Juan Rivera

  1. Workspace Cloud Labs: Citrix New Platform for Innovation

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    I’m very excited about a new tool we’ve launched at Citrix called Workspace Cloud Labs. This is a new section in Workspace Cloud where you can try new and upcoming features and technologies from Citrix. The goal of the Workspace Cloud Labs is to drive innovation at a faster pace by providing you easy access to early technologies, and to give you the opportunity to ...

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  2. [Announcing] ShareFile 2.0 for Android

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    I’m pleased to announce the new version of the ShareFile application for Android tablets and phones. ShareFile for Android enables secure mobile work styles by providing users with a rich follow-me-data experience while offering IT the management and control needed to ensure sensitive corporate data is secure at all times. By 2020, the workplace will evolve to the point where there will be 7 desks ...

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  3. [Announcing] ShareFile Sync 1.4 for Windows

    ShareFile Sync 1.4 release includes integration with Office 2013. After installing ShareFile Sync, Office 2013 apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint can be configured to provide access to the ShareFile storage from within office. The following video illustrates how to do this: Another feature introduced in ShareFile Sync 1.4 is the use of custom folder icons for Shared and Favorite folders. Since ShareFile 1.3, you can ...

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  4. [Announcing] StorageZone Connectors for Network Shares – Tech Preview


    StorageZone Connectors enables ShareFile clients’ access to legacy network shares that are on the intranet. With StorageZone Connectors, you can enable your mobile work force to access files that would otherwise be difficult to access when on the run. The goal is to enable access to all legacy data sources in the enterprise. Key Benefits Enable access from the ShareFile tools to existing legacy data Facilitates the transition ...

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  5. What do you need to know about HDX Ready System on a Chip (SoC)

    Last week at Synergy we announced the HDX Ready SoC initiative. We listed a bunch of partners who will be participating in the program. We also showcased two vendors who are building their own HDX Ready SoC reference implementations. I realize that trying to explain this during the keynote in just a few minutes is hard since we don’t get to dig deep into the technical ...

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  6. Announcing HDX Monitor 1.2 for XenDesktop

    The HDX Monitor 1.2 adds support for XenDesktop 5 FullArmor policies and new HDX capabilities. It also introduces a new set of features. ENHANCED REPORTING WITH GRAPHS The new report includes performance graphics along side with all the policy and session information. It also has a new icon in the main page which highlights how many errors or warnings were detected. The report can be saved as ...

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  7. Do you need 32-bit color support in XenDesktop?

    A number of people have asked me whether XenDesktop can deliver applications in 32-bit color. Typically, this question reflects confusion around the difference between color depth and transparency. The false assumption is that 32-bit color must be better than 24-bit color. So what is 32-bit color and how does XenDesktop handle it? What surprises many people is that 32-bit color and 24-bit color actually deliver the ...

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  8. HDX MediaStream for Flash content fetching

    Client side content fetching By default when redirecting the execution of Flash content to the client, the Flash content is fetch from the client directly to the web server. This includes swf files as well as images, movies and any other type of resource that the Flash application requests. The following shows a diagram on how that works: There is still communication between the end point and ...

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  9. How many protocols does it take to deliver a great user experience?

    PCoIP is VMware's latest attempt at delivering a decent user experience for a virtual desktop. After failed attempts with RDP, Sun Ray, RGS and TCX, VMware View 4 is betting that a software version of the PCoIP protocol will deliver the great user experience customers demand from a VDI solution. I've been in the virtualization business for many years. Currently I lead the HDX technology for ...

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  10. HDX Learning Series – SuperCache

    SuperCache is part of the HDX IntelliCache technology stack. SuperCache role is to optimize the delivery of graphics and images when users are moving content up and down. A typical use case for SuperCache is a user reading a Word document. When the user scrolls down the document, SuperCache is able to detect areas in the document that have just moved up. Instead of resending those ...

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