Allen Furmanski

  1. Protect Your CloudBridge Appliance with Call Home!

    cloudbridge appliance

    The Call Home feature has helped protect NetScaler appliances from service disruption since it was first introduced with NetScaler 10 several years back. We are pleased to announce that Call Home is now available for CloudBridge physical appliances as well with the 7.4 release.    It only takes seconds to enroll your appliance in this invaluable service. From the CloudBridge GUI under the Maintenance section, click Call ...

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  2. Cisco ACE to NetScaler Migration Tool Available in Citrix Insight Services!

    CIS Logo

    Citrix NetScaler is the recommended replacement product for Cisco ACE according to Cisco themselves (see for additional details). With the ACE Migration Tool now available in the Citrix Insight Services platform, converting your existing ACE configuration files to NetScaler configuration files takes only seconds. Begin by gathering up your Cisco ACE configuration files.  Please note that this tool converts one ACE virtual context configuration file to ...

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  3. Citrix Insight Services at Synergy Orlando

    Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando is setting up to be one of the biggest and best events we've ever had.  There are numerous opportunities to learn and network with a jam-packed agenda of items.  The event is just weeks away, so be sure to visit and register as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so. Here on the Citrix Insight Services Team, we have ...

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  4. CloudPlatform Is Now Onboard With Citrix Insight Services!


    We recently introduced support for CloudPlatform diagnostic bundles in Citrix Insight Services (  These are ZIP files generated within the product using the Cloud Bugtool utility.   /* */ CitrixTV Video: How to Collect CloudPlatform Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services Here are some sample screenshots of a CloudPlatform bundle analysis   (Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found)    (Host Information Content Plug-in)   (Environment ...

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  5. Protect Your NetScaler From Disaster With Call Home!


        NetScaler is an incredibly versatile networking appliance. The amount of features it contains combined with the speed and reliability it provides while performing tasks is truly incredible. Thousands of companies around the world depend on NetScaler every day for delivery of business-critical workloads. However, as with any technology, problems can and do occur. Appliances can exhibit disruptions for a variety of reasons including both software and hardware ...

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  6. Attention partners! Learn how to empower your customers for success with Citrix Insight Services at Summit 2015!


    The Citrix Summit 2015 Partner Event is fast approaching. If you’re a Citrix Partner and have already registered for the event, great – we’ll see you there! If you’re a Citrix Partner and haven’t already registered, I would strongly encourage you to do so by visiting Citrix Summit provides attendees with opportunities to immerse themselves in the latest technologies and partner programs while networking with ...

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  7. CloudBridge is now onboard with Citrix Insight Services!

    CloudBridge Logo

      We recently introduced support for CloudBridge “show techsupport” bundles in Citrix Insight Services (  This applies to both physical and virtual VPX appliances that are at firmware version 7.2.3 or higher. CitrixTV Video: How to Collect CloudBridge Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services   Here are some sample screenshots of a CloudBridge bundle analysis:       (Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found)     (Appliance Overview ...

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  8. CloudPortal Business Manager is now onboard with Citrix Insight Services!

    CPBM Name Square

    I’m pleased to announce that Citrix Insight Services ( now supports the detection and analysis of diagnostic bundles from CloudPortal Business Manager.  CPBM is a unified cloud services delivery and business management platform that enables cloud services automation for provisioning, billing, metering and user management.  It’s a key component that enables organizations to deliver IT as a true self-service offering. If you are running CPBM 2.3.0 ...

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  9. Citrix Insight Services – Where are we today?

          Citrix Insight Services ( has been around for over three years now. In that time, we’ve collected and analyzed a vast amount of data in order to provide customers with product insights, best practices, fixes for known issues and much more. I wanted to take a moment to quantify just how much we’ve accomplished by sharing some metrics. 500GB of data uploaded per week on average Thousands ...

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  10. Citrix Predictive Support is now Citrix Insight Services!

    Hello Citrix Community! Many of you know me as the readiness specialist who has worked on various trainings, videos and webinars around Citrix virtualization solutions. I recently accepted the position of Product Manager with the Product Insights and Analytics Team here at Citrix. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and look forward to continued interaction with everyone in various capacities. For my ...

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