Nirav Shah

Product Marketing Manager, Desktops & Apps Group, Citrix
  1. Announcing the DesktopPlayer for Windows and Mac Tech Previews!

    DesktopPlayer for Windows

    After Citrix released DesktopPlayer for Mac last year, one of the major capabilities customers asked for was support for Windows devices, which would allow users to run DesktopPlayer on MacBooks and Windows laptops and PCs. This customer feedback reinforced our vision for client virtualization and, as a result, we accelerated development of extending the functionality of DesktopPlayer for Mac to Windows devices. At Citrix Summit 2015, we ...

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  2. Announcing Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2!

    DesktopPlayer for Mac MacBook

    Earlier this year, Citrix released DesktopPlayer for Mac, a client virtualization solution that allows users to run Windows virtual desktops locally on Mac devices. DesktopPlayer works with XenDesktop to give users the freedom to use their corporate or BYO MacBook in the workplace by providing access to their desktops, apps and data anywhere, anytime – whether they are online, offline, or even experiencing poor connectivity. ...

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  3. Creating and Deploying New VMs with XenClient is a Piece of Cake

    XenClient Architectural Diagram

      “Its local client hypervisor handled disconnected and poorly-connected scenarios flawlessly” ~ Michael Otey, Windows IT Pro   That was used to describe XenClient Enterprise in a recent review by Michael Otey of Windows IT Pro, who found that XenClient “makes centralized management of mobile devices easy” and that it allowed users to “easily migrate to new devices within minutes.” XenClient is a client virtualization solution that ...

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  4. Learn About Client-to-Cloud Security with Hardware-Rooted Trust

    Dave Weissman, Principal Sales Engineer for U.S. Special Programs at Citrix, and John Woodruff, Program Manager at the AFRL Information Directorate in Rome, NY, will discuss the SecureView Multi-Layer Security (MLS) solution and the vision to extend hardware rooted trust end-to-end from the endpoint to the cloud in an upcoming webcast on November 14 at 2 pm ET. Developed through a technical collaboration between Citrix, ...

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  5. SecureView Perfectly Matches the Needs of the Government Security Community


    “Rock-solid in terms of security, but it also has one of the most elegant interfaces” That was used to describe the SecureView solution in a recent article by Government Computer News (GCN), which reviewed SecureView and described it as “graceful given how secure it was” and “a surprisingly inexpensive solution that perfectly matches the needs of the government security community.” SecureView is a hardened government ...

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  6. Check Out the Latest Innovations in Client Virtualization at IDF 13

    This week at Intel Developer Forum 13 (IDF 13) in San Francisco, Citrix is showcasing the latest cloud security and client virtualization solutions at two Intel sponsored pavilions. In the Intel Business Client Zone, Citrix will be offering several demonstrations of the market leading client virtualization technology, Citrix XenClient. Citrix XenClient is a local virtual desktop solution that extends the performance, flexibility, and security of desktop ...

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  7. New Defensive Capabilities with Citrix XenClient and Adventium VCD-IA

    This week at Citrix Synergy Los Angeles, Citrix is demonstrating the Citrix XenClient® XT high security computing platform with the Virtual Cyber Defender Introspection Appliance (VCD-IA) extension pack from Adventium Labs. The Citrix XenClient XT platform is a flexible security solution designed for the public sector and other highly regulated industries.  It delivers security, isolation, performance, and auditability to highly regulated environments with a next ...

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  8. Meet High-Security Demands with XenClient XT 3.1: Now with a Free Trial!


    With ever-rising cyber security threats, public sector organizations are increasingly turning to Citrix XenClient XT to protect mission-critical data.  XenClient XT is an advanced client virtualization solution built on a security-enhanced Type-1 hypervisor that delivers high levels of isolation and protection for their computing environments. Since 2010, Citrix and Intel have been working closely with US public sector organizations to protect critical assets and reduce ...

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  9. XenDesktop Local Option: Citrix XenClient Benefits Series

    XenClient_Benefits Series

    Citrix XenDesktop enables secure and reliable mobile workstyles through both hosted and local virtual desktops, with local virtual desktops powered by Citrix XenClient, the Local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology. We recently did a series of blog posts on various benefits of the local FlexCast option, and thought it would be useful to summarize those into a single blog post for our ...

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  10. Citrix XenClient Benefits Series – Limited Network Environments


    In the fifth installment of our six-part XenClient Benefits Series we discussed how Citrix XenClient — the local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology — could be used to Repurpose PCs as Thin Clients. In this part, we will examine how XenClient can be used to manage laptops and PCs in limited network environments. Virtual desktops have been gaining adoption across different ...

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