Tobias Frigger

  1. Promiscuous Authentication

    A growing number of customers use a single NetScaler Gateway virtual server to access XenApp/XenDesktop/XenMobile delivery controllers residing in multiple domains in the corporate network. One of the reasons might be that StoreFront, different to Web Interface, requires domain membership - so when you use Single Sign-On with NetScaler Gateway you need to know to which StoreFront cluster to direct users after a successful authentication ...

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  2. EPA scans are not for everybody

    A customer of one of my Citrix Consulting colleagues recently came up with an interesting request. Like many others they are using Citrix NetScaler’s Access Gateway Enterprise Edition module to grant remote secure remote access to applications and desktops. Additionally, they use a client management and software distribution solution to deploy the EPA plugin to client computers and therefore wanted to suppress Access Gateway offering ...

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