Marissa Schmidt

  1. Igniting Synergy with SYN 205 – learn from Citrix customer why NetScaler, XenMobile and ShareFile solution is the right solution

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    We all know Mobility is growing!  According to this stat source, 5.9 Billion out of 7 Billion people worldwide are mobile users and 17% of 5.9B use mobile web.  That's crazy isn't? With this expansive growth, IT admins have many challenges when more users are being added to the network with multiple BYO devices and at same time IT admins need to make sure security is there for ...

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  2. Like March Madness, nothing but excitement with the latest NetScaler platforms line up

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    As my whole household watching with excitement the college Basketball games also known as call March Madness,  NetScaler continues to create the buzz with new double the value NetScaler 8005, 8015 and 115xx series. NetScaler introduces 8005 and 8015 models.  What makes this an exciting new line up is the offering of SDX 8015 that includes 2 instances and option to buy 3 instance pack at ...

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  3. Like ordering coffee with different options, NetScaler AppFW has customizable options for error pages

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    I am not a coffee drinker but I hear enough of my friends order coffee such as caramel Macchiato with hint of mint or Sugar-free Vanilla Coffee Latte with a little bit of light cream. :-) Similarly, NetScaler have many different options to do many capabilities from security to high availability, visibility and so forth. For this specific blog, there are options to customized error pages ...

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  4. What’s all the thrillin’ stuff at RSA conference Citrix booth?


    First full day of RSA conference yesterday, I did not expect so much traffic but the crowd proved me wrong.  From banking/financing to healthcare organizations from all over the world came to the booth yesterday.  And it was exciting to talk about NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFW), latest DDoS attacks and how one of our NetScaler models can handle way over 30M SYNs/sec.   Not too many ...

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  5. The Expanding Role of the ADC in IT Security


      IT security cannot be accurately addressed through a single product or solution. Instead, security must be built into the fabric of IT – up and down the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI model), between on-premises and cloud datacenters, and across interconnected networks. This complex, distributed nature of IT security is exactly why the application delivery controller (ADC) is taking an ever-expanding role in securing mobile devices, web ...

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  6. Around the globe – NetScaler sessions rocks it at Citrix Summit 2014!


    An exciting two weeks for NetScaler sessions!   It started with All Networking session in Orlando that includes NetScaler and Cloud Bridge updates and a repeat of the session in Citrix Summit Singapore.  This Networking session has grown significantly in attendance from previous Citrix Sales Kick Off.   This growth also showed with individual technical sessions such as NetScaler as universal front-end to XenDesktop and XenMobile environments ...

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  7. What is means when all the gadgets are Internet connected?


      Last quarter, I had a very passionate and uplifting customer at Citrix Executive Briefing Center (EBC) and was talking about how he wants his company to provide advanced openings for houses where customer can remotely open and close depending on temperature, etc.  And how he needed Citrix to help him reach the company objectives with all the Citrix technologies we provide.  In addition, I read ...

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  8. Start the count down to rockin’ networking sessions at Citrix Summit 2014!

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      What a way to start the New Year with a rolling list of networking sessions that Citrix partners and sales should definitely partake in. Citrix partners and sales should walk away from Citrix Summit 2014 with the following networking summary: For every mobile deployment, NetScaler is the only solution that can provide the best scalability, simplified manageability and best customer user experience For every XenApp/XenDesktop deployment, NetScaler can ...

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  9. “Flexi” NetScaler AppFW protection depending on content types


    "Flexi" for short of flexibility-- been in "Down Under" all week so some of the expressions rubbing off ;-) In any case, there are a couple of articles been posted for some time now but I wanted to highlight here because of the flexibility that Application Firewall (AppFW) has depending what the customers are looking for. For example, a customer can decide to set AppFW policy in place ...

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  10. All Gold for NetScaler Application Firewall!!!

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    If you have not seen the big and golden news, here ya go – NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFW) wins Best of Web Application firewalls 2013! (By the Essential Guide – Security Readers' Choice Awards)   This award is based on vote from the Security Readers on what they think is the top Web application firewalls in 2013: Standalone WAFs and products that are part of application acceleration/delivery systems. ...

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