Marissa Schmidt

  1. Getting your feet wet with NetScaler AppFirewall

    I love netscaler

    Some of our internal teams recently reviewed customer surveys that show that security is strong for NetScaler, but more documentation is needed out there so that more people know of all the awesome capabilities.   NetScaler AppFirewall was even voted for Gold award last year by security gurus, further cementing what we’ve known all along. As a recap, in addition to the full ADC functionality NetScaler has many different ...

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  2. What beta users have to say about Citrix NetScaler 10.5

    Here at Citrix, we just wrapped up the beta program for NetScaler 10.5 and got some great feedback from our beta users, whose contributions help improve our products for everyone. The NetScaler beta program is an opportunity for our customers and partners to experience the software and features of the NetScaler software before General Availability (GA). Beta participants are able to give direct feedback to engineering ...

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  3. New NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFirewall) models now available!

    NetScaler AppFirewall blocks both known and unknown attacks against web and web services applications, using an advanced hybrid security model. The new AppFirewall models are MPX 5650, MPX 8005, MPX 11515, MPX 11520 and MPX 11540.  The new models align with the latest updated hardware within the NetScaler ADC product line. This allows customers to upgrade from a Stand-alone AppFirewall to a full NetScaler ADC ...

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  4. Red Ginseng, scenic Han River, press coverage and NetScaler like Swiss-army knife – how do they relate?

    Han River

    Seoul is such a great place to see and I always feel very productive when meeting with Citrix Korea team as several customer visits and partner meetings are lined up during the visit. And with each visit, I always learn about the culture and appreciate the tenacity that the Citrix team and customers have.  During my visit last month, I got to learn many different ...

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  5. Advisory board member for Cal Poly Computer Engineering – An honor it is!


    It seemed it was just yesterday when I first started Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the Computer Engineering (CPE) program.  One of many memorable moments that I can remember so well is the Week of Welcome (WOW) where someone on stage told all of us to look at the person in your left and your right – as you are all best of best ...

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  6. Synergy Networking sessions – all about “Clap along if your happy” or is it the NetScaler Jerseys giveaways?

    Synergy networking pic

      The keynote with Mark Templeton at Synergy started with the Happy song – which everyone know so well as I know that even my 7 year old hums it all over the house and car! :-)   But based on the happy feedback from the NetScaler sessions, here are some of the sessions with key takeaways: SYN236 - Network integration design for NetScaler SDX.  Edmund Bennett ...

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  7. Synergy 2014 Networking sessions you can’t miss…

    Networking track list of sessions at Synergy 2014 is more than ever before!  Some are with customers telling the solution story, and some are with NetScaler engineers themselves or networking folks that regularly meet with customers to give you examples of why Citrix networking products are the best front end for critical apps and how the products help customers’ networks for security, scale and rockin’ ...

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  8. Igniting Synergy with SYN 205 – learn from Citrix customer why NetScaler, XenMobile and ShareFile solution is the right solution

    match-fire-Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.24.11 PM

    We all know Mobility is growing!  According to this stat source, 5.9 Billion out of 7 Billion people worldwide are mobile users and 17% of 5.9B use mobile web.  That's crazy isn't? With this expansive growth, IT admins have many challenges when more users are being added to the network with multiple BYO devices and at same time IT admins need to make sure security is there for ...

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  9. Like March Madness, nothing but excitement with the latest NetScaler platforms line up

    basketball pic

    As my whole household watching with excitement the college Basketball games also known as call March Madness,  NetScaler continues to create the buzz with new double the value NetScaler 8005, 8015 and 115xx series. NetScaler introduces 8005 and 8015 models.  What makes this an exciting new line up is the offering of SDX 8015 that includes 2 instances and option to buy 3 instance pack at ...

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  10. Like ordering coffee with different options, NetScaler AppFW has customizable options for error pages

    coffee pic

    I am not a coffee drinker but I hear enough of my friends order coffee such as caramel Macchiato with hint of mint or Sugar-free Vanilla Coffee Latte with a little bit of light cream. :-) Similarly, NetScaler have many different options to do many capabilities from security to high availability, visibility and so forth. For this specific blog, there are options to customized error pages ...

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