Rachel Berry

  1. Introduction to Video Capture hardware for HDX Product Demonstrations


    We’ve seen a phenomenal interest in HDX 3D Pro for delivering rich graphics and CAD applications on XenApp and XenDesktop and uptake of technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU. I’m increasingly being asked how to record great demos, one of our senior graphical experts in the UK HDX team, Andrew Woodard, kindly agreed to write this blog about his experiences doing this for performance analysis ...

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  2. Assigning Multiple GPUs to a VM with Citrix XenServer

    The following blog post covers a product configuration or procedure which Citrix does not currently offer support for.  Use of this configuration should only be used in a lab or test environment and not with production deployments.  The author is actively seeking feedback on the potential of implementing support for this configuration, but the form any level of support takes has yet to be determined. As ...

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  3. Case Study: Schlumberger Petrel Virtualised with Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID by 360is

    “Canadian Natural Resources Inc (CNRI) are an energy company operating in the North Sea, Canada, and Africa. 360is designed and deployed a high-performance, GPU-accelerated, VDI platform for their geologists. It allowed staff to work remotely and CNRI to achieve a 2:1 ratio of analysts to Schlumberger Petrel licenses.” Just a quick blog to highlight this great new case study by 360is over on their website, full ...

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  4. Sprechen Sie Citrix? New Citrix User Group for German Speakers Launches!


    The DCUG (Deutschsprachige Citrix User Group / Germanspeaking Citrix User Group) is now online! The website can be reached at www.dcug.de / www.dcug.at and www.dcug.ch.   Independent community Citrix enthusiast Roy Textor has launched a new user group covering Switzerland, Germany and Austria and anyone in the world who’d like to join in with German language information. We hope this group for customers, partners and anyone interested in ...

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  5. Upcoming Masterclass Webinar: Get awesome 3D Graphics on XenApp & XenDesktop!

    Click on the image and then choose the "What is a Master Class" link, if you want to see the level of past masterclasses

    Update: If you missed the class! You can catch up with the full recording, now available here!   Those of you who have used Citrix products in the past are likely to have attended one of Lee Bushen’s interactive Masterclasses. In the past Lee has run these for products such as Citrix XenServer and Cloudplatform. With the increasing interest in GPU technologies such as NVIDIA GRID vGPU ...

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  6. How to cope at work with acute back pain: my Citrix experience and 10 tips

    Learn more about Citrix standing desks - great for back pain or very tall folk!!!

    Life was very busy and exciting, in March I moved into my first job as a Product Manager for HDX Graphics. An amazing learning curve getting to know completely new teams and products, I’d just come back from my first Synergy and then a trip out to Germany the following week. I’d had a few twinges of back ache on the flights, but nothing concerning and ...

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  7. New virtualization 3D graphics resources: free webinar, demo from TeamRGE, more

    Click on the image to see the latest demo on YouTube from @TeamRGE

    Thanks for tuning in to our newest installment of info for those of you seeking to know more about 3D graphics in virtual desktops. We've got a webinar coming up with our friends at NVIDIA and a cool new demo video. Don't miss the registration info at the bottom of this post! Well-known independent virtualization consultants @TeamRGE have been busy with some new videos showing what ...

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  8. National Women in Engineering Day – June 23rd 2014

    Next week, to mark National Women in Engineering Day I’ll be taking part in a panel event at the Engineering Department at Cambridge University (UK). The event is to give current undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers the opportunity to talk to people who have taken different career paths in academia and/or industry.   I’ve blogged before about how many of our female staff in the UK are already ...

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  9. Another successful community XenServer SDK project – free backup tools and scripts! NAUbackup & restore V2.0 released

    Over the last few months I’ve blogged a few times about new products and development from the third-party ecosystem around the Citrix XenServer APIs, see here and here.  I’m delighted that we’ve recently seen a new version of their open sourced “NAUbackup & restore” from our forum guru, Tobias Kreidl and his team at Northern Arizona University this used to be one of the most ...

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  10. SpaceX and GPU virtualization on Citrix XenDesktop – reducing the complexity of a Siemens TeamCenter deployment – it’s not Rocket Science!


    There were loads of great talks at Citrix Synergy a few weeks ago, but I’m especially pleased I made the effort to get up for an 8:30am session from SpaceX SpaceX (in case you’d haven’t turned on a television or used the internet for a few years) designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. During Synergy week they were busily launching rockets into Space, visiting ...

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