David Cottingham

I head up the Partner Engineering team for XenServer Engineering at Citrix, spending lots of time talking to engineering teams at OEMs, IHVs ,and ISVs. I work in the Cambridge, UK office, having previously spent some time in academia at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I'm interested in wireless networks, intelligent transport, cloud computing, network virtualisation, Christianity, Spanish, French, Dutch, Finnish, swimming, cycling, and running. More on my personal web site, @DavidCottingham on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  1. VENOM Vulnerability

    This week, a security advisory identified as as “VENOM” or Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation, CVE-2015-3456 was publicly announced. During Citrix Synergy, I received questions about how XenServer is affected, and what customers should do about it. Citrix recently published a security advisory (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX201078) on VENOM as it relates to XenServer, and while that should be your main source of updates, I thought I would provide ...

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  2. 64-bit XenServer Tech. Preview On Its Way!

    For those of you who watched the Synergy keynote today, you may have noticed a mention of an upcoming XenServer technical preview! I thought I'd give you some more details of what that preview is all about, and why 64-bit is so important.  Isn't XenServer 64-bit already? Sort of! The Xen hypervisor, which is one component inside XenServer, has always been 64-bit, and XenServer can run both ...

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  3. Virtualization & Microservers: Why HP Moonshot Matters

    Last Monday, HP announced the availability of their Moonshot System. In a nutshell, it’s about packing a very large number of sub-10 W compute or storage nodes into a fraction of the space of what’s been available until now in the enterprise server market. HP are currently delivering compute densities of 45 servers per 4.3U chassis, which means 450 servers per rack.  HP has further ...

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  4. The Mystery of the Disappearing Emulex Driver Disks

    It was me: I admit it! Yesterday evening I endured a long battle with our content management system to remove seven driver disks from the Citrix Knowledge Center for XenServer 5.6 SP2, 6.0, and 6.0.2. A Little Background The eagle-eyed amongst you, particularly if you follow the RSS feed for hotfixes to XenServer, will have noticed a driver update ("driver disk") for Emulex's be2net (Ethernet) and lpfc ...

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  5. Writing Good Bug Reports for XenServer

    I'm often faced with reports of problems with our software. That's not because XenServer is particularly buggy, but mainly a function of how many people now use it! Our support teams at Citrix, and at partner companies, do an admirable job of helping customers, but sometimes they really have come across something that needs code changes. That's when having a good bug report really helps ...

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