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Let’s Talk About Adobe Flash … and HTML5 Video


Over the past year, we've made quite a commitment to enhancing HDX Flash Redirection to help customers struggling with server-side video rendering consuming large amounts of CPU, reducing server scalability, and ultimately degrading the user experience.  The culmination of this effort from our support, engineering and lifecycle teams resulted in a “one-stop shop” CTX article: Flash Redirection Compatibility CTX136588, which is constantly updated by our teams to provide customers ...

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    Top Questions from Service Providers: Accelerating Multi-tenant Hosting Businesses

    Q&A for July 23 Webinar: "Available Today - New Technologies and Updates for Citrix Service Providers"

    Hosted services profit is made when implementing and supporting multi-tenant environments is straightforward, elegant and efficient. Service providers that joined the July Citrix Service Provider Program webinar--detailing the new releases of CloudPortal Services Manager and App Orchestration--had great questions themed around reacting quickly to disaster scenarios, balancing implementations of new services with management of existing hosting environments, and more. Released July 14, 2015, the latest CloudPortal Services ...

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      Get the Latest XenApp Migration Information and FAQs!

      A little over a week ago, Dan Feller and I hosted a webinar on XenApp 7.6 Upgrade Planning. During that webinar we covered the latest information on migrating to XenApp 7.6 Feature Packs, as well as the XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 3. We walked through some of the latest migration tools, like Citrix AppDNA for application compatibility testing and Project Serenity for exporting XenApp 6/6.5 policies ...

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      5 Tools to Make You Your Clients’ Most Trusted Tech Advisor (While Creating Extra Revenue)

      tools for tech

      If you are an IT consultant or are committed to your Referrals-as-a-Service side business, you know that it is important to be familiar with the products available to your clients and prospects for them to trust your opinion. No one wants a recommendation for an outdated business tool when there is so much change in the industry. Here’s how to stay current on the tech news ...

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      Particle Photon + Octoblu + NeoPixels


      Octoblu has a fun new tutorial for anyone who has managed to get their hands on the Particle Photon board. The Photon is a $20 wifi-enabled Arduino with a robust platform behind it that makes it, in our opinion, one of the best low-cost IoT development platforms out there. This tutorial will guide you on connecting it to Octoblu: the IoT Platform for Citrix. If you're not ...

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      This Stuff Really Works! The Santa Barbara Innovators Program

      startup accelerator

      Last week, I visited entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs attending the Santa Barbara Innovators Program. I was inspired and energized by catching up with everyone and their progress. In this program, we have a great cohort of five external startups, and three intrapreneur teams going though an intensive 12 weeks of business, customer and technology validation. At week five, everyone is starting to crank out new insights, alongside lots of techniques for ...

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      Mobility Experts: XenMobile WorxWeb Traffic Through Proxy Server in SecureBrowse Mode

      New Picture

      This blog will help you to configure Netscaler Traffic Policies to route WorxWeb Traffic through Proxy Server in SecureBrowse Mode. We will also help you to configure Traffic Policy such that Activesync Traffic is not routed through the Proxy Server. Please Note that only basic Proxy Use cases have been covered in this Blog. We have not covered all the real time use cases/Scenarios in this ...

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      Share Your NetScaler Experience


      Are you a current NetScaler customer? We're always interested in hearing from customers around their experience with Citrix products, especially if they're using our products in an innovative way, or accomplishing things that they couldn't do before deploying Citrix. We've created a short NetScaler survey that allows us to understand how you're currently using NetScaler, and whether you'd like to be in a select group of ...

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      Seamless Failover Between Sites with Melio and NetScaler

      Melio 2

      Melio, a new addition to the Citrix portfolio, provides high availability of data and workloads such as XenDesktop and XenApp. Customers can scale out and achieve high availability in one datacenter, or across multiple active-active geo-distributed datacenters. Melio is an enterprise storage and data virtualization platform. It extends the benefits of virtualization to the storage layer (by decoupling data from physical storage) in much the same way that server virtualization decouples the ...

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      Citrix Software-Defined Networking: More Control, More Agility, Fewer Limitations

      Increase customer agility with Citrix software-defined networking

      Software-defined networking (SDN), at its core, is about separating network control from packet forwarding and making the network, itself, programmable. The next generation of the NetScaler SDX platform is built to do just this. True, the current platform already allows you to consolidate multiple NetScaler instances onto a single, purpose-built networking appliance without compromising individual instance performance or isolation. And that's pretty fantastic. But the next-generation NetScaler SDX ...

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