John Garbutt

@johngarbutt is leading the Citrix's OpenStack Developement team as a Senior Software Developer. He is working to maintain and improve the support for XenServer within OpenStack.
  1. XenServer 6.1, XCP 1.6 and OpenStack Folsom

    OpenStack has recently released Folsom. Also, last week Citrix have released XenServer 6.1 and have released XCP 1.6 beta. I think now is a great time to point out some of what Citrix has contributed to OpenStack Folsom: Support for XenServer 6.1, XCP 1.6 and xcp-xapi in Ubuntu 12.04 Boot from volume for XenServer and XCP Live migration, without the need for shared storage using XenServer 6.1 and XCP ...

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  2. Demo: Live Migration, without shared storage, using XenServer and OpenStack

    I have mentioned the new OpenStack Folsom and XenServer/XCP Tampa feature before. Storage XenMotion enables you to live migrate VMs, without shared storage, using XenServer and OpenStack. Good news! Thanks to Renuka, you can now see a demo of this feature:

  3. OpenStack, Xen and XenServer: a match made in Heaven!

    I am just back from XenSummit and the Citrix sponsored CloudOpen in San Diego. It was great hearing about all the new things happening with Xen and all things Cloud. If you missed XenSummit you can find the slides on slideshare and hopefully videos will be available soon. There was lots of OpenStack related news in many of the CloudOpen sessions, including the announcement from SUSE that they have an OpenStack distribution that supports Xen. For ...

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  4. Welcome Mate Lakat to the Citrix OpenStack team!

    I would like to welcome the latest member of the Citrix OpenStack team: Mate Lakat Mate has just got his first patch merged into nova: It is great to have the Citrix OpenStack team back up to full strength with three full time developers (Mate Lakat, Renuka Apte and myself) reporting into Ewan Mellor. As ever, we are working on ensuring OpenStack continues to have full support for XenServer (and ...

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  5. XenSummit and London OpenStack Meetup

    Last week, around a year since I attended the first EMEA OpenStack Day, I attended the 1st London OpenStack Meetup: It was great to see so many familiar faces, and so many new faces! You can read more about the event from one of the speakers in his blog: So, if you are in the UK and interested in OpenStack, join the London OpenStack meetup group. Hopefully I will ...

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  6. Citrix OpenStack Team take part in Xen Document Day

    OpenStack has great support for XenServer (and XCP), but one of the stumbling blocks has been the lack of documentation in some crucial areas. Over recent weeks we have made some great improvements to the documentation. Please take a look, but do let us know your ideas on where you would like us to focus our next efforts: For a closer look at what we have planned, ...

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  7. Citrix is still working on OpenStack

    I attended the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference last week. One of the most commonly asked questions was: What are you doing here? The answer is that Citrix has not stopped all it's contributions to OpenStack. We have two people working full time on OpenStack: myself and Renuka Apte. We are concentrating on making OpenStack work well with XenServer. We even in the processes of hiring one more ...

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  8. OpenStack Essex and Folsom Design Summit

    OpenStack Essex has recently been released and of course it supports both XenServer and XCP. During Essex Citrix has spent a lot of time improving the XenServer support. Moreover, we plan to continue our efforts around improving OpenStack's XenServer support in the Folsom time frame. Next week Ewan Mellor, Renuka Apte and I will be at the Folsom OpenStack Design Summit. To hear more about Citrix plans for ...

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