David Coleman

Dave Coleman is Director of Product Management for Citrix Receivers and StoreFront at Citrix. Currently his hot topics include simplifying the user experience and adding exciting new capabilities to these products. Dave is a ten year veteran at Citrix, with previous start up experience, and prior to that many years with Nortel in various product management roles.
  1. Receiver for iOS 5.9.5 adds Citrix X1 Mouse and more

    Hopefully you've heard by now that Citrix launched the X1 Mouse at Citrix Synergy and it's available now. Think of it as the the mouse that roars for business.  Supporting iPads and iPhones, this is a unique Bluetooth Low-Energy mouse (BTLE) with custom firmware that provides full-function mouse support to specific Citrix Mobile apps including Citrix Receiver, GoToMyPC, ShareConnect and WorkDesktop. It’s available now on ...

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  2. App Shortcuts Where You Want Them

    A lot of you want users to choose their favorite apps. To do this, you can configure Receiver for Windows in “self-service” mode.  That is a great way to unclog your user's Start menus. On the other hand, many of you want Receiver to automatically place specific application and desktop shortcuts directly in the Start menu or on the desktop itself. To do this, you can ...

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  3. Spring Forward to Receiver for Windows 4.2.100

    Citrix billed Receiver for Windows 4.2 as the best ever Receiver for Windows due all the great new features we were able to add.  Since the release of Receiver for Windows 4.2, we on the Citrix Receiver team have listened to your feedback and have worked on making further improvements, so that more of you can take advantage of its advanced features. We are pleased to ...

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  4. Receiver for BlackBerry 10.3: Now on BlackBerry World


    Love your new BlackBerry 10.3 device with its new Assistant, beautiful new icons  and a new home screen, revamped Hub, and new Calendar? Here is one more thing to love: our update to Receiver for BlackBerry 10 version,  just released to BlackBerry World. You can find it here:  Receiver for BlackBerry 10. Due to the changes BlackBerry made with OS version 10.3, Receiver needed a complete ...

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  5. Receiver for Android 3.7: Now on Google Play

    Receiver Symbol

    We are very pleased to announce the release of Receiver for Android 3.7!  We have been working on this update for the past several months and it's finally here. Click to download the update from Google Play. This release provides some great new capabilities you have been requesting. Here are the highlights: We’ve improved how fit-to-display functions. Applications are now displayed in a central area and scaled depending on ...

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  6. New Receiver Desktop Lock 4.2 adds versatility

    Desktop Lock

    New Receiver, new Desktop Lock. Our original Desktop Lock works with Receiver for Windows 3.4 Enterprise to lock-down thin clients and re-purposed computers for access to virtual desktops.  The new 'Receiver Desktop Lock’ is designed specifically to do the same with Receiver for Windows 4.2. You install Receiver 4.2 followed by Receiver Desktop Lock. When users start their device, their virtual desktop starts.  There is no access ...

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  7. Receiver for Windows 4.2 – The Best Ever!

    Start Menu Shortcuts

    Upgrade Your Desktops Download from http://receiver.citrix.com today. Then, let us know what you think. If you have been using Receiver for Windows 3.4 Enterprise Now is the time to upgrade your desktops and thin clients to enable the best performance for 3Dpro apps, USB redirection with published apps, Microsoft Lync virtualization, local app access, Window 8, and more.  All without changing your user’s experience. If you have been using Receiver ...

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  8. Receiver for Mac 11.9 steps up usability

    Just released, Receiver for Mac 11.9 delivers the much requested support for OS X 10.10, native full-screen and spaces support, and enhanced HDX performance and scalability. Here is what’s new and improved: Native Full-Screen and Spaces Support. You can now set Receiver for Mac to work in full-screen mode across multiple monitors, and continue to use Mac OS X Spaces. A new menu option, Use All Displays ...

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  9. Receiver for Android 3.6 ready for Android 5.0 and Touch

    Receiver for Android 3.6, just released to the Android Market, makes using Citrix virtualized applications and desktops faster and easier than ever.  This update adds official support for the new Android 5.0 (Lollipop) but does deprecate support for the older Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. It also adds a whole lot more: Multi-touch gesture support Multi-touch mode can be enabled using the in-session menu. Users can toggle between Multi-touch mode, Pan mode ...

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  10. Citrix Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview

    Upgrading to Mac OSX 10.10? Citrix is pleased to announce the tech preview release of Receiver for Mac 11.9 for evaluation and feedback. This version is designed for use with the just released Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). Click here to try Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview today. Use the Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview Forum  to provide feedback or ask questions. Along with OSX 10.10 support, the Tech Preview also ...

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