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A Practical Path to Automating Application Delivery Networks

The ongoing virtualization of data center infrastructure and integration of cloud computing resources makes it possible to be able to dynamically shift and monitor workloads across those environments. As data center networks have grown to encompass thousands of devices, existing network architectures have proven inadequate for rapid deployment of applications and unable to keep up with the agility requirements of today’s business environment. Software Defined Networking (SDN) ...

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Rewriting the Session ClientName from StoreFront

One popular customisation applied to Web Interface is to rewrite the Client Name used in the session to allow policies or local scripts to reflect a custom business need. Some customisations are fairly simple. For example, some would copy the user name into the client name, but other customers used complex logic to encode many different fields into this data. In WI, the changes here were ...

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@XDtipster – Linux VDA setup on CentOS 6.6 Pt.1

Linux Windows

With the Linux VDA set to drop very shortly as part of the XenApp & XenDesktop 7.6 FP2 release. It seems like a good time to share the high level, yet detailed, set-up process I followed when successfully carrying out internal testing. Taken from various sources including the tech preview RHEL install guide, my colleague Lee Bushen's detailed SLED based lab set-up guide and a tonne of Google ...

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Mobility Experts: Configuring PAC file on WorxWeb

XenMobile: Configuring PAC file on WorxWeb The following document describes the method to configure PAC file support on WorxWeb. Credits: Many thanks to Vagish, for helping us with this document. Disclaimer: The environment that I have used is strictly for demonstration purposes, please make sure that you keep track of third party licenses and copyrights when using a third party product. Traffic Flow: When you configure WorxWeb for full VPN ...

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Mobility Experts: Configuring AOAG(Always On Availability Group) on SQL for XenMobile

The purpose of this Blog is to provide detailed information on setting up Always on Availability Group on SQL Servers and use this AOAG enabled Database for XenMobile 10 environment. This includes step by step instructions for AOAG configuration. For this activity, you would need the following: At least 2 Instance of SQL 2012 Enterprise VMs in the same Domain Active Directory Environment Windows Failover Cluster CIFS Share on any ...

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A Different Approach to a Single FQDN for StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway

NetScaler logo

  How can users be educated to use a single URL, while still having a StoreFront base URL that is different from the NetScaler Gateway URL? We're going to show you. Please keep in mind this solution works best for Receiver for Web. This solution does work with the Native Receiver, but the Provisioning file would be the easiest way to configure the Native Receiver in my opinion. In this ...

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Using XenApp and Local Storage for Service Provider DaaS

At Citrix Solutions Lab we are always looking at ways to deploy Citrix software that take advantage of what Citrix offers and what our competitors cannot always accomplish. In the recently released Citrix Service Provider Solution on Microsoft Hyper-V and Cisco UCS Design Guide, we took a different approach to Hosted Shared Desktop (HSD) VMs and storage. The justification for building a solution without a SAN ...

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Using Apple Push Notifications Services for Citrix WorxMail Securely

Citrix Push Notifications Services

Are you a Citrix XenMobile user? Do you have WorxMail Push Notifications enabled in your environment? If yes, you might be a little worried about exposing your exchange server to cloud-hosted Citrix Push notification services. And why shouldn’t you be? After all, the exchange server is one of the most sensitive entities in an organization. There is no need to worry anymore; you won’t be deprived of ...

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ADFS v3 on Windows Server 2012 R2 with NetScaler

As I've had a lot of conversations and questions around ADFSv3 and NetScaler, this post will cover--in greater detail--the steps to configure NetScaler with ADFS v3 in the following scenarios: NetScaler as SAML Service Provider (SAML-SP) for ADFSv3 NetScaler as ADFS Proxy (or WAP) replacement   NetScaler as SAML-SP for ADFSv3 There is an excellent KB article on NetScaler integration with ADFS v2.0 at CTX133919. Please use this existing CTX133919 ...

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Use NetScaler to enable Autodiscovery for Windows Phone 8.1 enrollment

Auto-discovery simplifies the enrollment process for users by enabling them to enroll their devices using their corporate network user names and passwords rather than requiring them to enter details about the Device Manager server. User names must be entered in user principal name (UPN) format; for example, Auto-discovery normally requires that you send the Citrix Technical Support team specific deployment information and, in the case ...

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