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  1. Samsung Partners with Citrix to Provide Knox Security on Mobile Devices


    Mobile World Congress 2013 was the backdrop for Samsung's announcement of Knox, a new secure implementation of Android that will soon be available on Samsung leading smartphones. The new solution provides organizations with Blackberry type security controls including a container, secure email, browser plus vetted apps from a Samsung enterprise App Store. For those familiar with Samsung SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) which provides partners APIs ...

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  2. Cool Stuff from CES 2013


    I got to squeeze a few moments on the show floor in between meetings at CES 2013. See my post in CES 2013 Gear Headed to an Office Near You. Besides that these were a few things got my attention: My Best of CES 2013 : 65" Viewsonic Android All-in-One with embedded HDX SoC & Citrix Receiver    Using brainwave to control apps really works  ! . Android ...

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  3. The Mobile Equation: EMM=M(D+A+I+E)M= Safe(BYOD+COPE+LDD) +Productive(users)

    Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 11.36.44 AM

     The Mobile imperative facing most IT organizations today goes beyond a single device type or use case. The looming BYOD dilemma is real but not the only challenge that needs to be addressed. A real EMM solution is required to keep the modern workforce safe and maximize productivity. The Ideal comprehensive solution will also include secure email, documents, collaboration, support, legacy apps, an app ecosystem, ...

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  4. Technology Solutions to Avoid the Sandy Aftermath Commuting Nightmare


    If you are one of the millions in the North East lucky enough to escape the worst of Sandy but now need to get back to work, gassing up for a long commute is not the most productive way to catch up. Many employees already have email as a primary remote connection to work however that only gets so far. Most need access to apps and ...

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  5. Citrix @WorkMail has arrived … Why ?


    Why email ? Why not native email ? Why Citrix ? … Those are questions I frequently get when talking about our new entry to the mobile enterprise market. This is a big bet Citrix is making and could be considered a significant step outside our traditional app delivery and infrastructure scope. On the other hand we think this makes a lot of sense, here's ...

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  6. How the Mobile Generation Was Born


     Citrix recently had the honor to host a panel of Tech luminaries that led the first generation of SmartPhones and Tablets.  Going back 20 years to the first SmartPhone, Jerry Merckel tells the story about how he sold the concept at IBM that resulted in the Simon Personal Communicator. He had one of the original units that did cell calls, email, mobile apps even faxes.. and ...

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  7. 20 Years ago the first Smartphone was developed, what’s next for Mobility?


     Thats right, the Simon Personal Communicator was originally developed by IBM in 1992 and brought to market in collaboration with Bellsouth. The Simon was the first device to combine a cell phone and PDA with data access, the industry accepted definition for a SmartPhone. In fact the Simon had email, mobile apps, a touch screen display with virtual keyboard and even handled faxes! of course ...

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  8. Better Secure Email for iOS .. from Citrix


     Mobile Email is the killer app that must be addressed first as part of any corporate IT mobile strategy. At Citrix we decided to get serious about mobility and target a solution at the core of a typical IT challenge today. A native iOS email app that satisfies IT security requirements and users won't hate. Beyond that we also have the opportunity to provide a superior user ...

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  9. In the Post PC Era Where Does the Desktop Go?


     Now that Synergy San Francisco has come and gone, one of the lasting big questions I have been pondering is the future of the Desktop metaphor. It was the demonstration of Podio, the business social service integrated with documents, GoToMeeting, Windows apps, SaaS and Web apps that got a number of big thinkers asking, " could this concept emerge as the future of the desktop as we ...

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  10. Poll: Is a laptop heavy insurance for travelers with tablets ?


    It seems that even as tablets have become more popular, the majority of travelers now bring their tablet in addition to their laptop ( guilty myself.. ). The result is heavier bags, more cables, chargers and stuff to deal with or lose. As good as apps for the iPad and other Tablets have gotten and even with Virtual Desktops providing access to work apps they ...

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