A few months back, the Citrix CloudBridge team blogged about a tech preview of its solution for the Windows Azure Cloud.  We wanted to update everyone on our progress…

Citrix expanded the CloudBridge offering to bring this solution to market as we find that many of the joint Citrix and Microsoft enterprise customers are wanting to integrate cloud networking technologies into their networks in order to take advantage of the economics of cloud networking.  After a successful tech preview and validation from the Windows Azure team, we are happy to announce that this functionality is now ready for wide use.

For those of you who missed the earlier blog post, we discussed how enterprises are increasingly looking to migrate certain applications with dynamic computing requirements out of their data center and over to the cloud. The computing elasticity and economics of the cloud are compelling, yet cloud networking is not without its challenges.  That’s where Citrix CloudBridge comes in. CloudBridge sits at the “back door” of the enterprise datacenter, and lets customers tap into excess capacity in the public cloud in the most secure, efficient way possible. Using CloudBridge, enterprises can transparently shift low risk workloads to the public cloud, while keeping sensitive data assets (including databases and corporate directories) safely on-premises. With Citrix CloudBridge, enterprises can augment their data centers with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency available from cloud providers.

“As more and more enterprises extend their on-premises datacenters to Windows Azure, we are happy to work with Citrix in giving customers virtual private network options. By facilitating and optimizing connectivity to Windows Azure, Citrix’s CloudBridge solution is positioned to become a key component of enterprise datacenter strategy,” said Karri Alexion-Tiernan, Director, Server and Tools Marketing, Microsoft. “Our 23-year engagement with Citrix continues to deliver options and solutions for our joint customers.”

For more information on CloudBridge’s integration with Microsoft, please review the Microsoft section on the following page:  http://www.citrix.com/products/cloudbridge/tech-info.html.