Simon Farrugia

I currently work as Technology Strategist within Citrix Labs. Citrix Labs is an applied research and innovation organization within Citrix that connects business leaders, technology innovators and product specialists to create a culture of innovation within Citrix and the extended Citrix community.

As a Technology Strategist,  my daily work includes analysis of early market and technology opportunities in areas of strategic importance to Citrix; creating and communicating business case foremerging technologies; providing product management support for Citrix Labs research projects; and development of CTO Office briefings on technology trends for educational purposes.

  1. A Few Interesting Things About the Human Brain


    The human brain is the most powerful and yet least understood part of the human anatomy. Whilst there is much we don’t know, researchers have been able to determine some astounding facts about our grey matter. For example if your brain were a computer, it would be equivalent to half a million Sony PlayStation 4 (TM) game consoles. In networking terms, it would consist of ...

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  2. Crystal Palace for Microsoft Office

    Crystal Palace

    Last week, I provided an update on recent enhancements to Crystal Palace, including the new Crystal Palace add-ins for Microsoft Office.  These add-ins were created to help us demo Crystal Palace, and as we showed them to people the unanimous feedback we received was, “You guys need to make these available to your customers”.  So we listened and here they are. The add-ins allow you to ...

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  3. Building a Better Palace – Crystal Palace Gets Smarter & Faster

    At Citrix, we love to let you try our latest innovations. Last year we released Crystal Palace to help you make the most of all your smartphones, tablets and computers. Crystal Palace is a powerful application that simultaneously enables you to work continuously across all of your devices (iOS, Android, Mac or Windows), and collaborate more effectively with the people you work with. Since then, the ...

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  4. Citrix gets Google-eyed

    Recently, at Citrix Summit Singapore I had the opportunity to co-present a session with members of the Google Enterprise sales team. In the session we looked at the value of a joint Citrix/Google solution for enterprises who are looking toward alternatives to their traditional desktop computing environment. This post looks at why Citrix and Google are working together, and identifies some of the product innovations ...

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  5. Have you heard about Crystal Palace on the grapevine?

    There has been a bit of buzz around about a new project we are working on here at Citrix code-named Crystal Palace.  I thought I should explain what it’s all about. Put simply, Crystal Palace makes it simple to share information among your devices.  Need to get a presentation to a co-presenter? Just open and share; they will get it straight away. Need to transfer a ...

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  6. What does work look like in the future?

    At Synergy LA this May, my colleague Andrew Dent and I will venture out onto a limb in an attempt to answer this question. Please accept our personal invitation to join us in our thought provoking session, SYN207 Beyond mobile workstyles: the workplace of the future. A lot of people ask us what work will look like in the future. Well in the words of William ...

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  7. Citrix Receiver and Bigtincan Hub – Bringing the worlds of Desktop Virtualization and Native Mobile Applications together

    As smart mobile devices proliferate the enterprise, Business Units are finding new ways to exploit them to improve their agility, performance and productivity.  However, IT teams face the challenge of supporting these new platforms without sacrificing content security. At the same time, corporate-issued device users and BYOD users are experimenting with off-the-shelf consumer apps that provide a modest level of functionality and support for the applications ...

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  8. Remote PC Access : Part 3 – Complementary Citrix Solutions

    Previous installments of this blog series gave a brief history on mobile workstyles, as well as an overview of Citrix Remote PC Access that highlighted Remote PC Access as a component of the broader Citrix desktop virtualization solution. In this blog we look at how Remote PC Access complements other Citrix desktop virtualization solutions. Remote PC access demonstrates the value of flexible desktop delivery with FlexCast. ...

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  9. Remote PC Access : Part 2 – how does it facilitate a mobile workstyle?

    In Part 1 of this blog series we looked at how mobile workstyles have emerged from the earlier days of remote access to meet the needs of both businesses and employees in the mobile-first world. This second part takes a closer look at Remote PC Access, an innovative and unique component of Citrix FlexCast delivery technology for virtual desktops. Remote PC Access delivers fast, secure, remote ...

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  10. Remote PC Access : Part 1 – From remote access to mobile workstyles

    Today’s fast-paced business world requires IT organizations to supply the tools that allow employees to quickly react to the demands of a competitive environment. Whether they are in the office or remote, employees need to readily and securely access corporate resources. This is the mobile workstyle – but how did we get here and how can Citrix help? This is the first in a three ...

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