Natalie Lambert

Natalie Lambert is the senior director of product marketing responsible for Citrix Workspace Suite and the thought leadership efforts around mobile workspaces.
  1. Integration, Security and Flexibility Make Citrix Workspace Suite the Gold Standard

    Last year at Synergy, Citrix announced Citrix Workspace Suite, an integrated workspace solution that brings together award-winning Citrix technologies, including XenDesktop, XenApp, XenMobile, ShareFile, CloudBridge and NetScaler into a single, comprehensive offering. In just one year, Citrix Workspace Suite has become the industry-leading workspace delivery solution, demonstrating the proven superiority of its capabilities. Most importantly, our customers are realizing tremendous value as these deployments accelerate. However, ...

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  2. A Step Forward for Business-Ready Mobility – Is It Enough?


    We know the pattern. Innovation stems from consumer markets and slowly makes it way into the business world. Mobility is one of many a beneficiaries of this innovation. This innovation has brought us new types of devices, new types of apps, and new ways to share information. Ultimately, this consumer innovation has delivered us new ways to work … better ways to work. Android for Work ...

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  3. Embracing Mobility at Your Own Pace with Citrix Workspace Suite


    Announced at Synergy 2014, Citrix Workspace Suite helps companies exceed their business mobility objectives with a single solution that unifies app, data and services on any device. In just 8 short months, hundreds of thousands of people have embraced mobile workspaces as a way to improve productivity and increase job satisfaction. But, we are just at the beginning of this mobility transition. And in conversations with ...

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  4. An Analyst View: Embracing Mobile Workspaces To Succeed With Mobile


    How dependent are you on your mobile device? When was the last time you responded to an email, reviewed a document, or attended a conference call away from your office desk? If you are like me, your answer is probably, “um, 5 minutes ago?” To call mobile working a new phenomenon would be a stretch, as the reality is, people have come to depend on their ...

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  5. Mobile workspaces for secure, mobile productivity – yes please!

    Challenges for Mobility Strategies

    As an individual in the workforce, I just want to get my job done without distractions. I want the ability to not only work seamlessly from the office, but also work at home, work at Starbucks, or even while sipping wine at my favorite vineyard. For me, this means having access to any and all of my business apps and data wherever I am, on ...

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  6. The Software-Defined Workplace Delivers “Consumerization” For Me. . . and IT

    I have been living in a consumerized world for a few years now. My IT department, unfortunately, has not. Until now. Wikipedia defines consumerization as “the reorientation of product and service designs around the individual end user.“ I am personally very thankful for consumerization – without it, I wouldn’t have devices that combine my phone, camera, favorite wine lists and credit cards all in one! Thanks ...

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  7. Imitation is never as good as the original


    At Citrix, we love competition, both internally and externally. While all companies want to be king of their kingdom, the reality is that competition makes us all better – it is great for our customers, partners and ourselves. However, imitation and competition are two very different things. When it comes to technology, one keeps the market standing still, while the other pushes it forward. It ...

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  8. Introducing Citrix Workspace Suite. Business Mobility will never be the same.

    Personal. Secure. Comprehensive. These three ideas are why today is a great day for Citrix and for mobile individuals. This morning on the Synergy keynote stage we announced Citrix Workspace Suite, a mobile workspace solution that changes the game for business mobility and how organizations provide personal, secure, and comprehensive solutions to the truly mobile workforce. This announcement is not just about a new product. But instead, ...

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  9. Citrix and Cisco collaborate to help customers embrace Mobile Workspaces

    Mobile workspaces. The technologies that keep us connected to work content wherever we go, no matter what device we use, and no matter what connectivity we happen to have. This is the vision of many organizations – to empower employees with the ability to be productive from anywhere, on any device. The challenge: How do these organizations get started? Citrix and Cisco have been working together ...

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  10. A tale of two friends – one uses “Citrix”, one doesn’t

    Working on the water front

    Yesterday, I had dinner with a friend of mine who was visiting from Boston. Let’s call her Cassandra, in order to protect the innocent. Anyway, it was the typical conversation you have with someone you haven’t seen in a while. What have you been up to? How is the family? She was here in San Francisco visiting family and had decided to spend a few extra ...

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