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  1. Send Your Social Media Networks into Overdrive With Citrix Social

    Citrix Social is your workload BFF

    Social networks are proving to be an invaluable tool for your buyers in today's digitally driven world. IT and business decision makers are not only starting their buying journey on social media, but they’re also referencing it at various stages along the way. So much so that three in five have reported being influenced by at least one social network during their decision making process. Pretty ...

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  2. New Partner Learning Paths Make Marketing with Citrix Easier

    Marketing shines with Citrix Partner Learning Paths

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Time is money. Both are equally precious to your work day and (unfortunately) neither comes in an infinite supply. If you’re like most of us and are looking for ways to economize and use both wisely, plus build new skills and know-how in the process, then the recent launch of the Citrix Partner Learning Paths is definitely ...

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  3. Looking to kick-start your 2015 marketing plans at Citrix Summit? Come and chat with us

    Steps to success

    2015. Woaaaah! Wait a minute - how did that happen so fast? Funny isn't it, it's the same question every year as we pretend to recite each word to "Auld Lang Syne" or subscribe to that new flashy gym membership that we promise above all other promises to use. Yep, been there done that and, to be fair, it's pretty much like that for every annual ...

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  4. New partner marketing campaigns for the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ADCs. Available now.

    8 consecutive years

    What's better than lucky number 7? Well, if you're talking about accolades or awards then 8 definitely sounds infinitely more lucky. When you consider those accolades in the context of experience, expertise and excellence that is consistently demonstrated year over year then now we're on to something more than just luck. You guessed it - Citrix NetScaler has been evaluated and positioned in the leaders quadrant ...

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  5. Let Citrix Partner Marketing save you time. Webinar replay shows you how.

    Make more time

    Time. The villain in many a hard-crunched project or last minute deadline. We get it - time is money. And, in today's already cram-packed-to-the-max day it's also pretty darn short too! So let's get straight to the point. We have two great marketing programs that Citrix Partners can use today to help automate and simplify many of the steps associated in getting ahead online and ...

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  6. Top 5 reasons Citrix Social is your new best friend

    Top 5 reasons Citrix Social is your new best friend

    If you thought social media was a fad, think again. Follow me, like this, visit our page, join our group, retweet me, hashtag that - these were little known phrases just a few short years ago but are now pretty commonplace both in and out of the business world. Every where you look, all over the globe, companies are cashing in on this power-house to ...

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  7. Partner marketing kits help drive new WAN optimization opportunities

    Improve the virtual desktop experience

    Here's a bit of a (rhetorical) quiz. If you're deploying desktop virtualization across multiple locations - branch, mobile, office - what would you deem one of the basic requirements to make it a measurable success? The list could get pretty exhaustive here but surely the ultimate end game - above and beyond all others - would have to be performance? The whole goal has to ...

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  8. Accelerate your ADC conversations. All-new partner marketing resources now live.

    NetScaler outperforms.

    Today's modern enterprises face so many new requirements for datacenter and cloud architectures - from keeping pace with fast-growing traffic as cost effectively as possible to ensuring the most optimal application performance, no matter how quickly the needs of the business environment evolve. So what does that mean, in turn, for the IT department? Well,  IT also gets the added duty of reducing costs and ...

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  9. Make your data security conversations go further with these new partner marketing resources

    Security Comp

    In my last post I discussed one of the hottest topics of today’s modern workforce - BYOD - and the great new partner marketing resources Citrix offers to help address some of the more specific challenges BYOD can cause for IT and CIOs - security. A core priority for any business, the term "security" has so many facets that extend beyond any one initiative or trend of ...

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  10. Help keep BYOD focused on security with these new partner marketing resources

    lets talk BYOD

    If BYOD were a sport, I’d be at least semi-pro by now. Why? Because there’s no escaping it –BYOD is quite literally everywhere. Now I appreciate the actual concept of bring your own “something” is not new per se, but when we’re talking in the more professional realm of the business world, it's no longer a "fad" - to the contrary, it’s one of the ...

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