access mode to published Windows apps and desktops, delivered by Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. This latest release of Receiver for HTML5 takes the experience to the next level, enabling more use cases for clientless access mode from Windows, Mac and Chrome devices. In this release, the graphics and audio-video performance is further tuned, so now you ...

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  6. Zero install ‘Receiver for HTML5 1.3’ gives enhanced XenApp and XenDesktop experience

    Let’s start with a brief understanding of ‘Receiver for HTML5’. You probably know that Receiver is the client that is used to connect to Citrix hosted apps and virtual desktops. Receiver is typically installed on the users device and communicates with Citrix StoreFront to provide users with the list of available apps and desktops as well as provide the connection to access them. Installing Receiver is ...

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  7. Receiver for Linux 13.0 enhances XenDesktop experience

    A big leap in our HDX SoC initiative, taking ‘Receiver for Linux’ to the next level of performance, functionality, a greatly improved user experience and better integration options for partners. This release provides enhanced experience with the latest XenDesktop 7.1. ARMHF Platform support - following the industry trend for ARM, we have added the support for ARMHF platform along with the existing ARMEL version Platform Optimization SDK ...

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  8. Receiver for Linux 13.0 – Tech Preview is available now!

    The much awaited Tech Preview of ‘Receiver for Linux 13.0’ is available for your evaluation. This is a major release for ‘Receiver for Linux’ that includes performance and functional enhancements, a greatly improved user experience and better integration options for partners. The Tech preview includes enhanced operation with XenDesktop 7. Here are some of the new features available in the tech preview: HDX technologies in this tech ...

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  9. Tools for building HDX Ready SoC devices

      We are working with SoC partners and OEMs to build the ecosystem of HDX Ready SoC devices which are low cost, give high performance; available in various form factors and consume less energy. To enable this ecosystem we have created a one stop place called Citrix SoC builder community portal. On this portal the new partners can get a view of the ecosystem and they can ...

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  10. Update on HDX Ready SoC

    Citrix is working with SoC partners to develop the HDX Ready SoC solution which the OEMs use to build the innovative devices with great user experience for HDX technologies. We delivered the first phase of this solution in our 'Receiver for Linux 12.2 for ARM' where Citrix optimized the whole 2D Graphics (server side graphics) performance and shared the SDK with partners to accelerate it ...

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