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  1. Citrix and Kony Accelerate Business Mobilization with the Kony Enterprise Mobility Platform and XenMobile

    Today, we're excited to bring you a guest post from Dave Shirk, President, Products & Marketing for Kony, Inc. Kony is collaborating with Citrix to help customers become mobile-time enterprises and reap the rewards of mobility done right. The company has seen customers achieve incredible business results through mobility, and they are committed to working with Citrix to deliver theirs business mobilization solution to ensure customer success. Enjoy! ...

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  2. Simplify EMM Mobile App Development with AnyPresence and XenMobile at Citrix Synergy 2015

    We're excited, today, to have a guest post from Richard Mendis, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at AnyPresence. At Citrix Synergy, next week in Orlando, we're going to be talking about some exciting things that are happening with AnyPresence and XenMobile. If you'll be there, stop by and see us at Booth #803. 'Til then, read what Richard has to say; pretty intriguing stuff, to be sure!  Over ...

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  3. Mobility Master Class: XenMobile 10 Clustering & MDM Migration

    CitrixEBC (3)

    With the release of XenMobile 10.0, Citrix continues to deliver an unparalleled experience--whether it's migration or scalability--for the end-user, IT admins and Citrix Partners alike. In This Master Class You Will Learn: More new stuff in XenMobile 10 Migrating MDM Environments Clustering in XenMobile 10 What new in the Worx Apps Join Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager - XenMobile, Christopher Friend, Field Readiness Manager - Technical Readiness, Walter Hofstetter, Field ...

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  4. Citrix XenMobile WorxTasks Tech Preview – Secure Mobile Time Management

    WorxTasks Logo & Wordmark

    Citrix has done it again. Yep! It's time to add a new mobility acronym to your vocabulary: MTM (Mobile Time Management). Welcome WorxTasks to the family of Worx Mobile Apps. WorxTasks is a new enterprise mobile app that allows users to manage their tasks from Microsoft Outlook on their mobile devices. In other words, it's secure mobile time management redefined for mobile application security. The tech preview for ...

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  5. Mobility Master Class: What’s New in XenMobile 10.0


    With the release of XenMobile 10.0 Citrix continues to deliver an unparalleled experience for the end-user, IT admins and Citrix Partners. XenMobile 10.0 new simplified administration, architecture, security, deployment and supportability enhancements give IT the ability to manage enterprise mobile apps in half the time with a more automated EMM process. In This Master Class You Will Learn About: How we got to XenMobile 10 Software and Hardware ...

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  6. 5 Reasons to Choose XenMobile WorxMail over Good’s Secure Email for EMM


    According to IDG Enterprise, email is the leading mobile enterprise app that employees depend on to be productive.   Most organizations are looking to address business requirements but in many cases overlook important user requirements and also IT requirements. You can have the most compliant email solution but if it doesn’t deliver a great user experience and give IT and comprehensive and integrated solution you may have ...

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  7. Learn how to sell Mobility and XenMobile from the EMM Experts at Citrix Summit 2015


    At this point everyone in the industry is “selling” mobility and has an “EMM” solution. With such a crowded field of EMM providers most organizations are confused about which solutions are best for them and where to begin. Learn how to be effective and shorten your mobility sales cycle at Citrix Summit 2015. At Citrix Summit 2015 you will get the answers to the following: How to ...

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  8. Mobility Master Class: Deploying Citrix XenMobile on Apple iOS

    CITRIX_05312014_indoor-outdoor_03113_CMYK (640x427)

    With this latest release of iOS, Apple has continued to put forward more enterprise friendly capabilities.  Apple iOS 7 introduced a compelling set of business ready features that Apple iOS 8 continues to build on. These features have CIOs rethinking the mobility challenge presented by consumer devices and how to address them. This opens up some very interesting possibilities and addresses some compelling use cases ...

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  9. 5 Reasons Citrix XenMobile EMM Beats Competition


    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) that enables true productivity requires more than just mobile device and app management. There are many EMM choices in the marketplace but you need to make sure your solution has you covered now and in the future. Before you choose and deploy your EMM solution ask yourself the following questions: How comprehensive and complete should my EMM solution be? Does it have all the ...

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  10. Transform your organization for BYOD Success with Citrix Mobility Solutions

    Citrix BYOD Solutions

    It’s no longer a secret that the consumerization of IT is here to stay, so you may as well embrace it. You may not want to admit it, but you already have a few “outlaws” in your organization who are using their own devices, regardless of whether you allow them to or not. In fact, you probably have entire departments accessing email, apps and data ...

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