Scott Campbell

I am a Service Delivery Manager with Citrix Consulting and oversee key engagements, ensuring the top notch project quality that customers have come to expect from Citrix Consulting.  I have been a part of the Citrix Consulting team since joining Citrix in 2004. Before my role as an Service Delivery Manager, I was a Citrix Consulting Architect delivering sound technical designs to customers with large and complex business and technical requirements. My areas of expertise are XenDesktop, Provisioning Services, and XenApp. I joined Citrix with a degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, (soon to be) daughter, 3 cats, and dog.  Outside of work I enjoy photography, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with my family.


  1. POC vs. Pilot vs. Production

    To successfully deploy a Citrix solution, it’s important to be aware of how users are interacting with the environment, understand the purpose of the environment, and plan how the environment fits into the support structure. In the course of my 8+ years with Citrix I have seen countless customer environments, and being aware of the items above can make or break your deployment. At a ...

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  2. Focus on your business and your users for best XenDesktop Design

    Not sure where to start on your XenDesktop design?  I have two recommended practices that are commonly missed: Define key tenets for your design. Focus on your users, not your hardware. Simple and obvious enough?  Perhaps.  But often overlooked...   1. Define key tenets for your design What does this mean?  If your detailed XenDesktop architecture design would have a mission statement, what would it be?  Typically these are business level requirements. ...

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  3. Creating VMs from templates in XenServer creates a FAST CLONE

    Did you know that when you create a VM from a template in XenServer, it actually generates a FAST CLONE of the disk?  What's the big deal?  This could have a storage impact because this process will generate a linked VHD clone disk. This means that the VM created from a template will have its disk linked to the template’s disk. If you have an operational ...

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  4. My first blog post – a test