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Citrix Ready Technical Webinar with NVIDIA

Blow your designers minds by combining 3D apps with XenDesktop and NVIDIA GPUs Got key users with 3D apps? Already familiar with XenDesktop? Want to blow your designers minds by combining 3D apps with Desktop Virtualization? Your key users drive your company IP. Desktop Virtualization with NVIDIA graphics will drive your key users’ productivity. Learn the quickest path to implement the new vGPU support for your XenDesktop ...

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Welcome to Workspace Cloud


In my very first blog last year I wrote how Citrix Workspace Services (now called Citrix Workspace Cloud) is game-changing. It was seeing the vision of this product that gave me confidence in joining Citrix. It’s been a year and we are now in the middle of trials, yet I wanted to get some information out to the general public about this product. What is Workspace ...

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Imprivata OneSign and Citrix Receiver Integration Has Returned for Synergy!

Throughout my seven years working for Citrix, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with clinicians, patients, healthcare ISVs, partners, healthIT professionals, researchers, consultants, account reps, and sales engineers. If I could run every "Citrix in Healthcare" conversation I've had through a word cloud generator, the largest text would read "long login times"; and it would far outshadow the second place contender, "voice ...

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Intel, Charismathics and Citrix Unlock Virtual Smart Card Authentication

Citrix endpoints just got more secure. Here is how. Intel launched their Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) in 2012, providing a simple, tamper-resistant method for protecting access to customer and business data from threats and fraud. Intel IPT is now built into all Intel inspired Ultrabook™ devices and the latest business PCs utilizing Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Increased interest in certificate-based authentication brought together Intel and charismathics ...

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Converged Systems and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop: Overview at SYN109

Today there is a veritable zoo of solutions out there for hosting Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop workloads on converged systems. From big iron solutions like those of our biggest hardware partners to boutique solutions from smaller but still important players, it has become difficult to keep track of it all. The benefits of converged systems are well-established. Vendors deliver fully tested, pre-validated and configured systems that ...

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Citrix XenServer v6.5 SP1: Double Density, Docker Containers and Enhanced Graphics Support!

That’s right - XenServer v6.5 SP1 has just been released, featuring enhanced graphics support with Intel GVT-d GPU pass-through for Windows, nVIDIA GPU pass-through for Linux and Docker container run-time management! Citrix Synergy 2015 is in full swing here in Orlando, Florida, and the XenServer product group has been eagerly looking forward to this year's event for numerous reasons. It might feel like only last week that ...

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A Radically Simplified Way to Deploy and Manage Citrix Workloads Across Clouds

Newton's Cradle

End-users are expecting applications to be delivered on an on-demand basis, which makes it very difficult for IT to keep up with the line of business demands and meet aggressive SLAs. Additionally, delivery of application workloads is only the first step. Once the workloads are delivered, IT administrators have to constantly monitor the health of application workloads to make sure that they are available and running ...

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One URL Consolidates Remote Access Infrastructure

I recently described SSL VPN technology and how it has been the “tool of choice” for providing employees and other users with secure remote access to centrally hosted applications, data and systems.   Over the past few years, however, many IT departments have supplemented their core remote access infrastructure with a series of point solutions to better address the unique characteristics, conditions and security requirements of ...

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Citrix Support for Skype for Business

This week at Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando we announced a new release of the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync® to be available at the end of June. Release 1.8 will support optimized delivery of Microsoft’s rebranded universal communications client, Skype for Business, from XenApp and XenDesktop, in Lync UI mode. In addition to supporting Windows and Linux devices, the new release introduces an ...

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Find Out How HP and Citrix Enable the Most Productive Workplace at Citrix Synergy


It’s that time of year again: Citrix Synergy in May, followed by HP Discover in June. Over these two events, the HP and Citrix alliance teams will meet tens of thousands of customers and show – through customer examples, demonstrations and speaking sessions and more – just what this partnership is all about. We’ll show how we enable the most productive workforce by securely delivering ...

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