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  1. Is Good Enough Mobile Email Good Enough for Business ?


     The typical reaction I get when talking about an alternative mobile email app is either; what’s wrong with the Apple (or Android) email app? Or our IT makes us use this "secure" thing I hate. For those that think the native email is "good enough,” it seems Apple has changed our expectation of what you should be able to do from a mobile device.     What's Wrong ...

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  2. Apples TouchID is the Magic On Button for Business


    It was 1999, when I first met Authentec founders Scott Moody and Dale Setlak, they had this awesome office literally on the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida that was an instant draw. More impressive was the technology they were working on as a startup spinoff from Harris Semiconductor. It was a biometric fingerprint sensor built into silicon and able to read the RF signals of ...

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  3. How and Why To Get Your Business App Citrix Worx Enabled

    Lets start with Why .. If your an ISV that wants to gain business customers and credibility, getting your app Worx enabled means that Citrix IT customers will be able to discover, deploy and manage your app within the Citrix XenMobile solution.  This means isolating apps and associated data inside the secure MDX container adding a layer of security and policy that IT demands. For example ...

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  4. Why You Should Care About Android Thin Clients


     At Synergy ViewSonic recently announced the first of what could be the next generation of thin clients. In addition Dell demonstrated an ARM based USB/MHL stick running Android that can be plugged into a Display or TV effectively enabling it as a thin client. For an existing task-based thin client use case, the new Android devices may not be obvious. But consider the broader use cases ...

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  5. The WIFM of MDX and Worx


     App wrapping is one of those in vogue technical solutions for securing mobile apps without interfering with the development of those apps. Despite its flavor-of-the-day-ness, if done right, the technology can be powerful. Delivered as the Worx App SDK or a generic wrapping tool that can be applied to apps post-compile, Citrix MDX Technologies centralize IT configuration, management, security and control for any mobile app, whether created by ...

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  6. Why I’m Buying the iWatch .. It’s Not to Tell Time


    There are lots of good rumors going around about a looming Apple iWatch. Some think it will be just another toy for fanboys but I think it could be much more, here is how I could use it for work & play. iNotifications - I usually have my ringer turned off and wear my iPhone on a belt holster, as a result I miss a lot ...

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  7. Samsung Partners with Citrix to Provide Knox Security on Mobile Devices


    Mobile World Congress 2013 was the backdrop for Samsung's announcement of Knox, a new secure implementation of Android that will soon be available on Samsung leading smartphones. The new solution provides organizations with Blackberry type security controls including a container, secure email, browser plus vetted apps from a Samsung enterprise App Store. For those familiar with Samsung SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) which provides partners APIs ...

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  8. Cool Stuff from CES 2013


    I got to squeeze a few moments on the show floor in between meetings at CES 2013. See my post in CES 2013 Gear Headed to an Office Near You. Besides that these were a few things got my attention: My Best of CES 2013 : 65" Viewsonic Android All-in-One with embedded HDX SoC & Citrix Receiver    Using brainwave to control apps really works  ! . Android ...

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  9. The Mobile Equation: EMM=M(D+A+I+E)M= Safe(BYOD+COPE+LDD) +Productive(users)

    Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 11.36.44 AM

     The Mobile imperative facing most IT organizations today goes beyond a single device type or use case. The looming BYOD dilemma is real but not the only challenge that needs to be addressed. A real EMM solution is required to keep the modern workforce safe and maximize productivity. The Ideal comprehensive solution will also include secure email, documents, collaboration, support, legacy apps, an app ecosystem, ...

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  10. Technology Solutions to Avoid the Sandy Aftermath Commuting Nightmare


    If you are one of the millions in the North East lucky enough to escape the worst of Sandy but now need to get back to work, gassing up for a long commute is not the most productive way to catch up. Many employees already have email as a primary remote connection to work however that only gets so far. Most need access to apps and ...

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