Amanda Saunders

Amanda Saunders is an integrated product marketing manager at Citrix.
  1. I’m living in a software-defined world and I am a software-defined girl

    Devices, devices, devices!

    I am of a generation that was “born digital”. We grew up with the internet, cell phones, and self-checkout machines all around us.  Software has transformed many of our day to day tasks, helping us to do them faster and easier. When others might pick up the phone to make a dinner reservation, we turn to Open Table. Rather than asking someone for directions, we ...

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  2. Lights, camera, SynergyTV!

    For those of you following along we’ve got a lot going on at Synergy LA (May 5-8) this year and for anyone not attending, you may be getting a little tired of hearing about everything you’re missing.  Well never fear because SynergyTV is here! This year Citrix is investing in making SynergyTV more dynamic and interactive than ever by adding in our very own newscast right ...

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  3. Me, My Mobile Workspace and I

    As a test, I tried to count how many times I look at my phone in one day. It’s not even noon and I’m already over 50, so suffice it to say, it’s a lot. As part of the infamous millennial generation, many would say I’m addicted to my mobile devices and I’m sure they are not wrong, but it’s a reality of what we ...

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  4. Mobile devices, live demos and product experts, oh my!

    Hurry, hurry step right this way! Come see the greatest show on earth with amazing live demos, chats with product experts and much, much more! Some might not agree with my comparison between the Solutions Expo at Citrix Synergy and a circus, but there are a good number of similarities. You go to the circus to see amazing acts and ne amazed by the latest tricks. ...

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  5. Top 5 Questions from the CloudPlatform Master Class

    cloudplatform dashboard

    We’re back after another incredible Cloud Master Class looking at how to install and configure CloudPlatform in less than one and a half hours. The one complaint on the webinar was that people didn't know it was happening or couldn't stay on for the entire time so they missed something they were hoping to see. As always, we recorded the class so you can watch it on your own time.  ...

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  6. Top 5 XenServer Questions from our Master Class

    storage migration 6

    Let’s face it, XenServer has been around for quite a while. Citrix purchased the hypervisor back in 2007 and released it entirely free to the market in 2009. Since then, we’ve seen over 1 million downloads of the product and mass adoption in all sorts of businesses from SMBs to the largest service providers. Despite all this, we had almost 700 first time attendees on ...

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  7. CloudPlatform Master Class FAQs

    now building your cloud2

      Last week we demonstrated the capabilities of our CloudPlatform product to over 1300 people live on our Cloud 101 Master Class. On these webinars not only do we do live demos of a complete installation and configuration of a basic CloudPlatform zone, we also answer hundreds of questions on the fly to help people get up and running with the technology. We had a number ...

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  8. XenServer is One in a Million

    If you’ve downloaded Citrix XenServer you’re one in a million, or soon to be. That’s right, since Free XenServer was announced in 2009 it has been downloaded almost one million times and, with the recent release of XenServer 6.1, we’re approaching that milestone fast. Several key trends in today’s server virtualization landscape have led to this high level of adoption; Commoditization of server virtualization solutions- The hypervisor ...

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