Lalit Kaushal

  1. Orphan sessions

    One more common and difficult to deal issue - when users logoff from their session on TS\XenApp server, three processes stuck there – Csrss, Winlogon and LogonUI. Though they logged off but because of these processes, user's session stuck, eating resources and at some stage give unexpected behaviour…It is bit difficult to show the full stack here but I am documenting the technique that can ...

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  2. Account Lockout – XenApp enviornment

    This is one of the common issues reported by multiple customers in XenApp environment using Kerberos. As such, Account Lockout is itself a big nightmare for any System admin, there are couple of excellent articles on Microsoft site around this topic on how to troubleshoot, what tools are require, etc (e.g. . However, from Citrix side, especially XenApp side, things are bit different, depends ...

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  3. Smart Card Single Sign-on using Kerberos Constrained Delegation for NDJ clients

    While working on issues related to Smartcard authentication, one common query we receive in Tech-support is – how can we make Single Sign-on working with Smartcard for Windows 7\Vista clients? With 'Full Kerberos' support this works for Domain-joined clients. I was recently working in my lab to simulate the behaviour and to use ‘Constrained Kerberos Delegation’ to configure Passthough behaviour for non-domain joined machines using authentication point ...

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