Peter Schulz

Peter Schulz is product manager for ShareFile Enterprise, enabling enterprises to share, store, sync, and secure files on any device, anywhere. Peter has more than 18 years of industry experience and has worked at Citrix for the past 13 years in various roles including Consulting, Development, Technical Marketing and Product Management. Peter loves technology, travelling the world with his family, playing golf, and skiing.
  1. ShareFile as a Platform

    There is often more going on beneath the surface than is readily apparent and that is definitely the case at ShareFile. While we have been busy building lots of great new features and delivering an Enterprise-class file sync and sharing service, we have also been busy building out a platform that customers and partners can leverage. We have been doing a lot of work behind the ...

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  2. ShareFile in the Synergy Keynote

    Check out the demo from the Synergy keynote last week:

  3. Whats new in ShareFile?


    Is your organization using ShareFile? If not, what file sharing service are your users using? Every week, I talk to Enterprise customers who want to provide users with a way to securely access files, but they just aren't sure how. Many openly admit that their users are using products like Dropbox - against corporate policy - and that they are very concerned about what that means for ...

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  4. ShareFile for Windows 8 – An Essential App for Your Microsoft Surface and Other Tablets and PCs

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    Citrix leads the way with the new ShareFile app for Windows 8   Users are excited about tablets and the market is growing rapidly. With Windows 8, Microsoft is providing a great tablet OS as well as their own hardware in the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro. This article from CIO indicates that a Forrester survey showed that 32% of users want their next work tablet to ...

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  5. Faster, more secure access to business files on the go

    Announcing all new updates to ShareFile for iPhone and iPad! We hope you’ve had a chance to check out the ShareFile for iPhone and iPad apps – available for download from the Apple App Store. Today, we are excited to announce new features across both apps that address two major customer needs: 1) security and 2) access. These features include: Passcode support with local encryption - The ...

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  6. ShareFile StorageZones

    We announced the general availability of ShareFile StorageZones at Synergy a few weeks ago, but if you want to learn more we have a great video walk-through that we put together:

  7. Announcing ShareFile On-demand Sync

    This week at the Citrix Synergy event, we announced a great new feature of ShareFile Enterprise that we are calling "On-demand Sync". Customers who are providing hosted desktops or hosted apps for their users have traditionally not been able to seamlessly integrate file sharing products because they use too much local storage and/or IOPS to be effective in those environments. When you have 100 users all sharing a ...

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  8. ShareFile Enterprise Overview

    Our architect is featured in this great overview of ShareFile Enterprise

  9. ShareFile Saves the Day


    Toward the end of last year, Citrix acquired ShareFile to offer a cloud-based option to securely store, sync, and share files. I was really excited about the opportunities that this acquisition provided for Citrix and joined the ShareFile team in February. I was at Citrix Synergy this week to speak about ShareFile Enterprise and our great new StorageZones feature that allows administrators to configure ShareFile ...

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  10. Configuring StoreFront with Access Gateway

    One of the common issues people have been reporting in the forums is around getting StoreFront services working together with Access Gateway. We now have a KB article that should help resolve many of the common questions. You can access it here: If you have other questions or comments on StoreFront services, please let us know in the forums: