Highlights of Support Articles March 2014

    Citrix Support is committed to providing updated and accurate information to our consumers. We are focused on ensuring there is relevant content to assist you in managing your environment. Find below the Citrix Knowledge Center Highlighted Articles for March 2014

    Highlighted Desktop Virtualization Articles

    CTX128013   FAQ: XenDesktop Licensing
    CTX140452 Microsoft Security Patch Validation Report March 2014
    CTX140427 How to Deploy XenApp and XenDesktop with Amazon Web Services
    CTX139382 Best Practices for Citrix Director
    CTX140522 How to Support VMs with Long Start-Up Times in XenDesktop Environment
    CTX139462 Hotfix UpsClient710WX86100 – For Universal Print Client 7.1 – English
    CTX139463 Hotfix UpsClient710WX64100 – For Universal Print Client 7.1 – English


    Highlighted DataCenter and Cloud Articles

    CTX140313   Operation Specification of the Fence Command
    CTX135229 Merging Secondary Storages in CloudPlatform
    CTX136055 The Process How CloudPlatform Rotate the Management Service Log Files
    CTX140569 Managing the Number of Console Proxy Virtual Machines (CPVM) in CloudPlatform
    CTX140568 Unable to Add a New Host to a VMware Cluster After Upgrading to CloudPlatform


    Highlighted Networking Articles

    CTX138088   NetScaler GUI is not Accessible through HTTPS
    CTX136146 Common Event Format (CEF) Logging Support in the Application Firewall
    CTX128999 How to Configure GSLB in Active Passive Mode
    CTX125364 How to Configure Dual Authentication on AGEE to Use with iPhone and iPad
    CTX137361 Supported SDX Interface Management
    CTX118115 Certificate-key Pair Fails to Install on NetScaler with Error: Invalid certificate
    CTX122921 Citrix NetScaler Interface Tagging and Flow of High Availability Packets
    CTX123607 How to Apply a White Theme to Access Gateway Enterprise Edition 9.x
    CTX126589 How to Troubleshoot AAA Group Access Problems in Access Gateway Enterprise Edition


    Highlighted Enterprise Mobility Articles

    CTX140328   XenMobile Device Manager Error: Received fatal alert: certificate_expired
    CTX137148 How to Validate the Resources on the XenMobile Database
    CTX136790 How to Upgrade XenMobile HA Load Balancing
    CTX136706 How to Allow Outbound Traffic on XenMobile Device Manager through Proxy
    CTX137617 XenMobile Policy Options for Windows 8 Tablet
    CTX137040 How to Create Test Account in XenMobile Device Manage
    CTX137010 How to Upload Access Point Name Certificate in Device Manager
    CTX136981 How to Set Up Blacklisted Apps in XenMobile Device Manager for Android Devices
    CTX137060 How to Change Apple Push Notification Service Heartbeat


    Highlighted Citrix Blogs

    Citrix Blog   Pass-Through Authentication in Citrix Receiver for Web
    Citrix Blog Hiding Applications in Citrix StoreFront
    Citrix Blog Provisioning All Applications to All Users in Receiver for Web
    Citrix Blog Multiple Launch Prevention in Citrix Receiver for Web
    Citrix Blog Parallel Resource Enumeration in StoreFront
    Citrix Blog   A Comprehensive Guide to Enabling Pass-Through Authentication with XenDesktop 7.5
    Citrix Blog   StoreFront on Steroids
    Citrix Blog   Making XenApp and XenDesktop Even Better in 2014!
    Citrix Blog   What’s New in XenApp & XenDesktop 7.5


    1. Jarek Sobel

      There is one mistake in KB document.
      CTX140428 is ” XenApp and XenDesktop Concepts and Deployment on CloudPlatform” and in this article CTX140428 is decribed as ” Best Practices for Citrix Director” .
      I have found article for Citrix Director – his number is CTX139382.

      • Stephanie Roper

        Thanks Jarek, this has been updated.

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