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  1. The XenMobile Guide to Mobility Mastery at Citrix Synergy 2014


    This blog will be continuously updated as we get closer to Citrix Synergy 2014. Be sure to check back frequently for even more updates on XenMobile, Mobile Workspaces and Mobility at Citrix Synergy 2014. It goes without saying but everyone has mobility on the mind today. In fact recent changes in the industry has validated the vision Citrix envisioned years ago. If mobility was an equation ...

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  2. XenMobile and the Citrix Mobile Workspaces Architecture


    You’ve heard us talk about Mobile Workspaces and if you’re a techie you’re probably wondering if Citrix really has the architectural components (a complete, comprehensive and fully integrated architecture) that can deliver any app and data to any user on any device over any network? Well let’s first identify a few of the market leading technologies that make up the Citrix Mobile Workspaces solution: XenApp mobilizes and secures ...

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  3. Forrester and Citrix on Closing the Mobile App Gap

    App Gap Picture

    Users are bringing their own devices to work and also influencing your decisions about company-issued devices.  To be productive using these devices, your users need anytime, anywhere access to all types of apps – mobile, Windows, web, and SaaS. If you’re not able to deliver the apps your users need, you may fall victim to the “app gap” and put your organization at risk. WATCH ON-DEMAND as Forrester ...

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  4. Secure Enterprise Mobile Productivity with XenMobile and Samsung KNOX


    As smart phones and tablets liberate workforces and Android becomes one of the corporate devices of choice, a well-architected enterprise device management approach designed for productivity and security is essential.  IT needs to centrally secure and manage mobile devices, apps, and data. Users need secure access to business apps and data from anywhere.  What’s needed is an integrated IT approach that allows a workforce to be ...

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  5. Citrix and Samsung on your Key to a Secure Corporate Mobile Strategy

    Samsung Secure Mobile Webinar

      As Android takes on the leading market share of mobile devices, enterprises need to be prepared with a solid plan to overcome the security challenges and protect corporate and employee data whether leveraging COPE – Corporately Owned Personally Enabled devices or BYOD – Bring Your Own Devices. Samsung KNOX provides the solution to Android fragmentation. Strong positioning with Mobile Device Management (MDM) partners is crucial to ...

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  6. BYOD Happens: Best Practices to Secure Mobile Devices


    Protecting confidential data on personally-owned tablets and smartphones is not an easy task. Enterprises have to walk a fine line between securing business information, respecting users’ privacy and putting in controls that don’t impede user productivity. How do you secure the data on BYO devices while it is in transit, as well as protect respective servers behind the firewall? Watch on-demand as Brian Robison, Principal Technology Evangelist ...

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  7. Apple iOS 7.1 and XenMobile makes for a compelling EMM solution

    iOS 7 + XenMobile Image 2

    With this latest release of iOS, Apple has continued to put forward more enterprise friendly capabilities.  Apple iOS 7 introduced a compelling set of business ready features that now have CIOs rethinking the mobility challenge presented by consumer devices and how to address them. Let’s take a quick look at some of these features. This opens up some very interesting possibilities and addresses some compelling use cases ...

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  8. BlackBerry Migration without Disruption with XenMobile


    Migration away from BlackBerry use in enterprises is gaining steam worldwide with major analysts providing guidance to begin planning now. With important security and productivity considerations at stake, you need an enterprise mobility solution that can flexibly cover your immediate requirements for secure mobile email and also meet future requirements for supporting your mobile workforce. Citrix XenMobile is the only enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that ...

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  9. Move beyond simple MDM to boost user productivity with XenMobile


    As more users bring a variety of mobile devices, whether bring your own (BYO) or company-owned, into the workplace, their expectations for accessing business-grade apps has pushed the limits of Mobile Device Management (MDM) which is largely focused on device security and management. The focus has shifted to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), an all-encompassing solution that goes beyond MDM to provide secure access to the apps ...

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  10. Leveraging XenMobile to Maximize your Mobility Deployments with XenDesktop and XenApp

    XD XA XM Blog

    There is a big misconception out there that MDM somehow equals EMM….this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the Citrix Mobility Report for 2013 (which surveyed more than 700 customers) showed that mobility means more than just smartphones and tablets. Mobility even means delivering Windows apps to mobile devices. A complete EMM solution needs to address at a minimum: Mobile Device Management Mobile Application Management Enterprise File ...

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