Highlighted Support Articles – May 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for May 2014

    Highlighted Desktop and Apps Articles

    CTX200041   FAQ: AppDNA 7.5
    CTX133877 Timeout Error 4002 in PVS Console after Clicking “Show Connected Devices”
    CTX131448 XenDesktop 5 VDAs Shut Down Very Quickly
    CTX140436 Citrix Director is Showing Wrong Controller Name in Site
    CTX139590 PIN Prompt when Using Aladdin Etoken to Log on to Citrix Receiver
    CTX139673 Citrix HTML5 Receiver No Longer Works on Chrome Version 30
    CTX200056 EdgeSight Web Server Page Results with Error when Using IE 11


    Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

    CTX200040   Accounts Restrict, Suspend or Terminate Unexpectedly in CloudPortal Business Manager
    CTX138064 Reverting Log Rotation on XenServer Added to CloudPlatform Environment
    CTX200069 CloudBridge Appliance Supplied Ethernet Cables Cause Connectivity Issues
    CTX118383 Virtual Machines Do Not Start After the Upgrade of XenServer”
    CTX134888 XenServer 6.1.0 Licensing FAQ
    CTX134803 CloudPlatform Compatibility Matrix
    CTX200033 How to Configure the Firewall in CloudPlatform


    Highlighted Networking Articles

    CTX130842   Recommendations for Upgrading NS Release 9.2e with WI to NetScaler Software Release 9.3
    CTX200047 No Option to Download AGEE Plugin when Green Bubble Theme is Applied
    CTX200049 User-Land Monitor Script Developed for Sybase Database Server
    CTX121992 How to Start NS Appliance with Different Kernel Version than One Installed on Appliance
    CTX128091 How to Change Destination Hostname of HTTP GET Request
    CTX125541 How to Change Default Messages on Login Page of AGEE Appliance
    CTX200052 How to Configure GSLB HA Setup with a Single Domain Name without Using HTTP Redirects
    CTX121898 How to Configure Log File Rotation for NetScaler
    CTX119993 False Positives in SSL Security Scanners for Weak Cipher-Strength on NetScaler


    Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

    CTX200057   How to Migrate Users to a New Version of Exchange
    CTX200050 How to View Managed VPP Token License Usage
    CTX200053 XenMobile Operational Best Practice Policies
    CTX200072 XenMobile APNS Renewal Process
    CTX200076 Error: “Operation failed: Failed to save the store credentials” when saving Credentials
    CTX136967 How to Update an Expired XDM License
    CTX140022 AAA-TM Authentication Fields Missing on Mobile Devices
    CTX200063 XenMobile MDM SSL Offload Configuration
    CTX200068 APNS Renewal and the Distinguished Name Properties when Creating CSR in XenMobile

    Highlighted Citrix Blogs

    Citrix Blog   Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI – A Look Under the Hood
    Citrix Blog Top Android security risks—and what IT should do about them
    Citrix Blog Synergy Security Sessions Recap
    Citrix Blog Comparing SSD with remote storage for write cache on XD7+XS6.1
    Citrix Blog Using the XenApp/XenDesktop SDK to get administrators for an object
    Citrix Blog   What’s That NetScaler Reset Packet?
    Citrix Blog   May Edition of XenDesktop Technical Newsletter Now Available
    Citrix Blog   XenMobile Device Manager v8.7 Clustering
    Citrix Blog   Support Webinars & Slides – Download Now


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      HI , we are working on CITRIX ENVIROMENT with TALLYMAN PRODUCT. When users are using the COLLECTIONS WEB to update the accounts they have lock out issues AND the screen freezes. Do you have any clue why this keep happening.

    2. SK

      ALSO we have INTERMITTENT caps lock issues.

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