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Mobility Experts: Step By Step Guide to Clustering – XenMobile 10


  This blog helps in configuring XenMobile server in cluster mode and load balancing it with NetScaler (NS).  XMS is a unified server which is an integration between XDM and AppC, hence there would be two Load Balance VIPs (LB VIP) that need to be configured at NetScaler level. In the earlier versions of XME, we had XDM configured as cluster and AppC as HA pair ...

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Webinar – Solving Mobile App Data – Apakau – A Citrix Startup Accelerator Company

Apakau - fast mobile

Best practices with mobile applications are a changing game. One of the challenges is speed and consistency of API data delivery. I'm excited by the vision and technology of a company called Apakau. Excited enough that we brought them into Citrix Startup Accelerator; where we invest in startups with a good chance to (1) transform enterprise infrastructure (2) create the future of work. The Apakau team ...

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Deploying and Branding Receiver X1

Deploying and Branding a Custom Page for Receiver X1

  This is my second blog post in a series related to the Tech Preview of Receiver X1. In my first, I provided  background and explained the rational behind X1. This blog is more practical - a step-by-step guide to help you deploy X1. I’ll also show you how to make some simple but powerful customizations to brand X1 to your company colors. The Tech Preview download ...

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Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 – Release Highlights

Read on to learn about the new benefits for your customers provided by the latest release of Citrix CloudBridge, including easier diagnosis of app delivery issues and reduction of WAN bandwidth demands with video content staging at branches.

Citrix is out of the gate quickly in 2015 with a new release of Citrix CloudPlatform - version 4.5. Deployed around the globe at organizations of all types and by service providers offering public, private and hybrid Clouds, Citrix CloudPlatform is relied on to deliver critical production workloads at scale.   As organizations continue to increase the size of their production Clouds, new releases of Citrix CloudPlatform ...

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Citrix Director 7.6: Filters Explained

Filters-All Machines

One of Director’s finest features is the “Filters” page. With this feature we can analyze, drill down and focus on monitoring and troubleshooting things that matter. It also helps you analyze with ease and helps customers solve issues in a jiffy. Filters are explicitly divided into Machines, Sessions and Connections. Let’s deep dive into each one of them and check out how it can help ...

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How To Secure ICA Connections in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 using SSL

ssl secured seal or shield illustration

Hi, I'm Andy Cooper from the Citrix Security Team. Joe Nord already introduced a new feature in XenDesktop 7.6that provides SSL security for HDX connections. Now that SSL has been integrated into the core of the VDA, enabling it is simpler than it has ever been before, and the solution scales out to large deployments while delivering the level of performance Citrix customers have ...

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Citrix NetScaler SAML 2.0 Trust Fabric


Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 or SAML 2.0 is being rapidly adopted in the market. At a glance SAML 2.0 is a set of open standards leveraging XML to transport authentication and authorization data between trusted endpoints. The most adopted use case is web single sign on or SSO. SAML 2.0 addresses the authentication challenges over the internet opposed to an intranet.  Citrix NetScaler latest release 10.5 ...

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How to direct remote XenApp/XenDesktop users based on active directory group membership.

Welcome to my second blog about global server load balancing, in what now looks set to become a series. Here I present to you “how to direct remote XenApp/XenDesktop users to the correct datacenter based on active directory group membership”. This is a follow-on article to “Accurately direct XenApp/XenDesktop users to a correct location based datacenter” and although I would ordinarily expect users to be routed ...

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Highlight of Support Articles – October 2014

Highlight Articles

Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for October 2014 .     Highlighted Apps, Desktops, and Client Virtualization Articles CTX116356   How to Enable NIC Teaming on a Provisioning Server Target Device CTX131611 Known Hardware Related Provisioning Services Issues CTX124956 Difference with USB ...

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‘Accurately’ Direct XenApp/XenDesktop Users to a Correct Location Based Datacenter

A major challenge with Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) implementations, may be affecting your users and disrupting your business. In this post, I’m going to highlight this challenge. Then, I’m going to provide a solution. But before we start, let me explain how Domain Name Service (DNS) based GSLB works, it might not be what you expect. Most customers that I speak with, already understand that DNS-based-GSLB provided by ...

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