Highlighted Support Articles – June 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for June 2014

    Highlighted Desktop Virtualization Articles

    CTX132102   Troubleshooting Process for Printing Issues with Auto-creation
    CTX131481 Recommended Install Order for Preparing Target Device
    CTX127239 How to Enable Special Pool Tagging for a Driver
    CTX117805 How to Disable Auto-Restored and Auto-Retained Printers
    CTX101705 How to Troubleshoot Slow Logons
    CTX126723 How to Enable and Retrieve Profile Management Log Files
    CTX140574 Virtual Machines are not able to Register in XenDesktop Environment with Two Forests
    CTX200082 Users Unable to Launch Apps and Desktops. Desktop Viewer Flashes and Disappears
    CTX128715 Desktop Studio Does Not Show Current User Name
    CTX200091 Receiver for iOS Disconnected from Session after a Minute of Activity


    Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

    CTX200099   How to Replace realhostip.com with Your Own Domain Name on CloudPlatform 4.3.0.x
    CTX140880 Integration between CCP VPN and CloudBridge Connector
    CTX140956 CloudPlatform Announcement – DNS Resolver Shutdown Notice
    CTX140650 CloudPortal Services Manager Cumulative Update 2
    CTX140294 CloudPortal Service Manager 11.0 Cumulative Update 1 Deployment Procedure


    Highlighted Networking Articles

    CTX113357   NetScaler Hardware/Software Compatibility – Supported Upgrade/Downgrade Paths
    CTX139963 How to Configure NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront
    CTX133383 How to Configure a Permanent HTTP to HTTPS Redirect for a LBVS on a NS Appliance
    CTX113628 AGEE Upgrade, Backup, Restore, and Reset Guide
    CTX125167 How to Lock Down Access to AGEE 9.2 SSL VPN by AD User Groups
    CTX139319 How to Configure NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront and App Controller
    CTX140332 Cannot connect to the Citrix Xenapp sever when Trying to Connect through NS Gateway
    CTX131368 The gateway is not directly reachable when Configuring Default Gateway of NS Appliance
    CTX138834 Error: “Cannot complete your request” with NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront


    Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

    CTX200072   XenMobile APNS Renewal Process
    CTX136952 How to Configure an External SSL Certificate for Device Manager
    CTX200098 Managing Samsung Devices for Enhanced MDM Policies
    CTX140458 XenMobile 9.0 MDX Toolkit Documentation
    CTX200101 Cluster Upgrade from XenMobile 8.6 or 8.7 to XenMobile 9.0
    CTX140986 FAQ: XenMobile Server Support
    CTX139421 XenMobile Logs Collection Guide
    CTX200116 Licenses Appearing as Expired After Upgrading to XenMobile 9.0

    Highlighted Citrix Blogs

    Citrix Blog   Mobility Master Class: Delivering Any App to Any Device with XenMobile
    Citrix Blog Gartner analyst Gunnar Berger joins Citrix as CTO for Desktop and Apps Group
    Citrix Blog Optimizing Adobe Reader in XenApp
    Citrix Blog Receiver for Web Folder View
    Citrix Blog Receiver for Web FAQ
    Citrix Blog   Introducing StoreFront Web API
    Citrix Blog   Are iOS devices putting your business at risk?
    Citrix Blog   iOS 8: Apple and The Enterprise
    Citrix Blog   Simple steps to configure Citrix Desktop Director

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